Chapter 53

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Chapter 53

****NEWT'S POV****

I walked into the pit. Gally was sitting on the floor, but when he saw me, he stood up."Hi" I said after a while of uncomfortable silence."Hey…" he looked pretty bad. He had rings around his eyes. " Listen Newt… I… I'm sorry." He said and I looked at him. I was… startled."I-it's not your fault. I should have told you about letters.""No." He said " Julia wrote them for you, not me." He sighed. "I'm sorry for what I've done. I was just… angry, because I thought she'd died. Then I saw the letter and I was angry, because you weren't sad all this time that I was. I'm sorry.""Don't be. I should have told you, but…" I looked around to see if anybody was looking or eavesdropping. When I made sure nobody was doing that I continued "I was afraid that WICKED or whoever is it to put us here, won't know what Julia did. If she's alive it could bring consequences on her. I can't let that happen." He nodded.

I went out of the pit and was about to close the door, when Gally said "Is there any chocolate left?" I smiled and said"I'll see what I can do."

****THOMAS'S POV****

I was sitting in the closet, thinking about everything that happened. About escape Julia tried to make. She failed, because of me. But I made a good decision, right? Right now I'm not sure what's good anymore.Julia didn't obey the rules, but hey she never did.The question is – Did I make a good decision?"Here you are" I heard Teresa's voice."Hi, what are you doing here?" I asked." I… I was just… thinking.""About Julia." She put two and two together. I sighed."Yep.""Thomas, her death is not your fault. You know that, right?" I shook my head. No, it is my fault."She died, because I stopped her. I stopped her from escaping-""From ruining WICKED." She reminded me. "But in this madness is a method.""What do you mean?"" I mean… What Julia tried to do was a nothing, but madness. On the other hand she had a plan. She wanted to be free. She doubted finding the cure. She wanted to find a place, where we would live in peace.""I made wrong decision." I looked at the floor. I felt guilty. The only thing this girl wanted was being free and I made that impossible.""You didn't" Teresa told me."What do you mean?" I asked curiously."I saw them… I mean professors. They've put Julia's body on hospital bed. She's still breathing. I don't know if she's still alive. I heard that sometimes air is given to body to make heart, brain and other things work, but there is still a chance she's alive.""Then we would start rebellion again, wake Julia up from this… coma and free guys." Teresa smiled at me. She took my hand in hers."We will take other people hope away." She said like she was doubting what she said a minute ago."We'll give other people faith. For other people there is no hope. Maybe it's time for them to realize it."

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