Chapter 47

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Chapter 47

****JULIA'S POV****

My sister. Natalka. I stood up and ran to her. I hugged her and for one moment I forgot about everything. About flare, maze, WICKED. For this one moment I felt like nothing's happened. My eyes were closed, but I had a feeling that If I opened them then I would see my home in Warsaw, my parents. And then everything came back. With tears I felt in my eyes, came memories. About my parents death, about Newt jumping.I looked at my sister. She smiled at me. I knew this smile and I knew I could never forget it."H-hey" she said to me.

"Hi" I looked at her. She grew up. Her hair were longer than I remembered.

I don't know when we returned to my room, but probably hours ago. We couldn't stop talking. She told me she's been working for WICKED since I was putted into the maze. She also told me about her English lessons she had to had to learn the language. She told me that she knows Newt and that we look super cute together.

"Thank you" I said. "I mean… dziekuję."

****WEEK LATER****

I was walking through the corridor which leads to my room. I was supposed to meet with Natalka and Nicole there and I smiled at the thought of it, but when I opened the door to my room it disappeared in a second. Nicole was on her knees. A gun was pressed against her head and Natalia was nowhere to be seen."Nice to see you, Marie." Jason said with smirk on his face. He was standing near my bed."My name's Julia, no Marie." I said biting my teeth."Are you sure?" he looked at the soldier with the gun in hand that was pressed to Nicole's head. "Because I'm not. And she's not sure either." I saw tears in my friend eyes."Where is my sister?" I asked."Better ask where she might be.""What?""It depends on you. I know you're not under WICKED control." He looked me in the eyes and continued "you know that we won't hurt Newt, because we won't find the cure if we did what we like to make you obey our rules, but we can hurt somebody else." Evil smile appeared on his ugly face. "We can make your sister suffer. What would you do without her? Would you ever forgive yourself if she died? And the question of the day is… Would Newt forgive you if his sister died, because you couldn't stay quiet, because you don't like the name we gave you.""When Ava knows what you do here she will kill you." He didn't look pleased with that."Careful with what you say. Mrs. Paige is not here now and won't be there for next few months, so you have to obey my orders. Now you will take your new name and won't argue. Otherwise…" he took gun in his hand and pressed it harder to Nicole's head. I didn't know what to say. I couldn't let Nicole die and my sister suffer, but I couldn't take Marie as my name. That would mean that I gave up and I didn't. I would never-"Decide now child." When I didn't say anything he added "I'll count to three." He looked me deeply in the eyes, but mine went to meet Nicole's.She was crying hard, but almost with no sound. I saw pain on her face, not physical, but mental. She looked like she didn't want me to agree, but at the same time hoped that I would."One" this sound of his harsh voice brought me back to reality. "Two" I felt my hands sweat. "Thre-""I agree" I yelled. My eyes were closed. I thought it was too late. That Jason will put the trigger and kill Nicole. Instead of it I heard laugh. The worst laugh in my life.

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