Chapter 48

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Chapter 48

****JULIA'S POV****


It's been a month since Ava Paige moved to another WICKED's seat. It's been a month since they took my sister. It's been a month since they threatened Nicole. It's been a month since they made me took Marie as my new name. It's been a month since I gave up everything, almost everything.

****NEWT'S POV****

"-and you haven't found another letter yet?" Alby asked. I shook my head, no.

"It's been more than a month Alby and Julia wrote that there are more letters, but I just can't find them." I said hopelessly.

"Maybe she didn't write them?"

"No. In the letter I found month ago she wrote that there are and she had no reason to lie."Silence appeared for few minutes, when Alby said"Don't worry about it now. Maybe you'll find it today, tomorrow or in few weeks." He put hand on my shoulder and smiled. "Don't lose hope. If she wrote she made more letters, then one day you'll find them."

"Thanks, Alby" I said and a weak smile appeared on my face.

"Now shank, go and eat something, before nothing will be left."

I went to canteen for some food and saw Minho taking food from our new kitchen guy – Max.

"Hi shanks!" I said and tried to smile to not make them upsate, because of my behavior.

"Bloody hell! Newt's smilin'? Is it a mirage? Am I okay? Do I have feve-" I silenced him by putting my hand on his mouth.

"You're fine, but… you won't be if you use my words once again."

"Good to know you're fine too." He said and made Minho's angry face.

"Hi Max! What's up?" I turned to boy. He looked funny in cook cap or whatever this thing's called.

"It's graet… shank. This job is perfect for me!" He said excited. It was good to see somebody happy in this place after Julia disappeared. It's easier for him, because he's never met her. I think she would like the kid. He was full of positive energy which Glade really needs. "Today Fry told me how to make pizza and-"

"Don't be so excited. After a while you'll have enough of him and his talking." Minho interrupted.

"Minho don't shut the kid. It's good that he likes his job."

"Oh! Somebody's positive! Our Newty-cutie's returned!" He said it like he was seven year old girl. "Now sorry unicorn, but I have to eat this yummy fodder and draw the map." He walked… no jumped away.I looked behind me and saw Max giggling.

"Why he always has fun of everything?"

"I think it's his way to block bad energy and act like everything's okay." I said and took my dinner from kid. Since yesterday he's not a greenie anymore. He's one of us now and it's the only good thing that happened in a long time, not counting letters that only I and Alby know.

"You need any help?" I asked Max after everyone else left canteen and left there a bloody huge mess.

"Yep" he smiled as a thank you.We made a plan. Max were putting everything into the kitchen, while I was washing dishes.

"I think we're done." Max said.

"Yeah, it looks like that." Then an idea came to my mind. "Wait a second." I went to the kitchen to take some chocolate. I opened a cupboard. On chocolate bars was a letter.

"Finally" I whispered to myself.

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