The Third Wizarding War By Sapphire L Potter

First Year

My first year at Hogwarts was ... strange. I can't think of how else to describe it. Strange is how I felt during most of the year. The thing that I found hardest to deal with was that none of the teachers taught with fear and bullying, which I was glad of but it was very weird for me.

No wait.

I lied.

That wasn't the hardest thing I had to deal with. More like the .. second hardest thing. The hardest thing I had to deal with is what I'm about to explain.

My first Hogwarts Year . . .

All the first year students were tried and worn out from our first ever journey to Hogwarts. Not to mention that all those hundred of stairs was way too much for our short young legs. In first year their are two rules that sucked. One is that first years are only allowed to fly brooms in flying lessons and two that we weren't allowed to fly a broom indoors. Both very stupid and unnecessary rules. An 11 year old can ride a broom just as good as a 12 year old can. And what dangers our their inside that aren't outside? If anything flying a broom inside would be a lot safer than flying god knows how high, especially when it's your first lesson.

Anyway, so we were waiting outside the big tall doors that lead the the great hall. That's were I first met Elizabeth and Victoria Nott. Although as their friends we called them Lizzie and Vicky and yes the two of them are twins. Also outside the main hall I met Vincent Goyle, who was the son of Gregory Goyle who was apparently friends with Draco at school. I knew that all three of them would be in Slytherin, but maybe after all the problems between Slytherin and Gryffindor they needed a friendship between the houses.

My second cousin Thomas had ended up a muggle born like everyone had expected and Dad had told me, Emerald, Ruby to look after him! I don't know why, from what we had heard Thomas's father wasn't very friendly with our dad, when they were our age and younger.

"We are ready for you now" Professor McGonagall (and yes she is still teaching when she is over 80 years old and having taught my parents, all my Aunts, Uncles and grandparents) told us after about a minute of waiting for her to reappear. She walked back into The Great Hall. The Great Hall was lit by hundreds and thousands of candles that were floating in midair over four long vertical tables, where the second years and above were sitting waiting for their food and drinks to magically appear on the table. These tables were laid with dazzlingly shinny golden plates, goblets and cutlery. At the top of the hall was another long table - which was horizontal rather than vertical - with more plates, goblets and cutlery, which was where the teachers were sitting.

We had to crowd at the end of the long tables and wait for McGonagall to read our names off the long roll of paper in alphabetical order, sit on a three legged stool and have a talking hat - that McGonagall had called the sorting hat - placed on our heads. Most of my fellow students had the hat on a few seconds before their new house was yelled, some had their house yelled before the hat was fully placed on their head and the rare few had what was called a hat-stall and took several minutes.

"Thomas Dursley!" one of the first names McGonagall called. He was standing next to Ruby and slowly walked to the stool and sat down. The hat was placed on his head.

"Hhhmmmmm." the hat murmured in thought. "Hufflepuff!" it yelled. McGonagall - discreetly as she could - pointed to which table was Hufflepuff as she revived the hat and Thomas sat down on the Hufflepuff table. Ruby muttered complaints under her breath but I was secretly glad, as this meant he wouldn't be able to bother us when we were in a private Triplet conversation. More names were called.

"Vincent Goyle!" He walked up. We were only on the 7th letter in the alphabet and already tried and longing to sit down. I mean would it kill anyone to have a waiting table that magically disappeared when the sorting was finished? Not really.

"Slytherin!" the hat informed, Goyle. Even more names were called.

"Christopher Longbottom!" he would our friend too in the near future and was called Chris for short.

"Gryffindor!" the hat screamed, after a few moments being on his head.

"Crystal Longbottom!" Chris's twin sister, our future friend and called Crissy as a nickname.

"Gryffindor!" the hat repeated. A few more names and then . . .

"Elizabeth Nott!"


"Victoria Nott!"

"Ravenclaw!" Neither Vicky or Lizzie seem shocked. It was if they were expecting to be put in different houses. Anyway nobody in our year had a surname starting with 'O' so we were next.

"Emerald Potter!" she walked over to the stool and sat down.

"Gryffindor!" The Sorting Hat yelled before it was even properly on her head.

"Ruby Potter!" she did the same as Emerald. As if teasing us the hat waited several seconds before it spoke.

"Ravenclaw!" it yelled. Ravenclaw? The stupid house that had an eagle for it's logo when the house was called Ravenclaw? What the fucking hell was going on?

"Sapphire Potter!" it was my turn. Dad had always told us that the Sorting house took your choice into account, but how could that be true? Ruby didn't want to be in Ravenclaw. She wanted to be in Gryffindor with Emerald and me. So where did I want to go? Gryffindor with Emerald or Ravenclaw with Ruby? Wait what? This is crazy! I can't choose between my sisters! Their my triplets and I love them both equally.

"Hhhhmmmmm." The Sorting Hat muttered. "Interesting. Very interesting." I jumped at the hat saying words that weren't houses. "A Potter. Blood related to Weasleys. An identical triplet. Yet still unique. Nothing like anyone else I've had to sort. Difficult. Very difficult." The hat was then silent saying the odd 'hhhhmmmm' to show it was still thinking.

