The Third Wizarding War By Sapphire L Potter

Second Year

So after a few mouths at Hogwarts (about Mid December) we found our secret place. I found it first. I was wondering around the Forbidden Forest and all of a sudden I saw a pathway I hadn't ever noticed before due to the trees having overgrown quite far across it. I forced my way though the pathway and found a cave- like hole in a giant rock. I took out my wand.

"Lumos." I told my wand, a white light appeared at the end of my wand. I walked into the cave. I walked about 100 meters of slight hill, when I started to hear the splash of waves. My wand only made light for 4 or 5 steps in front of me I couldn't see any water and I knew my hearing was better than average so I kept walking until I could sense I was close. "Lumos Maxima." I said and the cave was light up a white light. 10 more steps forward and I would have been ankle deep in water.

From the new light I could see a safe edge. This cave seemed to have a slight turn which gave away a natural light from somewhere. I carefully walked on the edge around the slight turn. This cave was a part of The Great Lake. Nobody would ever find this place. It must of been here centuries and I fond it just by chance.

This was perfect.



It needed a bit of . . . moderation.

I clicked my fingers and the 100 meters I walked covered itself it wood. I walked onto this new flooring, then clicked fingers again. Off the end of the first flooring a slope about a meter long and half a meter tall then the whole floor of the cave - which was about 100 meters by 100 meters - was covered in wood. It couldn't been seen but under the wood was pillars to hold it up. For a third time I clicked my fingers and invisible cushions and silk covered the walls and ceilings to make it water prof. A fourth time I clicked my fingers. In the center of the cave a metal cage about a meter tall and 50 cm in width appeared with logs in a messy pile at the bottom. At the top was a door which you opened and closed to add more things into it. The fifth and final time I clicked my fingers the ceiling covered itself in millions and and millions of candles for light.

Now it was to show everyone my creation.

"Wow." the 7 of them said at once, when they saw the den for the first time.

"This is amazing." Crissy stated.

"What she said." Chris added, in a daze by the beauty I created.

"You didn't find it like this did you?" Ruby whispered to me.

"You found a perfectly normal cave and turned it into this." Emerald also whispered to me.

"Oh so what?" I whispered back. "This is the perfect place for a den I just made it pretty." I added.

"We'll have to use the summoning charm to get chairs and stuff." Vicky said stating the obvious.

"But other than that it's brilliant." Lizzie continued.

And that was it. From then on this was our den. Addressed as 'The Cave' or 'The Den'. What? It's just a cave it doesn't need some fancy complex name to it. It's a cave. Right, where was I?

Oh yeah every morning and afternoon break we spent in The Den, also as much time after school hours as we could.

The Cave was the place we chose a name for our group. I was very much against the idea until Vincent suggested 'Super Hogwarts Friends'. We all loved it.

So that's what we are call The Super Hogwarts Friends.

After we found The Cave, life at Hogwarts was a piece of cake - mostly.

Time Skipping Through The Summer And Second Year . . .

During the summer Me, Emerald and Ruby were texting the Super Hogwarts Friends constantly. And yes we found out that Vincent got thought of the name from a YouTube channel called 'Super Carlin Brothers', but we still liked our name. Anyway us the Potters and the Wealseys all went to Spain for one week then to Rio for two weeks then to France for a week and only spent two weeks at home. Don't get me wrong Spain, Rio and France are all great places but our two weeks home was the first two. While on holiday we missed ALL the season 9 Trailers for Doctor Who. We had to catch up on youtube. Not that I was looking forward to the new season due to still grieving over Matt Smith leaving the role and Clara becoming a yo-yo character, but that is not the point! It's bloody Doctor Who!

Oh and yeah we were going back to Rio in summer 2016 ALL summer for the Olympics. Why did my Parents, Aunts and Uncles have to obsess over a muggle creations?

My second year at Hogwarts started with watching the sorting ceremony. I didn't understand why everyone had to clap if a student was selected into your house. Weren't all these people staving after the train journey as well? Didn't they just want the feast to start? At least from this point of view we got to sit down. We only had one cousin starting this year - Roxanne. I hoped she would get put into Slytherin. I mean Lizzie and Vincent were great friends, but it was hard being the only Slytherin in a family that was mainly Gryffindors. Ruby was the first in both the Wealsey and Potter family not to be sorted into Gryffindor for centuries. Apparently I was the first Potter to be sorted into Slytherin for over one thousand years and in the Wealsey family had never been heard of. I just hoped Roxanne would be the Wealsey to change that.

"Ravenclaw!" The hat roared. Ravenclaw. Looks like the hat favored Ruby over me. I looked over at Ruby. She was smiling as Roxanne skipped over to sit next to her. Ruby caught my eye and her smile of happiness turned into a smile of empathy. Emerald also caught my eye and gave the same empathic smile.

Not everything was bad during second year. The Slytherin Seeker and his back up Seeker were too old to come back to Hogwarts which meant their was two openings on the Slytherin team. Last year I had been a natural on a broom, it was the task to become a seeker that worried me. Although Dad said with mum being a professional Quidditch player and him being labelled as Hogwarts's best seeker of the 20th century I had nothing to worry about. He was convinced I'd made the team he had brought me a firebolt 250 - the latest model.

