Chapter 51

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Chapter 51

****JULIA'S POV****

"And this is your plan?" Nicole asked me."Yeppppp""You're insane.""Gee thanks.""Julia, you're forgetting about something.""About what?""About your sister." I sat down on a floor." I would never forget about her, but we need to do it.""Even if it means they'll kill her?""They won't.""How do you know that?""She's already dead."

Nicole, after making sure I won't cry an ocean here, went away. She promised me she'll do everything to put me in David's room again. I hope I'm not wrong.

After few hours soldiers or whoever they are, came for me. I think I did well, 'couse they had to fight me for at least ten minutes."Julia!" I heard David. He sounded depressed. "Listen to me, ple-""Stop!" I said. "I don't know if they were controlling you or if it was only you, but right I don't care.""What do you mean?""I won't let WICKED control me. Not anymore. We need to take Janson down, but I need to know I can count on you.""You won't trust me.""I'll trust you after you deserve it.""How many of people this action include?""Three.""Shuck."

"What did he say?" Nicole I love you, but can you shut up for a second?"He's with us." Oh, yeah! Silence. Now time to think about plan."Julia?""Hmm…""How do you know that, that your sister is dead?""I-I… While I was working I checked the place, where they put her. It's a crank's place. The one where they don't have any control over the infected people. Even if I do what they say, she can or has already died. My obedience gives no difference. Cranks have probably already killed her." I felt tears on my cheeks. I let you down, Natalie. I'm sorry.

****NEWT'S POV****

I slowly opened my eyes. I was in medjack's room."Hey shank" I heard Alby. I wanted to sit when I felt a big ache in my jaw."Aw, hi" I said. "What happened?""Hmm… Gally punched you in the jaw and now it's broken.""What about letter?" He took a piece of paper ,which was made of few smaller, out of his pocket."I glued what I could, but Gally burned some pieces." He gave me letter. It was actually a begging, almost no middle and end."Thanks Alby." I tried to smile, but my broken jaw made it impossible."Do you know why he was so furious about it?"" You know… Julia was his friend and he thought she was dead. You know Gally's character." I sighted. "It's my fault too. I shouldn't have kept it for myself. He was angry, because I lied to him.""He wasn't angry, rather furious.""Where is he now?""In a pit, why?""I need to talk to him."

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