Chapter 57

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Chapter 57

****NEWT'S POV****

I don't know why I trust this kid. Maybe I just know he won't tell anyone? Or maybe I'm just a fool. Very bloody smart of me."Those are all the letters you found?" he asks me and I nod. I told him about furious Gally and he also knows about my accident. "can I read them?""They're private." I say and he looks at the floor."Sorry." He whispers. I put my hand on his shoulder and smile."Don't worry kiddo." I say. "she would like you." I smile."You think so?" He ask hopefully. I chuckle. He has never seen her and it's so important for him. Sweet."Of course. She likes everyone.""She does? I thought she did.""No, she still does. She's not here, but she remembers about us." I say. "After we leave this place you'll meet her.""I can't wait for that!" he screams in happiness."Oh kiddo."

"Newt" I hear Alby voice. "Shank wake up!""What do you want?" I ask not opening my eyes."It's Max'" I sit in a second. "he's ill."

I go with Alby to medjacks and I see kiddo lying on the bed. He looks awful."Jeff, what's wrong with him?""He has a fever, Newt. It doesn't look good." He says and drags me to hall. I feel tears in my eyes, because I know what he's going to say. "He's dying, Newt."

****THOMAS'S POV****

I look at the monitor and see Max. He's dying and it's all my fault. I made this illness. I feel tears on my cheeks and a hand on my shoulder. I turn around to see Teresa."What's wrong?" I move and show her the monitor. She opens her mouth in… shock, disbelieve, sadness? I don't think about it. I go toward Ava's office."Thomas what-" Janson asks me, but I punch him in the jaw and don't care about that guards follow me. I run into her office when some people catch my arms."What did you do to him?" I yell at her."I did what was supposed to happen and you, Thomas,… you helped me."

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