The Third Wizarding War By Sapphire L Potter

Third Year - Life Potion

Time Skipping through Third Year . . .

Third year. Third year. Thirdy thirdy thirdy year. Really don't wanna write about this . . . but I have to.

The first week all me, Emerald and Ruby talked about to the Hogwarts Super Friends was about the Olympics and Paralympics. It got a bit annoying for them. Miss Foster as always was a bitch. Last lesson on a Friday 3rd week into the year and she went and started problems. Just because I didn't understand the stupid science theory she was going on about. I called her 'A fucking little bitch' and for some reason she didn't like that. I mean we are always encouraged to tell the truth.

"Get out of my classroom you rude little girl!" she yelled.

"Gladly." I replied, standing up and walking out. "Arg!" I roared, suddenly punching the wall. A rush of pain went through my right hand. I bit my lips together to muffle my scream of pain. I went to the Hospital Wing.

"What you done now?" Madam Promfrey asked. While learning to fly a broom in first year and during Quiddict practice in second year I had had many cuts, bruises and bangs on the head. Mostly during second.

"I think my wrist is broken." I admitted, clutching my wrist. Madam Promfrey rolled her eyes. And checked my wrist over. She gently poked at my wrist asking if certain places hurt.

"A slight crack in the joint of your wrist it seems. How did you do it anyway." she questioned.

"I was sent out of Professor Foster's class so punch a wall." She rolled her eyes again.

"Nurse Longbottom. Bring out some broken bones potions for Sapphire Potter." she called. Madam Promfrey was retiring in 2018 so hired Nurse Longbottom in 2014, so she could be trained enough to take over when Madam Promfrey left.

"What bone of the body?" she called back.

"Wrist." Nurse Longbottom cast the Accio spell and came out with the bottle of potion. "You will need to take this three times a day. In the morning AFTER breakfast not before or you'll be sick. After lessons in the mid afternoon. And in the evening AFTER dinner." she explained. "After you take the potion you can't eat for 2 hours, so no eating during morning lessons unless you want to throw up." she warned, while she began to wrap my wrist in bandages.

"So how long until I'll be able to use it again?" I asked while Nurse Longbottom, placed a splint on my bed ready to go around my wrist.

"10 - 12 days."

"It's the first Quidditct match of the season in two weeks tomorrow." I explained.

"Well if you really care about your team winning you would yet your back up play. Their is no way you'll be able play just 3 days after a broken wrist has healed." Nurse Longbottom snapped, despite trying to be kind about it, while using double sided sticky tape to hole the bandages in place. Then she picked up the splint and put it tightly around my wrist. I stayed in the Hospital Wing, until the end of the lesson then went to the Quidditch field.

"Sapphire?" Ollie quired when I walked onto the field. "You're not meant to come to the back ups training time until next Friday." he explained.

"I know." I replied, lifting up my bad wrist so he could see it.

"How did that happen?" Ollie snapped, clearly frustrated.

"Punched a wall."

"Why would you punch a wall?"

"Foster sent me out of her class just because I didn't understand some stupid science theory."

"That stupid fucking bitch." he meant to say it under his breath but everyone, who was waiting around Ollie ready to be instructed and myself had heard. "How long did Madam Promfrey say it would take to heal?" he asked.

"10 - 12 days."

"You do know Gryffindor have a new seeker." he snapped.

"Well .. yeah but I don't know who it is." I explained.

"Your little brother James. He caught 19 out of 40 snitches in the try-outs. One less than you."

"Really?" I asked, impressed. Ollie glared at me. What did I do wrong? He's my brother, I should be allowed to be happy for him even if he was on my rival team. He snapped out of his glare and turned to Kayleigh.

"Well then! Kayleigh this means you'll have to take Sapphire's place. I want you to come to both Normal and Back up training sessions starting tomorrow." he explained. "And as the second match of season is only 2 weeks after the first that will apply to you Sapphire after the first match. Okay?" he asked.

"Yes Ollie." me and Kayliegh said at once. Ollie singled for me to leave, so I did.

Not being able to play in the first match of the year was awful. But it wasn't the worst thing. That happened later.

We won 1st place in the first season. 650 points. Ravenclaw was last so had to get at least 3rd or they would be out. Second season we got 500 points which got us 2ed place - Gryffindor was 1st. After two games into the third season is when the following happened. It was a half practical half non-practical lesson of potions in Professor Gudgeon's class.

"Today children. We will be learning about Life Potion. This is a potion that was only put on the curriculum in 2000 so you may not have heard of it before but does anyone know what it is?" he questioned. We were silent. "Life Potion, as the name would suggest creates life." he flicked his wand and all our books turned to the page on Life Potion. "Sapphire, read aloud the first paragraph." he ordered.

"Life Potion is ..." I begun despite being bewildered at the thought of what this potion obviously was. "... a liquid that takes a sample of DNA to creates whatever life the DNA was taken from. A bubble forms around the DNA sample with a small hole that allows the potion to leak to the DNA causing it to grow into the body of the creature/animal. The body will look 2 years to 10 years old but mentally will still be as helpless as a new-born creature or animal. Life potion also creates a large amount magic in the creature which the potion maker most of the time will steal when the creature/animal is between 16 and 17 years old." I read aloud. That was the end of the paragraph so I stopped reading.

