Batman: A New World

Chapter 11:While The Cat's Away !

While The Cat's Away !

Salina Kyle was one embittered young woman, following her Father's death and the loss of their Safari Park. For some reason, the Coroner had been unusually quick to reach the verdict of suicide, as Cause of Death. Salina was curious to find out why, and would look, over the course of time, to get to the bottom of why her Father's car had left the road so suddenly that night.

But she was also plotting revenge. There might not have been the evidence, thus far, linking the Property Cartel to her Father's death, but what they had done to him was unmistakable, nonetheless. They had destroyed his life. They had destroyed hers !The Park, all gone, .. her Father gone. She would travel abroad, to Africa, and gather the resources she needed, resources that would be hard for the Authorities to trace later on, just the right type of big cats, that had a successful breeding record in the States, drugs that could induce paralysis or hallucinogenic states, techniques to help control and train the animals, the various commands in Kikuyu and Swahili, used to communicate with them, and so on. She even brought back her own personal supply of plants, that produced the toxins, which formed the basis for the drugs she had acquired.

There was only one area, in which she had been totally unsuccessful, and this was gathering together a group of people, who might assist her in her secret endeavors. But this was to change significantly, on her return journey through Eastern Europe. One of her Aunts, upon learning of her trip to Africa, had invited her to stay for a while with her, and this she did.

Her Aunt absolutely adored the Circus, and insisted that Salina accompany her to one in particular. It was her absolute favourite.

- It's my absolute favorite, she told Salina, O you have got to come along !

Circuses, and the way, that they had traditionally exploited animals, ran totally against Salina's principles, but she didn't want to offend her host, so, for the first time ever, Salina Kyle went to a circus show ! It was there that she first saw Lazlo !

Can you imagine ? it was a lion-taming act ! Six clearly aggressive male lions, controlled by just one man, but no ordinary man. This was a tall, imposing, strong-looking guy, with rock-like facial features, certainly someone you wouldn't like to meet on a dark night ! But it was his control over the cats that so impressed Salina, and which caused her to sit up in her seat. The only thing that she didn't like, was his use of a whip ! It disturbed her. It upset her. Whips should never be used on animals. Mind you, she did rather like the look of it. It was long and impressive !

After the show was over, she made a point of meeting up with him.

- My name Lazlo. .. I from Herzegovina. .. Want to go to America some day !

- Purrfect ! She said to herself. Well let's see if we can get you a job then.

- I want to be in America !

- Yes, Lazlo. I can take you there !

- I want work with cats. Must work with big cats. .. That O.K. ?

- O yes, Lazlo, that is more than O.K. There is just one tiny, little thing.

- And vot is that ?

- You are never to use a whip on my animals. ... It is cruel !

- No problem. ... No problem.

- But that whip of yours, can I have it ? Would you give it to me ?

- No problem, Mistress Salina. My gift to you. .. You take me to America !

Salina finally had her team, ... Lazlo !

- O how I love this whip, Lazlo. You know things couldn't have worked out better on this trip after all. ( As she waves the whip ) Yes, it looks as if I have definitely finally ... cracked it !

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