Chapter 7

Hey guys I'm sorry that I'm putting chapter now and not before but I had to study and my BFF had birthday party so… I hope that you'll understand this and you'll like the chapter.



I was eating breakfast with Newt. We were talking and laughing. Minho sat with us and joined the conversation. It was really funny breakfast, but then Minho said

"C'mon we have to go"

"Where?" I asked. If Minho talks about maze. No, they can't go there

"Into the maze. Let's go Newt"

"Are you crazy!?" I almost yelled at him

"Julia what's wrong?" newt asked

"What's wrong!? It's dangerous. There are grievers and…" I'm not able to end because Newt put his finger in my mouth

"Shh… it's okay"

"No, it's not. You can die there"

"Don't worry. Grievers shows there only at night" Newt said and Minho add

"We have to go, but don't be afraid will back in few hours, okay?" I nod but I don't look at him or at Newt. I just can't believe that they know what may happen and they even don't seem afraid.

"Okay" I finally said "You should go, before I stop you again" I try to smile, but I know I failed. I see sadness in Newts eyes, but he and Minho go away.

I'm going around glade. I'm looking at gates all the time. Cook something, voice said in my head. I went to the kitchen. When I'm in, I close all doors without one which are at the back of the kitchen. I found big cookbook and started to cook.


I just run out of maze and I'm looking for Julia, but I can't see her. I hope that she hadn't done anything stupid. I run into map room and draw my map as fast as I can. When it's done I go out to look for Julia. Then I notice group of gladers.

"Hey Frypan what's up?" I asked

"Someone close himself in my kitchen and I can't make dinner" he said. I can see he's frustrated. I go behind this house and I see open door. I go in and I see Julia. She doesn't notice me, so I go near her and put my arms around her waist. She wants to scream but I put my hand on her mouth. She slowly turn back to face me and I can see relief in her eyes. She hug me, before I know what's going on she pulls away from me.

"Damn it Newt! You scared me!" she says but she doesn't look angry

"What are you doing here?" I ask her. And she smile to me like it was obvious

"I'm cooking"

"I noticed that, but why?"

"It helps me with stress. So… would you like to help" I smile to her

"Tell me what to do"

"Okay. Here, I bake cakes. On the right is broth, but I just end it. Oh, and on the left is spaghetti" She smiles

"Okay. So what I can do with this cake?"

"Give me water, milk, 5 eggs, flour and 5 apples" she said. I took bottle of water and milk and gave it to her. Then I take 5 apples and peel them. When it's done I take flour, but before I give it to her I took some. When she face me and waits for flour I threw it on her face. She laugh and took some to and threw it at me too. We started the battle flour. We acting like children for about 10 minuets and then we started to bake.

"Can you give me eggs" she asked

"Yeah" I said and gave it to her. She mixes 4 of them, but one doesn't use one. I look at cookbook and in recipe is wrote that we need 4 eggs.

"Hey, we need only 4 eggs"

"No, we need 4 eggs to bake a cake, but you need one egg" she said with nasty smirk. Before I can ask her, what she meant by that she splits on my hair. And then distributes it.

"Now, your hair looks so much better" and she laughs. I can't be mad at her and start to laugh with her

"You're that bloody crafty" I said and start to tickle her. She can't stop giggle. I turn her to face me. We're close. Closer and closer. I can feel her breath on my lips. And then we heard

"No, guys please not in the kitchen" Frypan said and we take step away from each other. "What's going on here? Newt you came here hour ago. God what a mess. Julia, you make this?" he looks at the floor where's lots of flour and yolk.

"It's my fault" I said quickly

"No, it's mine" Julia said " I did this 'cause I was stress and cook make me feel better" she said

"But I have 30 people to feed and I haven't got time to make it. I've got only 2 hours to make dinner" Fry said with sadness in his voice

"Wait a minute" I said " Julia made lots of food. I think that will be enough" I said and look at her. She smiles to me and I smile back

"Okay lovebirds you are free I'll clean this mess"

"Thanks Fry" Julia said and gave him her adorable smile

"Everything for just beautiful you" he said and I'm jealous again, but Julia grabs my hand and we go away. We go like that around all glade and walk into the forest. We sat under big tree still holding hands. She noticed that and start to blush. 'Bloody hell she's so beautiful when she blush' I think.

"Thank you" She said

"For what?"

"For talking with Frypan. It's because of you that he's not angry at me"

"Hey you cook all this food and gave him day off" I said and smile to her. She smiles back at me and says

"Yeah but he loves cooking"

"Easy. He will survive" and she laughs. And I laughs with her. I remember our moment in the kitchen. I bloody want to kiss her right now. But what if she doesn't want it? I don't wanna destroy our friendship.

"What's wrong?" she asked

"Nothing, I just… no it's stupid sorry" I answered and stood up. I give her my hand and she took it. Now she's on her feet too.

"Please tell me" she said when we start to walk out of the forest.

"It's ju…" I can't end 'cause she fall down on me. She lying on me and then…

I know I'm an awful person. I destroyed all they romantic moments, but please don't hate me for that. It's just chapter 7 and maybe it's too early for something like this. Please write me reviews and tell what do you think.

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