Chapter 49

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Chapter 49

****NEWT'S POV****

I put the letter to my pocket, grabbed a bar of chocolate and went back to Max."That's for you" told him and wanted to go back to my room to read the letter.

"Don't you want to eat it with me?" he asked. Actually I like chocolate and Julia told, I mean wrote me to go out with friends and Max is actually a very funny kid.

"Actually, why not?" I smiled and he returned it. "We can ask guys to join us. I'll go for more bars and you ask them to come to my room."


I went into the kitchen. Letter was in my pocket and urge to read it was almost too big to handle.Now pick up your sexy ass and go have fun with guys. Put the brightest smile that you only can and forget about all bad things, just for few hours. Imagine that I'm next to you and we talk with guys like there was any maze, grievers or anything like that.I remembered what Julia'd written to me. I took later out in my hand, but didn't open it. You would be proud. I thought to myself. I put letter into my pocket again and grabbed few bars of chocolate.

****JULIA'S POV****

Where is my sister? This question was running through my head since… since the day she disappeared. Since the day I gave up.Ava hadn't returned yet and I was doubting the fact she ever would."Marie" Jason's voice brought me back to reality."Yes, sir?" I asked. He smirked at control he had over me."I need you to look at one… prisoner." He said slyly. What the- "Come with me" he commend me. Ugh… I hate him so much! I went after him, when he stopped in front of big, again white door. He opened it "Ladies first." I'd studied him for few seconds and went inside."Why have we come her-" I heard a sound of closing door. " No!" I shouted and tried to opened it, but I couldn't. "Open it!""It won't help" I recognized this voice. David.

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