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Becoming the Virus

A/N: Just got into the game and am in love with it! So, I thought I might make a super awesome Naruto and how he deals with becoming the Blacklight Virus. Hope you all enjoy~


"Speech""Thoughts""Demon speech""Demon thoughts""Anbu Signing."

Chapter 1: Becoming the Virus

Alex J. Mercer had long since been nothing more than a memory, if even that. The final explosion had sent him across space and time, or so it seemed given the current situation. As the living embodiment of a biochemical weapon, Mercer no longer needed to eat, sleep, or breathe really, as humans would, for the fact that he was no longer a human, but masquerading as one. It had been decades since he had been deemed the Monster of Manhattan, and longer since he had seen anything resembling the United States of America Alex had once grown up in.

Instead, Mercer found himself in a primitive militaristic country known as the Elemental Nations, comprised of dozens of Nations labeled under several different elements, the four largest being the Land of Fire, Lightning, Sand, and Rock. It was strange, the moment he arrived, when he realized there was no such thing as America, or anything he grew to know, and instead were Shinobi, other wise commonly known as Ninja, and Militaristic Leaders known as Kages, that could very well be considered dictators since they held the most power in a village.

Mercer hadn't bothered with learning things through books, or talking around, and instead had the lovely luck of having a rouge group of rather violent shinobi attack him. He had laughed when they attacked him, though was inwardly surprised at their speed and strength, only to fully realize after consuming them (which scared the shit out of those who watched the first be "eaten") that it was a technique drilled into them since a young age; around six to be exact. After a few more consumptions, Mercer had a clear understanding of the world he now resided in, and a fluent understanding of the language spoken; which coincidentally, or ironically, was the same language he knew to be Japanese.

He explored the world, traveling to each nation and learning more than any human could ever possibly dream of. He had consumed so many rouge ninja that he had gained the ability to use chakra (the process of unlocking the stuff was beyond painful, but useful in some aspects). He didn't particularly enjoy the use of his purple chakra, since he could do much more damage with his biomass and organic weaponry he had learned to control over the many years he had been "alive".

As fun as traveling the little world he lived in now, Mercer was getting bored fast; and a bored Mercer, meant heads were going to roll for the entertainment value.

The last time, he had been caught by Shinobi from Iwa, or the Village Hidden in the Rock, when he was sick of people coming after him. The massacre that occurred earned him a SS-rank in their bingo book and a flee on sight order. When he recalled the memory off of a later victim, he groaned at the nickname: The Tendril Terror. He hated it so much, he demanded a shinobi he spared to change it to "The Blacklight Virus" which was both the truth and far more fitting that The Tendril Terror.

Regardless of what the Shinobi did, Mercer simply shifted his body to resemble that of one of his more...plain looking consumptions and walked among the populous without any suspicion from those around him.

Even so, his life was getting dull.

In his bored state, Mercer decided he would head to Konoha, as it was said to be the most "peaceful and accepting" of all the shinobi villages, and thought they deserved a little bit of havoc to balance things out. After centuries, being the psuedo "good guy" no longer appealed to him. Dana was the only thing that kept him...human. The only thing he really had to live for and to love. Once she died, Mercer didn't see much of a point to existing.

Of course, saving a small four-year old boy from an angry mob was not what he had in mind when he walked through the village gates with a somewhat known Merchant's face.

The boy had sun-dipped blonde hair that was noticeable underneath the blood that soaked it, and his eyes, while not screwed shut on his own volition, were a bright sky-blue, and each of his cheeks adorned three whisker like scars that gave the small boy a rather adorable look had it not too been covered in his own blood.

He knew that killing the mob would be idiocy, so instead, he chose to scare the living daylight out of them, and watched with a feral grin as they scrambled away form him and the bleeding child when he transformed his body to resemble more of the Virus than Alex J. Mercer.

Once the entire mob was out of his sight, Mercer turned to the small boy and realized his wounds were too far gone, and he would die soon enough. It was for this very reason that Mercer began to hate humanity. All they did was destroy, kill, and destroy some more. There was, of course, exceptions to the rule, but humanity as a whole was disgusting and selfish in his opinion. He had witnessed the atrocities first hand back in Manhattan, where Gentech literally created the death of millions; where he watched soldiers gun down healthy, un-infected humans simply because they were in the way. And now, he watched a village mob hunt down a four-year old defenceless boy.

It disgusted him to no end.

With a sigh, Mercer thought it would be better to put the child out of his misery when he saw something unimaginable happen before his very eyes.

A red surge of chakra covered the boy and healed his wounds to the point where he no longer held even the slightest bit of scaring. The knife wound to the chest disappeared, as did the burns on his arms and legs.

Mercer stared intently on the child before him. There was nothing he had learned of his entire time here that would explain the cause for the surge of energy, though he did have some idea – the boy was a jiinchurkiki, or a Human Sacrifice that housed one of the nine of the tailed-beasts.

Sending a tendril toward the boy, Mercer got the distinct feeling that this child would be one of the few who could successfully take the Blacklight Virus and assimilate it into his very DNA. He, even though he had the feeling as a Virus would be immortal, could pass down his legacy... this boy could be his legacy.

