Chapter 59

Chapter 59

****NEWT'S POV****

Everything we've worked for three years has been destroyed in one night. The only thing that's left is us. We're gonna follow Thomas. We're gonna get out of here. I'm gonna see her.

I check. Letter from her I have in the pocket of my hoodie. I can go now. I can risk everything now. I'm going to risk everything just to see her once again.

We run. We run through the maze and nothing's gonna stop us. People around me are dying, but I know I have to get out of this alive. For her.

They were watching us. All this time. All the time we were in the maze they were watching us. I want to find Julia, but I don't see her anywhere.People lye on the floor. Dead. She's not there.

Then Gally appears. He wants to kill Thomas. He kills Chuck. Thomas screames. Minho kills Gally. And I'm shocked. That's not all. I remember how Max died and I can't stand what is happeneing. I lost Julia, Max and now Chuck lies here dead. I think I'm gonna bloody scream, when some people come inside.

They take us away from the lab. Everyone is asleep. Everyone, but me.I then remember about the letter in my pocket. I'm out of the maze. I can read it now. Just how she wanted me to.

I slowly open the envelope. I don't know what she wrote there, but the thought of this makes me happy. It shouldn't. it's wrong. Alby's dead. Chuck died few hours ago. Max died months ago. I shouldn't be happy, but the thought of her makes me happy. It always will.And I do it. I open the letter and read the message

Find me.

Hey guys!I want to thank you guys for 25k views! I can't believe it really happened :3I'm sorry, but it's the last chapter of Memory. Second part will appear in September after premiere of Scorch Trials.I want to thank EnoraDixon, Oneperson20, NewtnTMR and others for reviewing this story and of course for reading it.I want to wish you happy holidays, although they've already started. I hope you'll manage without this shit till September. (You have to understand I need vacation too and I'm going to Soain on Monday so chapters wouldn't appear anyway.)Love ya allRunners:****************************************

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