Batman: A New World

Chapter 50: Better The Devil You Know? (Part 1)

Chapter Fifty

Better The Devil You Know ? (Part 1)

by Brian Mark

Commissioner Gordon had barely been off the phone with Batman, when all Hell seemed to break loose in the City ! Stores are robbed, people are mugged in alley ways. During Dent's tenure of office, most aspiring crime lords daren't even raise their heads above the parapet ! Now, they are emboldened, especially to challenge a small number of bosses, favored by Dent, and who did his bidding. There are some scores to be settled.

The day after their conversation, Bruce is talking to Lucius in Wayne Tower:

- Three things, one is I need the Bats operational as soon as possible.

- They were ready last week.

- Brilliant.

- And the second ?

- I want you to head hunt a Miss Pamela Eisley.

- And why might I do that, if I may be so bold ?

- She might be our only chance at finding an antidote for the Reaper's poison.

- I'll get onto it right away.

- And, as for the third. I want you to leave something in Salina Kyle's Living Room.

The Bats are a technological masterpiece, worthy of Leonardo Da Vinci, himself. Battery powered, robotic bats, the perfect distraction, scoring high, when it comes to the fear factor, deployable from Bat Drones, and capable of discharging chloroform gas !

The next day, one of the aspiring up-and-coming gangs launches an audacious armed bank robbery in the heart of Gotham. They are quickly surrounded by the Police.

- ( Shouting through a megaphone ) This is Police Chief O'Hara, of the Gotham P.D. You are surrounded. There is no way out. Give yourselves up immediately.

In the absence of the City's S.W.A.T. teams, they think they are onto a winner.

- ( Gang Leader ) Sorry, Chief O'Hara, no can do. We plan on walking straight out the front door, and getting well away from here, and with all our money too ! See, if you don't let us go, we're going to start shooting all our hostages.

Just then, a Bat Charge explodes against an upper window in the Main Lobby. Immediately, Batbotss stream in through the window.

- What the hell ?

The whole lobby is chloroformed, Gang members and hostages ! Job done !

Later that day, Salina Kyle is sipping afternoon tea with Lucius:

- I'm seriously thinking of hanging up my whip, Lucius.

- May I ask why, Miss Kyle ?

- It's my Birthday next week.

- Many happy returns.

- That's not what I mean. ... My inheritance comes through, ... thanks to Brucie Wucie, and your good self of course, I'm going to be able to start a new safari park. I'm already looking for the real estate. I could have everything up and running in six months !

- Congratulations.

- Thanks, I can't wait, Lucius. I just can't wait.

- But, do you honestly imagine, that you could give up doing what you do, just like that ( Clicking his fingers.) ?

She smiles a semi-menacing smile:

- Well, perhaps not right away.

- I thought as much.

- What about this Kensington Payne guy, can you believe it ? Harvey Dent pulled a real fast one, giving us the name of an absolute nobody like that.

- Yes, very smart and ... very disappointing.

But, at least we got Dent. .. A great idea of yours, to wait till Mr. Freeze came calling.

- Why, Miss Kyle. What is that, on top of your grandfather clock ? .. Why, it looks like some kind of a bat.

- I don't know. .. I didn't even notice it was there.

Salina goes over to the clock, and examines an object sitting on top of it.

- Oh my God ! How did he manage to do that ?

- How did who manage to do what, Miss Kyle ?

- (Examining a Bat Blade) Batman. ... He's been here. ... But how did he get past my cats like that. My cats are the best alarm system in the world.

- The guy IS unbelievably clever and resourceful.

- It's a warning. That's what it is. He wants me to stop. He knows who I really am. He knows that I'm Catwoman, Lucius. But how ?

- The guy is unbelievably clever and resourceful.

- You're right. My God, that guy is good ! ... I wish I knew who he was. Do you think a guy like him would be interested in a girl like me ?

You can only imagine what Lucius thought about that !

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