Batman: A New World

Chapter 44:The Robin and the Bat

Chapter Forty-four

The Robin and the Bat

By Brian Mark

A boy heads out the main gates of Gotham High, books in one hand and bag over one shoulder. There is snow on the ground, and a robin is singing in the trees opposite. Unknown to the boy, he is being watched, by a shadowy figure spying on him from the top of a nearby tower block. He makes his way out on to the main street. If he should happen to gaze on the ground to the right of him, he would notice a bat-like shadow flash by, as that shadowy figure glides to a vantage point overhead. The boy takes his favorite shortcut through an alley way home, and a bat-like figure swings on a rope, to a point immediately above him. A piece of brickwork breaks loose. The boy looks up, and the figure swoops down. The boy can't believe it:

- What on earth ? … Oh my God. …. It can't be ! … Batman ?

- Batman.

- But, what … how … where … why ?

- Oh, don't you start.

- What do you mean ?

- It doesn't matter. .. It helps to ask one question at a time. What do you want to know ?

- Who are you ? .. What are you doing here ? .. Where did you come from ? .. How did you appear just like that ? …. Why me ?

- I can't tell you who I am, at least, not now.

- Are you half-bat and half-man, like people say ? Some of my friends in Biology Class think you might be some evolutionary throw-back,

- Wow! .. No I'm an ordinary guy.

- A genetic mutation then ?

- No, I really am an ordinary guy, just like you, Dick.

- How do you know my name ? .. Nobody knows my name.

- ( Not wanting to tell a lie.)Let's just say I might have known Hawk.

- You knew about us.

- I didn't know your name in the Team.

- Robin. .. My name was Robin. I was the look-out. .. How did you appear just like that ?

- I have strong hands. I gripped my way down in front of you, after using a Bat Glider and rope, of course.

- So, what do you want with me ?

- How would you like to be just like me, .. part of MY team ?

- You want me to be your partner ?

- More of an apprentice.

- My God. Are you serious ?

- I couldn't be more serious, Robin. … Is it okay to call you that, or would you like to choose another name?

- Gee, no. I reckon I owe it to the guys to keep it, if that's okay with you.

- Wow, I like that, Robin. I like that.

- I don't think I'm good enough to be your partner, Batman.

- Mm, .. humility. … Again, I like that. .. I want to train you.

- Gosh. I just can't believe this. Things like this just don't happen to me, at least, not since the night I played the Apaches Over Gotham game.

- I remember that night well. Don't tell me that was you flying the last Apache.

- Yeah, that was me.

Just then, someone living in an apartment two floors above happens to look out their bedroom window, opens it, and shouts out:

- Hey, that's Batman ! …. Who's that he's talking to ?

Suddenly, other windows start to open, and curious faces pop out of each and every one !

- (Batman) Time to run !

They both run out of the alley, and into the next street. ( You can almost hear the original TV Theme Music, as they run together! ) The two are still running, as Batman says to Dick:

- The pilot was really impressed how you flew that thing, Dick. … Added reason to take you on as my apprentice. .. What do you say, .. Robin ?

- Yes, Batman. Yes !

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