All the competitors had to hover in the air in a circle. Their was even 7th years here, who wouldn't really be chosen unless they were really really good. No, the main people that were being looked at were second years. The Captain of the team - also the chaser and called Ollie - came in the center of our circle - only he was on the ground.

"Their will be four rounds!" Ollie yelled. "Then snitch will be released ten times per round!" he continued. "First round only 4 of you will go through. Second round three will remain. After the third round only two people will be left. The winner of the fourth and final round will be our Slytherin Seeker. And the loser will be our back up Seeker!" he explained. "When one of you have caught the snitch all of you will return into this circle, the one who caught the snitch will hand the snitch back to me and when that person has rejoined the circle I'll release it again." He had a box full of Ouidditch equipment. He opened it and took out the snitch. "Ready?" he asked.

"Ready!" we repeated. He let the snitch free out of his hand.

"Go!" Ollie shouted. I instantly leaned forward and went for the snitch. I reached out my hand. All of a sudden the golden ball with silky wings was in my hand. "Whoa!" Ollie reacted. "Are you a second year." he quired while I flew over to him.

"Yeah." I told him, hovering above him to hand back the snitch.

"Except to be barged by the other competitors when I release the snitch again. Things can get rough in Quidditch." he warned. "Ready, steady go!" he roared again. The fourth year next to me instantly barged me. Ollie was right. I watched Quidditch before I had watched Seekers almost fall off their brooms and just get back on. Everyone was ahead of me by now, but I charged on. I weaved through everyone. Barging one or two people myself. Before I knew it I was front of the crowd, my hand was reached out and the snitch was in my hand again. "So your able to take a barges then." he commented when I returned the snitch to him for a second time.

I seized the snitch twice more in a row. The fourth year that had barged me caught the snitch the fifth time it was released. A third year girl caught it the next two times. I captured the eighth and ninth snitch. Finally a sixth year boy removed the last one from the air. "The four people that actually managed to catch a snitch form a square with me in the center and the rest of you come down, return the your broom if it's the school's and either leave or watch the rest of the tryouts." Ollie called. Everyone did as their told.

Second round was harder with less people. Even with more chance of you catching at least one. At the end of the round the sixth year had 3/10, third year 2/10, fourth year 1/10 as well as me getting 4/10. When the fourth year was told see was out she burst into tears like Ollie was being unfair and cruel!? If she concentrated more on the snitch rather than continuously shoving people, she might have made it into the third round.

During the third round I had the wings of the snitch entangle round my fingers 5 times. Third year had 3 so the sixth year was out. "The loser of this round will be the back up Seeker which makes the winner's reward obvious." Ollie announced.

I won; 6 snitches; 20/40 in total. "That was Amazing ... Sapphire!" he praised pausing slightly to make sure he got my name right. "Training starts on Saturday straight after breakfast; we stop for Lunch and start again afterwards until 4:30 ... Kayliegh you'll be needed at 5 until 7:30 on Saturdays." Ollie begun. "School days is 4:30 till 7:30. Backup players train Mondays and Fridays at the same times. Sapphire you don't need to come to on Mondays and Fridays unless I announce different." he finished. We nodded and walked away.

I was the Slytherin Seeker. A pretty good one too. Last year HufflePuff got new 2 beaters as well as 2 back ups and had beaten Slytherin by 300 points, this year went completely in the opposite direction. 350 points higher than HufflePuff. And we won 2ed place. Ravenclaw got a new chaser that year and beat us by 10 points.

Season 9 of Doctor Who. And because of our summer holiday we went in completely blind. We were in our common rooms talking to each other on Skype; went on BBC Iplayer Live T.V; watched the last few moments of Pointless (perfect name for such a crap show) and then watched our favorite show. By the end of it we were speechless.

"Oh my gosh." we finally managed say at once. We then began ranting on about how fucking brilliant the episode and how the hell could Moffat write such a flawless first part to a two-parter after season 6 and 7. Chris and Crissy then came and stood either side of Emerald.

"It's just a stupid Muggle show." They said, interrupting us after ten minutes.

"No it's not!" we replied at once. "It's the best Muggle show ever created. EVER!" I added.

"Coarse it is." Lizzie and Vicky mocked, walking beside me and Ruby.

"If you nothing positive to say about Doctor Who then how about all of you piss off to bed." Emerald snapped.

"It's a Saturday night." Vincent commented.

"We're gonna watch reaction videos and re-watch the episode like 5 more times so just at least wait in the main part of the common room." Ruby explained.

"How long will that be?" Chris questioned.

"Like Midnight." the three of us enlightened.

"When it's not a school night second years can stay out until Ten o'clock. Let's go to the cave." Crissy suggested.

So that's what they did and we watched Doctor Who 6 more times, not 5. The rest of the season was fantastic. Especially Peter's 55 minute solo episode. Last episode was shit. It ruined the hype made in the previous episode and a certain character death. Not gonna go into spoilers.

Anyway I may of said before that my psychopathic and depressing thoughts started again in fourth year, but that's not when the problems started at school. They started in third year.

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