Chapter 56

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Chapter 56

****NEWT'S POV****

This time I don't wait a second to read the letter. I say quick bye and run to my room. After the door close I sit on bed and tear envelop apart. What I see inside shocks me. There's a letter and another envelope. I first look at the letter.

Dear Newt!

It's the last letter you'll read, before you leave the maze. Yes, another envelope is after you find the way out and leave the Glade. I know you can do it. I love and believe in you. I know you'd do everything for me and at the moment it's the only thing I want.I know it's not easy, but hey you're second in command, my boyfriend and the most amazing guy on this planet. I know you can do this.Forever yours,Julia

I hide the small envelope under my pillow and go to map room. Minho's already there."Whoa, Shank, what are you doing here?" he says shocked."I'm here to help you." I say and grab one of the map.

"Okay shuckface! That's insane!" I hear Alby say. I didn't see him walking in here. "You've been here for three days! You don't sleep! You don't eat! I don't know what was in that letter, but you need to remember you won't find Julia if you look like corpse!" That's true I've been working, studying maps for three day and parampamapam… I found nothing!"Don't worry, Alby. I'll eat later. Right know I need to study those maps-" He then pulls me up bny my ear interrupting me."You are going to Fry RIGHT NOW! You're gonna eat something and sleep." I sigh. Maybe he's right. I haven't found anythind in 3 days, so I probably won't find anything today either."Okay. Detach your pants" I say walking out. I hear him whisper 'shuckface', but I don't care at the moment, what he says about me.

"Hey Max, is Fry there?" I ask."Hey, no he's out, but if you want I can do something to eat for you.""Thanks"

I wait thirty minutes for my dinner, but after I take a bit of what Max prepared I know it was worth it."Mmm, that's delicious. Thank you." I say."Newt?""Yeah?""Who was that letter from?" He asks and I look away. "I'm sorry. I know it's not my business." He wants to go away, but I stop him."Max wait." He looks at me and wait and I imaginary punch myself for stopping him. "It's… complicated. You wouldn't understand.""How do you know that?""I don't" I sigh "it was from… from my girlfriend Julia." He's face is priceless."B-but… There's no girls…" He looks shocked and kinda bloody funny. "Does she leave in the woods?" I laugh."No, she…" She left. "She was forced to leave the Glade.""She told you that?""She wrote it in the letters.""There are more?""Much more."

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