With a feral grin, Mercer picked up the unconscious child and made his way out of the Village – village that nearly killed this boy wouldn't miss him after all – and raced to one of his many homes in the Elemental Nations, this one being located in none other than a small country known as Wave.

The house was warded severely with hundreds of security seals and the like so that no one would be able to even come near it. He enjoyed solitude and didn't need a pesky human to come by and ask him for something.

Placing the small boy onto the small bed in his two bedroom house, Mercer got straight to it and sent numerous tendrils to the boys body, where they curled around his small form. Rather than breaking down his DNA and consuming him, Mercer sent a push of his own DNA into the boys body and watched, almost gleefully, as the red surge of chakra emerged once again. Rather than fighting his tendrils, the chakra seemed to gravitate toward them, practically basking in their presence before he began to notice the physical change in the small boy.

His hair had darkened a few shades, and become a less of an eye-sore to look at. His small body, which was undoubtedly malnourished and stunted in growth, began to fill out, and grow to an bit larger size for a four-year old boy. He knew that when the boy regained consciousness, he would have much to explain, but he couldn't help but smirk.

"Now I have something to sate my boredom with." he thought to himself as he stared at the Blacklight child. "I wonder how you will react though, boy. But I will train you and help you in whatever it is you want. Anything's better than sitting here with nothing to do."

Naruto Uzumaki thought the day had started out rather well. He woke up to a relatively clean apartment building rather than a trashed one he normally woke up in thanks to the villagers. When he walked over to Ichiraku's Ramen, old man Teuichi had given him a bowl of Miso Ramen free of charge, and when he went to the grocery store for food, he was able to buy semi-rotten vegetables that Hokage-jiji was always telling him to buy.

It was a good day.

At least until the sun went down.

He had been on his way home from a small garden he took care of near the perimeter of the village, which was his secret hide-out and his safe haven that no one knew about, when a couple of drunken villages chased him through the alley ways. Along the way, more people joined and he was soon running for his very life from a mob. It wasn't an unfamiliar sight for the four-year old, as he was chased every so often by them, more often then not waking up in the Hospital the morning after.

But something scared him about these people. They weren't ordinary people...they had headbands on their forehead.

They were shinobi.

Naruto knew he didn't have a high chance of out-running shinobi. He had evaded them on some occasions, sure, but to completely lose them? When they were like this? Not likely.

They eventually cornered him and Naruto prepared himself mentally for the pain. He knew he couldn't do anything to stop them, nor would anyone come to help before he was already unconscious, as that was what always happened. As a four year old child, Naruto didn't have the slightest clue as to why the majority of the villagers hated him for. He hadn't done any pranks or anything bad that would warrant such cruelty onto him...he hadn't done anything to be called a demon nor any reason for him to deserve to die.

He just didn't understand.

As they continued to harm him, Naruto felt his body sink into darkness, the world becoming colder than he had ever known it when he noticed a dark shadow looming over him.

Before he was consumed by the darkness, Naruto saw a red mark on the beings back that resembled angel wings in his blurry visioned state.

Even though he had been unconscious, Naruto knew it had been a very long time since he had last been awake. Something in his bones were telling him that a lot of time had passed, and he simply couldn't explain to himself how he knew. Looking around where he laid, Naruto noticed he was in a simple white walled room decorated simply with a desk, dresser, and bed that he was lying on. It was a room that reminded him of his own home, but much cleaner and without little critters walking on the floor.

Before he could get out of bed, the room door opened and Naruto was met with a tall, odd looking man. He was pale, like he was deathly ill or something while making it look natural, and wore a black jacket over a hoodie that covered the majority of his face with it's shadows as well as pants like he had never seen before. The man looked intimidating, extremely so, but at the same time, Naruto felt he could inexplicably trust the man. As though he would never let any harm come to him, nor would he ever have to worry about the man harming him.

"Good, you're awake now. Go look at yourself before I answer any questions, kid." the man said pointing to another door which Naruto figured led to a bathroom, and more importantly, a mirror.

Doing so without any word, Naruto stared wide-eyed and gaping when he saw his reflection. He was no longer what he remembered looking like. Instead of his sun-kissed blonde hair, it had darkened to a more dirty-blonde while his eyes scared the living daylights out of him. No longer were they the sky-blue he had come to know, instead, he stared at two dark blue eyes with a glowing silver ring at the edges of his pupil.

"WHA-! What happened to me!?" Naruto screamed as he tripped himself and crawled away from the mirror.

"I saved your little life, boy." the man said. "Introductions first: I am Alex J. Mercer, but just call me Mercer, Alex died a long time ago."

"Uh, um, I'm Naruto Uzumaki..." Naruto muttered as he stared at the man who pulled on his arm and brought him to his feet once again.

"Now, let's get to the living room, I don't want to stand in the bathroom and explain this all to you." he said walking out of the small room and into the living room where he sat on a rather comfortable looking chair.

"Sit." Mercer said pointing to the couch that was to the right of the chair.

