Chapter 8

Hey guys. I'm so exited because first i've got 1,5k views and second tomorrow in Poland is premiere of Mockingjay part 1 and I'll watch it in 4dx. Oh my God I'm so happy. Do you like HG too? I really love it. And I love Peeta ( but Newt is better). And which team do you are Peeta, Gail or Finick?



She's lying on me and then… we kiss. This kiss is better that I could imagine. It was deep, hungrily kiss. I can feel all her emotion. All her love. I hope that she feel the same. She grabs my shirt in her hands and we stood up, but we didn't broke the kiss. I put my arms around her waist and she put hers around mine neck. We take few steps still kissing. Then she based on the tree. We still kissing. I kiss her mouth, then runs my lips down her chin and halfway down her neck. She moaned quietly into my ear. I even don't know if she really did it or is it only mine imagination. I gently kiss her neck, but she put her head down and her lips meets mine. We keep kissing like that for 5 minutes, when we take a break. I rest my forehead on hers and look into her gorgeous eyes. She smiles to me and I smile to her. IT'S THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE EVER!



"We should come back before they start to worry " I said and he releases from the grip. And I do the same. He offered me his hand and we go to canteen. We holds our hand and I base my head on his shoulder. Then we come in. Everyone look at us by I only see Newt's eye. We go to the Frypan. He wanted to say something, but when he saw us he just gave us food. We didn't mind and go away. We sat down with Minho, Alby and Gally.

"Hi guys" I said but I only look at Newt

"Hey" they said. I don't know if they look at as

"Um… Julia?" Minho asked. I broke eyes contact with Newt and look at Minho


"Uhg, so you're alive" he said

"Yeah why?" I clade my head on Newt's shoulder and he put his arm around me.

"Have we missed something?" Gally asked. I look at Newt and then again at Gally.

"Maybe" I said and then kiss Newt. He kiss me back and we heard

"So you said 'maybe'?" Alby asked and we tear apart.

"You heard and saw. Do we have to do something more?" Newt asked and I start to laugh

"NO, please we eat right now" I heard Minho. "Oh, and what happened to your hair" he looks at Newt

"Oh this… Julia thought that egg was a hair gel" MY BOYFRIEND said

"But your hair looks amazing now" and we laugh and I'm buried into Newt's arm and we start to eat. We (I mean Newtlia, Gally, Alby and Minho) talk about everything. Then Alby said

"This is the best spaghetti ever"

"Of course it is 'cause Julia did it" Newt said with a smirk

"WOW, it's delicious" Minho said

"Please don't make fun of my food when I'm here" I said and make an angry face

"But we don't make fun, really Julia it's amazing. Fry for 100% will give you job in the kitchen" Alby said

"I doubt it" I said

"Why?" Gally asked. I look at Newt and we start to laugh. We look at them and they don't know what's going on.

"You don't want to know" I said with Newt at the same time and we laugh and we kiss for about 10 seconds because Alby interrupt us

"Oh c'mon guys. Don't you have to breath" Alby asked

"Oh please don't be jealous I can hug you latter if you want" I said and his face is so funny that all of us laugh at it and all gladers look at us again.


"And this is how you to roll up spaghetti" I said and show them my fork.

"Mine's better" and Julia shows us hers

"Maybe…" I said and she kiss my cheek

"It's 8th time when you kiss his cheek. And it wasn't even 10 minutes" Minho said

"Oh so you're counting it?" I asked, but he only roll his eyes

"Have you got any plans for evening?" I asked Julia

"Do you want to ask me on a date?" she respond with a question

"Do you want it to be a date?" I want to play this game with her. She smiles at me and says

"It depends, what will we do on it?" I love her more now. Before I can respond Minho said

"We're out" and he goes out with Gally and Alby

"It depends, what do you want to do on it?" I don't give up that easy

"Can you give me any ideas?" she says. Bloody hell, she's good.

"What do you think about go out of here and start it?" I stand up and offer her my hand which she grabs without hesitation.

"Is it time for a date?" she asks after she stood up

"Will you talk to me like that for all day?" I asked

"What about you?" we're already out of canteen. And we on our way to forest

"Is this my opinion that made you so happy?" I said

"Is it my happiness that make you so determinate?" we walk into the forest

"Is it my determinate that make you so exited?"

"Is it that place which reminds you of me?" she asked when we next to our tree

"How has it reminds me of you when I can't forget about you for a second?"

"So why don't you kiss me?" she asked and I'm only few inches away from her. I put my arms around her waist and she puts her around my neck

"How can I be sure that you want this?"

"Maybe you should just do it?" And then my lips touch hers. This kiss is soft. She break it after 5 seconds

"What do you think about me washing your hair?" she said with sexy voice

"Aren't your thoughts prevented?" I asked. She laugh and said

"Is there any lake?"

"You want me to lead you there?" I said with a smirk

"What are you waiting for?"

"Can you give me your hand?" and she did. We walk in silence. She placed her head on my shoulders and I put my arm around her waist. I noticed that lake is near

"Can you close your eyes?"


"So you won't?" and she closed them I took her in my arms

"What are you doing?" she still have her eyes closed, but I didn't say anything. She opened her eyes and then I threw her to the lake. I smirk to her but I can't see her. I walk to the lake "Julia?" and then jumped on my back and I fall into water. I turn to face her. She's on top of me. She looks amazing under water. I can't stop myself and I kiss her. After few seconds we emerge.


I just end washed his hair.

"I must look awful right now" I said. I can feel my wet hair adhere to my face

"Who says that? Who says you're not pretty? Who says you're not beautiful? Who says?" I kiss him on cheek

"We should come back" I said

"I won" and he smile like 5 years old child who won teddy bear. I laugh at him

"Yeah, you won"

"What did I won?" he asked and I smile ominously

"This" I said and kiss him deeply "Are you happy now?" I asked

"Maybe" and he want to kiss me again, but I thrust him and he fall under water again.


I, Alby and Gally were eating supper when lovebirds came. Wait a minute are they wet?

"Hey lovebirds. Why are you wet?" I asked them

"We tried to wash off egg hair gel of Newt's hair" Julia said

"Yeah and it's why you look as you just go out a lake" and I don't know why but they laugh "What's that funny?"

"It's because we already go out of lake" Newt said with a smirk

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