Chapter 6



"…And I brought her here" I told Jeff everything. He just nod and went to find Clint. I look at Julia she's so beautiful and then I look at her bracelet I grabbed her hand and I want to look at her bracelet, but then Minho comes.

"WOW" he said and I let her hand

"What?" I asked. I really don't want talk to him right now. Before he can answer Julia wakes up

"My hea… I remember!"

"What do you remember"

"It's…I-I" she catch her head in her hands "No" she whispers

"W-what happened? Julia what's wrong?"

"I-I had a dream. A-actually it wasn't dream. It was a memory, but I can't remember it" she started to cry and I hugged her

"Shh… it's okay. You'll remember it latter. And now how do you feel?" I try to comfort her" I take you to the room"

"NO" she yells "I-I mean I can go by myself, but thanks" " For everything" she then kiss my cheek "Bye Minho"

"Bye Juliet" he says back to her and she's out


HOW I COULD FORGET THIS MEMORY!? Whatever it was about, it must be about my life before the maze. I sat down on the bed. WHO I AM?! WHY I'M HERE!? I want to scream but I know it's stupid. Then Newt comes to room. He sat near me but not to close. WHY!? I WANT YOU TO BE CLOSER! What!? No I just met him. Ygh… stupid thoughts.

"I'm gonna ask you bloody stupid question. Are you okay?" I don't know what to say. It's weird, but when he's with me everything seems to be okay. BUT I WON'T TELL HIM THAT

"It's just… this memory. When I woke up I remembered everything, but then I felt like someone took it away from me. Like someone don't want me to remember anything. The only think I remember is that it was before the maze. And I was happy and I wasn't alone" I said

" Hey. You're not alone. You've got me. I-I mean us. We're here to help each other" he says and I smile to him and hug him. I can feel his arms around my waist. I want to stay like that forever, but then sleep comes.

I've no dreams, but I feel like someone wants wake me so I open my eyes to see Newt. I want to say hello and ask him what's going on, but he put his hand on my mouth and whispers

"I want to show something" he says and grabs my hand. I stood up and woke with him in silence and it seems like 5 minutes. We stopped in front of some climbers.

"It's why we don't want you to come into the maze" and he takes few climbers away. I scream. I saw something terrible. It was something between robot and animal. I feel Newt's arms around me.

"Shh… it's okay. You are save here" he wants look in my eyes, but I don't let him. I tighter embrace. I don't let him go for about 3 minutes

"I'm sorry" I say when I don't feel very scared

"It's okay, but I had to showed you it" he said

"Is it griever?" I asked. I still remember this creature.

"Yeah, but it's okay. It won't hurt you until you go into a maze for a night, so you have to promise to me that you won't go into the maze ever"

"I promise"

"C'mon we'll go and eat some breakfast" he look at me and I see he's worried" You're shivering"

" Because I'm a little bit scared" I said

"Only a little bit?" he asked and starts to tickle me

"Stop Newt please… HAHAHA… plea…HAHAHA…ssssstop…HAHAHA" I laugh

"Are you better now?"

"A lot. Thank you" I said with and give him my sweet smile


"A lot. Thank you" she said and give me her sweet smile. I really hope that she will kiss my cheek again, but she doesn't do that ;( so I go with her to the canteen for breakfast.

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