Without a word, Naruto continued to stare at Mercer as he took his seat, wondering why he was in what appeared to be Mercer's living room, or why the stranger had saved his life. He was hated by everyone, only a few people even liked to talk to him...why would he help?

"Now, I didn't save your life simply because I could." Mercer said bluntly, startling Naruto. "I saved your life by giving you my, I suppose you could call it my Kenkei Genkai, because you seem to be the only one I've met so far that could handle the strain of it assimilating to your body without killing you."

Naruto didn't say a word, and simply stared wide-eyed at the man. He gave him his Kenkei Genkai? How was that possible? And why was he the only one he had met that could "handle the strain"?

"I have a few theories on why that is, but for now, it's irrelevant. I've decided to hand you down my legacy, a power known as the Blacklight Virus. I'll go into the details later once you start showing a growth in your powers, but I need to know something first about you, Naruto. Do you want to grow stronger? To gain the strength to show everyone that you are worth living? To have the power to very possibly change the world?"

Naruto didn't know what to say, but he chose to answer honestly.

"I want to be Hokage...so that the Villager's will respect me, and I'll protect them all!"

Mercer stared at the small four-year old boy with a bored stare. He was enthusiastic for protecting the very people who were out to kill him, something that he was sure was as stupid of an idea as one could get. Protecting those who were out to kill you, yes, they would very much appreciate that.

"Why do you want to protect them?" Mercer asked dully.

"Because, that's what Hokage's do. They protect the Village and the people. I'll protect them and my precious people!" the boy answered again.

"Yet the Villagers are the very people who nearly killed you." Mercer said sharply. "And if it's the Hokage's job to protect the villagers, are you not considered one? Where was he, or his shinobi when you were bleeding to death, Naruto? I'm positive this wasn't the first time. Where they always late? Did they ever truly care for you? Or were they hoping that they got there a little too late to save you?"

Naruto was ready to burst into tears. It wasn't true, the Old Man loved him...he let him call him Jiji and he bought him clothes, and he gave him an apartment when the orphanage kicked him out...not to mention he gave him enough money to buy food and stuff he needed...he cared for him!

But...Mercer had a point. Why did the shinobi ANBU always come late? They were ANBU, they were the best before the Hokage...the answered to him and the Old Man would protect him, right? But...then where was he all those times before? The earliest thing he remembered was running away from people who wanted to hurt him...

"That's what I thought." Mercer said coldly, though the chilling anger was clearly not directed to him, but rather the village and the Hokage.

Noticing the boy was about to cry, Mercer sighed and placed a hand on his shoulder. "You'll be staying with me now, Naruto." he said in a tone that said it was final. "I'll teach you everything about my bloodline, and you'll be the greatest ever seen. If you want, we can go back to Konoha, and I'll talk to the Hokage about officially adopting you or something so no one can interfere with my teaching you, or them taking advantage of my Kenkei Genkai."

"I...I don't want to go back..." the dirty-blonde haired boy whispered, holding back his tears with all his might.

"Then we won't. We're currently in Wave, and we'll be staying here for a while before we travel around. You need to see the world, and it'll provide perfect opportunities to use your Kenkei Genkai once it fully assimilates into your body and you unlock all it's capabilities."

"What are it's ca-capa-that word?" Naruto asked.

"Pronounced Kay-pah-bill-it-tees, and it means all of the stuff you can do with it, basically. It's better if I just show you." Mercer said as he stood up from the chair before standing in front of Naruto a good distance away. He quickly allowed the black tendrils to come over his body and shifted his entire body to his black armor mode, noticing both the shock and slight excitement from the boy. After he shifted his arms into all the transformations capable in quick successions, showing off the long razor claws, muscle mass, whip, sword, hammer fists, shield. By the end of it all, the boy looked pale, but excited.

"That...that's so cool!" he screamed as Mercer shifted back to Alex's form.

"There are more applications with the different transformations, but that'll be explained once you have a clear understanding of the Blacklight Virus. For now, we'll train your physical body. Even though you're naturally stronger, faster, and have amazing stamina, you still need to train."

"Okay." Naruto said determined. "I'll become the greatest ninja that ever lived! I'll protect everybody who needs protecting on my own! I'll become better than any Hokage! I'll make my own village where everyone is accepted!" Naruto screamed with a fist in the air.

Mercer smirked at the boy. He was fully alive unlike him, alive and taking the Blacklight Virus perfectly into his body–he would be a force to be reckoned with once he really got into training the boy. If he made a Village on his own, so be it, that would take a few decades off his immortal boredom, and hell, he might just make this world less hideous than it already was.

"You'll need to train a lot more before you're ready to even take a Genin, boy. No better time to start then now, let's get outside and start with your training. I want you to be at least low-chunin before you unlock the Blacklight."

"Yes, Mercer-san." Naruto agreed nodding his head.

"Good. Let's get started."

A/N: Yup, so first chapter's up, not too shabby but not great either. Oh wells (yes, I meant to write that), wonder where I'll take this story~ Till whenever this is updated!

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