Chapter 55

Hey guys!Sorry for a short chapter, but lately I haven't got much time to write. This week I'm out of my city and probably won't have internet, so next chapter won't appear soon. I'll try to put it on Sunday ( The 12th of July).I also would like you to read my new story, this time about Teen Wolf. It's called Enigma. here's the link s/11356508/1/EnigmaI hope you'll read it and like it.Happy holidays!Runners

Chapter 55

****NEWT'S POV****

It's been four month since i talk to Gally. He pretend he's a bad guy now."Earth to Newt" I heard Max "You okay buddy?""Yeah, fine. What's up?""Yhm… I came to ask, if you have some tomatoes. We need some for dinner.""Sure. Come with me." I said. We go to baskets we have in gardens, where we put our vegetables. "Here you are." I give him one basket full of tomatoes. "Can you handle these? Isn't it too heavy?" I asked him."No, it's okay. Really." He said and smiled."Okay, if you need any help just come and ask.""Okay thanks."

****THOMAS'S POV****

"That's the illness you asked for." I said handing her the tube with illness."Thank you, Thomas. You can go now." Mrs. Paige."If I can ask, why do you need it?" She smirked and answered"You'll see soon."

****MAX'S POV****

I cooked soup and start cooking spaghetti, when Fry walks into the kitchen."Wow kiddo you did a lot. You also as hard as Jul-" he stopped and looked at the floor."As who?" I asked, but he didn't answer."Take a break." I nod "And don't ask about it." I looked at the floor and left.

I was walking through the woods, when I saw something white. Envelope. Envelope with Newt's name on it.

"Hey, Newt!" I said, when I saw him."What's up, shank? Need more tomatoes?" he asked."No, actually I found something.""What is it?""It's a letter addressed to you.""C-can you give it to me?" he asked."Yeah, sure. That's why I'm here." I gave it to him and he put it in the pocket of his hoodie."Thank you, Max. Really." I smiled and went to my hammock. This looked important to him. Is there something they're not telling me?

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