Chapter 9


****2 DAYS LATER****


Today box came and brought me some things.

"Why it's so heavy?" Gally asked

"For what you've asked them?" Minho asked

"You know… girly stuff"

"Girly stuff?"

"Yeah… Can you take it too my room?" I said

"You meant mine room" I heard Newt

"Hey honey" I said and kiss him on cheek

"Hey what's up?" he asked

"Girly stuff" Minho said

"Girly stuff?" Newt asked and Gally gave him one box

"Bloody hell what's in there" before I could say something Minho answered

"Girly stuff" and I laugh

****1 HOURS LATER****


"Bye sugar" I said. I can see that every time I go into the maze she shivers

"Be careful" she said and quickly kiss me

"Always" I said and run


"Always" he said and run into the maze

"Okay greenie…" Alby tried to said something more but I interrupt him

"Julia. NOT greenie"

"As I said GREENIE. You'll work today with buildiers…"

"C'mon" Alby said and we go. When we in Med-jacks palace I notice Hun. He's sitting on bed. When he see that we came I stands up. He look at me with sadness in his eyes

"Why you came here?" he whispered

"I…I-I" I want to say something more but I have no idea why I'm here

"Now they'll do everything to separate you from him" he said and blank out and I run out.

"Julia wait" I heard Alby but I still run. I'm outside I stop and Alby grab my arm "You okay?"

"No" I said

"Go to room. You should rest. I'll talk to Gally about giving you day off okay?"

"Yeah it's a good idea" and I go to room. When I'm in I open the biggest I see guitar and there's a note 'I know you'll remember how to play-N' I took gitaur and I start play on it. I know how to play on it, but how? I look inside box again and I see notebook and pencils. I'm gonna write a song.


I just came out of maze when I saw Alby. I can see his nervous

"What happened" I said before he could open his mouth

"Hun woke up. I walked to him with Julia and he said that they'll gonna keep her away from… I think you"

"Where is she?"

"She's in room" I walk toward homestead but Alby stop me

"You should draw map first. She can wait 15 more minutes"

"Maybe" and I leave him. I try to draw map as fast as I can. Then I go to room. Before I come in I heard something

"Who says you're not worth that?Who says you're the only one that's hurting?

Trust meThat's the price of beautyWho says you're not pretty?Who says you're not beautiful?Who says? "

It's Julia. It's her angel voice, but wait did she just sang a song and played on guitar? I walk in but I don't want her to know that I heard her singing.

"Hey" I said walking into room "I heard about Hun. How do you feel?"

"I would feel bad but I can't remember anything before walking up in the box so I even don't know for sure what he was talking about. Maybe it wasn't about us" she said but I see that she doesn't believe in her own words. I grab her hand I look at the bracelet. At heart is wrote Newt and on the other side there's wrote forever. I see she closed her eyes and I do the same.


I'm standing in room and I see Julia with me, but we both seems like ghost. I hear doors open and I see me, but I look younger. Not like 17 years old boy, but like 16. And there's Julia too. She looks about 15 years old girl. When younger me comes too room little Julia run to him and hug him

"Please tell me that you won't go" she said

"Julia they made decision almost 3 months ago" I can see she cry

"When they send you?" she asked with sadness in her voice

"In 5 days" she cry harder now

"Shh… it will be okay"

"Okay?" she asked and turn 2 steps away from younger version of me "You won't remember me" she stop for a while and take big breathe "You won't love me" little me takes her head in his hands an d say "Julia please look at me" and she does "They can take my memory away but no matter what happen I will always love you. I started to love you when I first met you. I loved you all this time in here. I love you now. And I'll love forever, 'til the end"

"Newt I…" she doesn't know what to say "I love you too" and then he, I meant I but younger me kiss her "I've got something for you" and he takes little box from his pocket in trousers. She took box from him and open it. It's the bracelet. She look at heart

"Forever" she said

"Forever" and they, I meant younger us start to kiss and I can see my shirt is on the floor and I know what they want to do. Believe me I'm not a pervert, but I really want see us doing THIS. And then everything turn black.


"Did you see that?" I asked Julia when I'm sure we're again in our room

"Yeah. I saw it before. It's the same memory which I forget" I hug her. She's crying

"I love you" I tell her

"Forever" she said

"Forever" and then Alby walks into room

"Hey lovebirds" he look at us "Is everything okay?"

"We remember something" and I start to explain everything to him but I don't say a word about THIS "and everything turn black and when I opened my eyes I was in room again"

"Same with me" Julia adds

"WOW it's… WOW" Alby said

"Guys c'mon you've got only 15 minutes 'til the dinner end" Minho said walking into the room

"Dinner isn't matter now" Julia said with deadly serious face

"Okay, okay what's going on? Am I gonna be uncle?" he usked

"Slim it. It's really important" and I explain everything again. When I end Gally walks in

"Hey shanks, what's up?" he asked

"It's gonna be a long day" Julia said and I kiss her forehead and start to explain everything once again.

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