Chapter 54

Chapter 54

****THOMAS'S POV****

"Thomas, Ava Paige wants you to come to her office." Teresa said, when she entered my room. I stood up and walk toward her. I noticed her eyes watered."D-do you think she heard us?" She whispered. I wasn't sure. I definetly wasn't, but I couldn't watch her like this."I'm sure she didn't." I smiled politely. "Come here" I said and when she was close enough, I hugged her. "It's going to be okay. She probably wants to talk with me. That's all. Don't worry." I pulled away, but was still close. I cupped her face in my hands and look at her. She nodded."You should go." I looked at the floor, but then nodded."Okay" and then I left and didn't look behind.

I knocked on the door, waiting for simple 'come in', which I heard after a while."You wanted to see me." I said looking at Ms. Paige . She looked confused, because of my harsh tone, but quickly shook it off."Please sit down." She pointed at the chair. When I did so, she continued " I want you to work, from now on, in lab. You will help create new illness-""What for? Isn't flare enough now?""Watch your tone Thomas!" She half yelled. "Now, come back to your room and get ready for tomorrow.""As you wish." I stood up and left the room.

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