"Slytherin!" The hat was taken off my head and I walked over to the Slytherin table. Slytherin? The house were all the bad witches and wizards were placed? The house of most of Lord Voldemort's death eaters? Why did the hat - that stupid hat - think I belonged here?

Time Skipping through first year . . .

I got used to being a Slytherin. Took me about half the year but I got used to it. Hogwarts has a third dumb rule by the way that is that Twins or Triplets ect are not permitted to sit next to each other in class. Dumbest rule EVER. And when we walked into a classroom ALL the teachers would say 'You may sit wherever you want .. but twins or triplets may not sit next to each other.' which then makes all the singleton students turn and stare at you, then snigger like this rule means we don't have the same freedom to sit anywhere we like.

We manged to bend that rule though. Right at the back in the left corner I sat down and had Lizzie next to me. The table in front of us had Emerald and Crystal. The table next to us had Vicky and Ruby. The table diagonally to the right was Vincent and Chris. We were close enough to talk to each other still and the teacher couldn't moan because we weren't breaking the rule. Well most teachers didn't moan.

Professor Foster - the Muggle Subjects teacher - was the one that completely over-reacted. We had her class on the third day at Hogwarts.

"Did you lot not hear what I said?" she snapped, walking to the middle of our four tables.

"Yes Professor." we chorused.

"Then why are you sitting next to each when I explained the rule." she questioned.

"We're not sitting next to each other." I said. "Emerald is in front of me and Ruby is on a different table that is next to mine." I explained.

"And we're not sitting next to each other either." Lizzie and Vicky added simultaneously. It was so relieving to hear that we weren't the only ones that did that.

"Or us." Chris and Crissy also added together. Mixed gender twins did it as well? Wow. Anyway altogether we got 4 teachers that moaned. One (our defense against the dark arts teacher Professor LolBerry, she's our favorite teacher) told us 'so long we don't talk too much you may stay where you are.' The other two moved us to different parts of the room in the pairs we were in. Professor Foster went the extra mile.

"The rule is so you do not disrupt the class with talking AND so you can learn to grow as your own person!" she explained angrily. Hogwarts's classrooms have was single tables put together as pairs and Foster used magic to move our tables to 8 different parts of the room and told as which ones to sit in. Vincent was the only one who stayed in the place he was. We tried to protest but she just repeating herself with the sentence above and getting madder and madder so we did as our told.

"What a bitch." I whispered, to Lizzie just before we walked in different directions to our seats. And of course everyone else was watching laughing and sniggering away. None of us really made any friends beyond our group. The only reason Vincent was in our group was because we were the only 7 people who refused to insult him on his bad level of intelligence. We tried to help him with his homework and stuff but nothing ever sunk in - but it didn't matter because after a few weeks we were proper friends not just study buddies.

"So that is 30 points from Gryffindor, 20 points from Ravenclaw and 20 points from Slytherin." She stated. "That is 10 points each for your disobedience." she explained.

"What?!" the 7 of us mouthed to each other from the other sides of the room.

"Now." she continued, changing the subject. "Maths, Science and English." she stated as she magically made the words appear on her board. "Compulsory subjects in the muggle world. And since 2005 as been compulsory in the magical world as well." Professor Foster explained. Everyone groaned. Me the loudest. Starting my education at 8 meant I was very behind in these three subjects and though I had finally escaped them by coming to Hogwarts. "Most of you having gone to muggle schools of course would have learned about the muggle currency." she added, ignoring our groans.

"Can't be very good at magic if she teaches muggle subjects." I muttered to myself, unable to whisper to anyone.

"Now how many Knuts our in a Sickle?" she questioned the class. Wait what? Did she think she was teaching 6 year olds? Most simple question ever, even if you do struggle with maths.

"100 Professor." the entire class called out.

"Sickles in a Galleon?"

"10 Professor." we answered again.

"Knuts in a Galleon?"

"1,000 Professor." we told her. In December 2004 their was a new Minter of Magic and in 2005 SHE changed a lot of things including the currency value, to what it was in the 90s.

"Well done." she praised as if we were really 6. "Now one Knut can be traded for at Gringrotts bank for one muggle British penny. One Sickle has the same value of one muggle British pound and one Galleon, is the same to ten muggle British pounds." She explained. She went through the same boring facts about money that we already knew of by heart. Muggle Subjects is a triple lesson which have to take. Normal lessons were one hour long, which meant this subject was three hours. It was always three hours even if Lunch or one of our breaks was between. Maths for the first hour English for the second hour and science for the third.

About a mouth into the year, me and the group had been caught bad-mouthing Foster and having 5 points taken from our houses several times. Once we had been caught by Foster herself.

"The 8 of you have just lost your afternoon break. The whole half hour. And if you don't attend 25 points will be taken each from your houses PER person." she snapped. "I don't know what your class's problem with me is. I get on very well with the rest of the school." she added the lair. All of us had over-heard the older years moaning about Foster in the common room all the time.

What we needed was a private place to say and do whatever we wanted with 0% change of getting caught and into trouble.

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