Batman: A New World

Chapter 32: Puss Emails


Puss Emails

10.00 am

Kitty: Good Morning, Dwayne ! How was your night ? Did you do anything interesting or exciting ? I know, I haven't emailed for a few days, but I have been really busy lately.

Dwayne Brood: Good afternoon, Kitty, just caught up on the old emails. Sorry I missed you this morning, but I had an important meeting at work. No, nothing exciting ( Nursing a rather bruised head and neck after his latest encounter with a supervillain ! ). My nights are nearly always entirely uneventful. I hope that might soon change, once you feel ready to finally meet me, that is ! How was your night ?


Kitty: Good evening, Dwayne, just got in from an afternoon's shopping. Bought a few outfits, but nothing that exciting. ( just a couple of slinky cat suits, that's all ! ). I didn't get up to anything exciting last night either ( She only roughed up Kauffmann Burns and wrestled with Batman ! ). Just had a quiet night in with the cat ! ( Stroking her panther ! ). What sort of a meeting was it ? ( Wondering whether she will have to pay HIM a similar visit ! ) I hope it wasn't one of those high powered tycoon affairs ! You know, how I hate that sort of world. Sorry, if I seem to be keeping you dangling, but woman's privilege and all that sort of thing ! Anyway, a girl like me has got to be worth waiting for !


Dwayne Brood: Hi Kitty, just got back from work. No. the meeting was quite a small affair, nothing special, quite ordinary really ( just a full meeting between the entire Board of Directors with thirty multi-millionaire shareholders ! ). What have you got against high-flying businessmen, anyway ? They are people too, haha ! Some of my friends work in the world of high finance, and they are just like me ! Without guys like that, the entire economy of Gotham would collapse. Some are even quite benevolent, and donate big money to great charitable causes.

Kitty: You are right, of course. I didn't mean to insult your friends. It is just that the last millionaires, that I have come across recently, have been real pains in the ass, and the one billionaire I know of is a carefree, selfish, womanizing ne'er do well ! At least, that is what the Press say about him.

Dwayne Brood: Sounds like my kind of guy ! ( Only kidding ! ) No, I know what you mean, … the sort of person who lives in a house, way too big for someone living on their own, with way too much more money than sense, I feel the same way about women like that. I'm really glad, that you don't fit that mould. And, yes, from everything you have told me about yourself, I reckon that you'd be a real catch !

Kitty: Thanks, Dwayne. But, then again, neither of us knows, what the other looks like yet, what with the way we wanted us to get to know the real you and me first, and all. Why, I could be the last girl you would want to end up dating ! But, I know what you mean, the sort of woman, who likes to be waited on hand and foot ( Lazlo brings her dinner on a silver tray, and turns the TV on with the remote ! ). But, at least, neither of us are like that at all.

Dwayne Brood: Thankfully not ! ( As Alfred starts to serve up a huge meal on the long dining table in front of him ! )

Kitty: That reminds me. Neither of us has ever said, what it is we actually do.

Dwayne Brood: I thought that was the way that we wanted it. Neither of us wanted to be defined by what we did.

Kitty: True, but, now that we have been getting to know each other, maybe we should talk a little more about what we do. ... What do you think ?

Dwayne Brood: Why not ? .. OK, who's going to go first ?

Kitty: I will.

Dwayne Brood: OK, Kitty, so what is it you do ?

Kitty: I work with animals.

Dwayne Brood: Really, that is fantastic. I like animals too.

Kitty: I am glad ! What kind of animals ?

Dwayne Brood: ( Thinking for a moment ) Dogs.

Kitty: Oh, that's nice. I prefer cats. Do you have a dog ?

Dwayne Brood: Yes, a Labradoodle. Just got him today , from Gotham City Pound !

Kitty: Aw, that is so sweet ! It's very good of you to give a dog like that a home. … But, what about you, what is it you do exactly ?

Dwayne Brood: Sorry, Sweetheart, just got an important call. ... I've something to do with Law Enforcement. ... Bye for now !

Kitty: My hero ! ! !

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