Chapter 52

Hey guys!Please listen to this song watch?v=eTEs_QhWw1AIt's called Ugly Love by Griffin Peterson. He makes music to all Colleen Hoveer's books. I love all of them (I haven't read all of them). Ugly Love is my favourite.I've just started reading Confess, again by Colleen, and I have to say it's beautiful. I haven't even read one hundred pages and I'm crying over nothing (while listeningto ugly love). That doesn't happen ( like never, I only cry when it's something really big and right now it's not a big deal. Maybe a little. Like kanda hell a lot). Sorry for talking (writting) about it for so long, but I just wanted you to know about those books.I think it's all.Take careRunners :*****

Chapter 52

****THIRD'S POV****

It was afternoon, few days after accident with Gally. Newt left medjack's room today and was going to meet with Gally.

Blond haired boy looked again at the letter. He didn't understand it. It was like Julia wanted to give him a clue about a place where she hided other letter.He didn't know where it was.He put the glued piece of paper in his pocket. Leaving his room Newt wondered about his talk with Gally. How is it going to be? He thought. Despite of the fact, Gally is hot-headed and pissed at me this might be… yhm… Shuck this!

Newt didn't know how he happened to be near pits. He was thinking about everything that happened. It doesn't have sense.

Meanwhile, Julia was planning how to get rid of Janson. Every evening she would come… be dragged to David and would give him some knifes she had stolen during dinner. Once when nobody was looking she managed to stole an inhibitor. It was one of the smallest. Looking like pen-drive. David has kept it till today.

Julia was working on her computer. Watching boys was the only time she felt quite happy. After few, long days of not seeing Newt on her monitor, she saw British boy with bandage on his head. What the bloody hell he got himself into? After a while everybody headed to canteen for dinner. Julia was left alone in the room. Of course cameras were watching her every move, but not under the table. She put her hand under it and took a knife out of her sleeve. She cut a cable which opened David's room. She stood up and left quietly. Alarm started ringing. Please David don't shuck this up.

People were running through the corridor, thinking what could happen. They didn't know what was happening. Canteen was empty, because everyone gathered in room with computers."What's going on?" Janson yelled.While this all was happening Nicole came to Julia's room and took all the knifes."Something happened to our computer. Every room is unlocked." A random guy said."Not every." Nicole said and stabbed monitor outside the room. That action closed big, thick doors.

"Do you have inhibitor?" Julia asked David." Of course I have! Do you doubt me?" Julia rolled my eyes."We need to free kids.""Where are they?""Sector 12""It's not far, but while going there we can take guns or whatever they're called.""What I would do without you?" Julia asked him and smiled for the first time in a very long time."Julia you need to know that I'm truly thankful for your trust-""Hey, you're my friend and I understand that in the Glade it wasn't really you when…""Yes, but you need to know that I would never do something like that to you.""I know it-""Please let me finish." When she nodded he continued "I… You need to know that I have never had a crush on you. Not because you're not attractive nor funny, but I… I am…" She put a hand on his shoulder."Don't worry. Whatever it is you know you can tell me." She said softly."Okay… Yhm… I'm gay.""Oh" She said and put hand on her mouth to step her laugher."What is so funny?" Julia shook her head and tried to calm herself down."It's just… Why were you so afraid to tell me. I understand it and it's not something bad, you know?" He smiled and hugged her."Thank you" He whispered loud enough for her to hear.

After they found Nicole and took guns, they ran to sector 12. The shortest way to it was through the hospital sector."David, where now?" Nicole asked after minutes of running."We… I think this way." He pointed on a corridor. "But we better check it." He looked around and saw a computer. It was near a window which shows room with…

****JULIA'S POV****

Natalie was there."H-how?" I said walking into the room."Julia?" Nicola asked confused. "What are you-" She stopped when she saw my sister. "I thought she was…""Me too" I said feeling my eyes started to water. My little sister was in coma, but she was there. "Can we wake her up?" I asked"I wouldn't do that" I heard voice I know from my memories. I looked behind me. Boy with dark hair had a gun against David's head."Thomas?" I asked. "What are you doing?""Y-you remember me?""Yes, I do." I looked at him and David. He was doing everything to show his not afraid. He wouldn't be a good actor. "Thomas, what are you doing?""And you? Julia this doesn't have sense!""Oh, so all this experiments have sense?!" I yelled back at him. "Look at my sister! Look at the maze! Does it have sense?""It's necessary to find the cure.""It's what they told you." I said quietly, but with anger in my voice. "You can help us. We can free kids in sector 12 and guys from maze.""And what will we do next? Have you been outside? Probably not. There's nothing here. Only desert.""So why do we need a cure if world is that damage?!""There's always hope.""Hope won't give you the cure.""And fight will?""No." I looked him in the eyes. "But we would live happily. Out of this insane people. Without experiments. We would be free." I tried to calm myself down, when I felt tears on my cheeks. "We would find a way to Ava. She would help us.""But she is in WICKED!""But she's not like Janson! She doesn't experiment on kids! She doesn't threaten me or anyone else!""She's a headmaster of it!""She doesn't want it this way!""There's no other way!""And what has maze done to be so special? Have you found anything? Anything that would lead us to cure?" he didn't know what to say."In some ways yes" I heard her."Ava Paige?""I didn't expect that from you Julia. I thought we had a deal.""Y-you knew about this?""Actually it was my idea." She said softly like it was not a big deal. What the hell? "But why?""Because I needed to check you. I needed to see if you were important. You are.""What?""I couldn't put you in girly maze-""Girly?" Okay it's more weird than I thought."Yhm… In the maze happened lots of… unexpected things. They included your blood. At first I couldn't believe that, but you're special. You organized this by yourself.""I wasn't and I am not alone.""But it was your idea. Your plan.""What did you do to my sister." I asked angrily."I experimented on her. I tried to check if her blood was the same as yours." She stopped, like she wanted to make what she was going to say special. "It's not.""What are you going to do now?""I'm going to experiment on you." She put a gun out of a pocket in her suit shoot me in the stomach. Instead of pain I felt dizzy. Nicole was screaming and Thomas was standing with David, both of them terrified and speechless. My world started turning black and my lifeless body fell on the floor.

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