"5 points to Slytherin." he said. Professor Gudgeon was a HufflePuff and always gave points for simple things, might sound cool to you but after two years of Professor Gudgeon it gets a bit patronizing. "Lizzie read the next paragraph." Ah. Lizzie wasn't the best reader. She could be really intelligent if she tried, but she had learning difficulties with reading.

"I - I don't want to sir." she stampeded.

"Go on Elizabeth. Practice makes perfect." he argued back, in the patronizing friendly zone he used when students didn't follow his instructions.

"I'll help you." I whispered in her ear.

"The potion make-er can al-so give the magic in-side the ..."

"Creature/animal." I whispered.

"... creature/animal to some-one else. If the magic isn't re-move-d then by it's 16th or 17th birthday then the crea-ture/ani-mal will go into a ..."


"... coma un-til it is. Wh-ich is why is the year 2000 the Min-is-try of Magic le .. le ..."


"... legalised the potion in certain b-uild-ings to cre-ate frogs and mice. April 2016 the fir-st magic was tr .. tran .. tr ..."


"... transferred from the frog to a 10 year old sq-uib. Un ..."


"... Unfortunately the frog ..."


"... immediately died, how-ev-er, during Aug-ust 2016 the sq-uib got her ..."


"... acceptance let-ter to Hog-warts sch-ool of whi-tch-craft and wiz-ard-ary." Lizzie finished.

"20 points to Slytherin." sir said. "Any questions?" Ruby put her hand up. "Yes Ruby."

"Has anybody ever tried to use this potion with humans?" she asked. I glared at her. She was a wise, nerdy intelligent Ravenclaw she would of worked out this was the potion Lucius used on me when we were told it's name.

"Once." he replied. My head then jerked to face him. Nobody at school but Emerald and Ruby knew I was made from this potion. That meant someone else had to be made from it. "In fact if nobody had any questions we were going to go straight onto the sub-chapter of the book entitled Madam Katherine UnderSmither. As you seem so interested perhaps you could read aloud the entire sub-chapter." he ordered. Was it me or did he have obsession with making students read. Nobody ever had actually heard him read something aloud himself.

"Madam Katherine UnderSmither was the first and only Human to be created from life Potion." Ruby began. "The two potion makers were two muggle-borns who had tried and failed to have child of their own for 10 years. Their names were Flora and Felix Grant. Katherine's biological parents were Pure-Bloods they were interdependently wealthy, their names were Gwendoline and Edwin UnderSmither, they were several years younger than the muggle-born couple and Gwendoline was 4 mouths into a pregnancy with twins. The Grants knew this so made Life Potion and literally ripped Katherine out of Gwendoline's whom. The unborn child appeared in the potion with the described bubble around her and she grew into a 2 year old baby with the metal state of a newborn. This happened 31st August 1896. She lived 5 years with the Grants, who spoiled her as much as they could. Only after the 5 years Katherine meet up with a boy called Joseph - who was her twin - and her real parents. Her real parents were suspicious so made her fake parents take a truth potion forcing them to admit everything. Edwin was very high up in the Ministry, so had a large influence on their punishment, which was to be hung. By the time Katherine was 6 she was living with Joesph, Edwin and Gwendoline for the next ten years. When she was sixteen in 1912 she fainted and never woke up. She was fed by tubes for three years until the hospital she was in got blown up in 1915, during World War One." she read.

"15 points to Ravenclaw." we then went into a discussion about Katherine's life. During that discussion Louise Lane a Ravenclaw who was extremely smart even for a Ravenclaw, she teased people like Vincent and Lizzie who wasn't as smart as her, she was a very fast reader and always read ahead when we weren't meant to, raised her hand.

"Yes Louise."

"Sir wasn't that prejudice murderer Magie Malfoy made from Life Potion by Lucius and Narcissa?" she asked, innocently enough despite her past bitchiness.

"Nothing is know for certain, but that is suspected that she is made from Life Potion." Then we went into the practical. Making a mouse from Life Potion. We collected our ingredients. We had 25 minutes to make the potion until sir would walk around with 5 veils of mouse blood and would pour one of them into mine. Like always in a practical lesson I had my sleeves were rolled up.

Sir had poured the blood into Vincent's, Chris's, Vicky's and Lizzie's 3 out of 4 was successful take a guess on who's wasn't. Then he came next to me and poured the last veil of blood into mine. It did work - just not as it was supposed to. A circle of five bubbles appeared and five mice started to grow.

"Strange. Very strange." he said. "You did weigh all your ingredients properly?" he asked.

"Yes professor."

And you followed the method word for word?"

"Yes professor." He picked up a soup spoon, put it in the centre of the circle and slowly let it fill up.

"I'll have to do some tests on this potion." he said. Everyone was staring at me now muttering about 'how did she do that?'. And Louise Lane was glaring at me. As Professor Gudgeon turned with the soup spoon full of potion, Louise pushed him toward me. The potion went over my right arm and some onto my left leg, soaking through my trousers to touch my knee. It burned. I screamed. I collapsed.

"Oh my goodness!" Professor yelled. "50 points from Ravenclaw!" apart from me everyone including Louise gasped. Professor Gudgeon had never took points away from a house. We had heard rumors that he had, but it was only one or two points, no near 50. No one would believe us unless it actually cam from the Hippogriff's mouth. "Sapphire are you okay?" he asked bending down to my level.

"No .. it .. it hurts .. it burns." I explained.

"Emerald, Ruby help me take your sister to the hospital wing." he ordered. He sounded weird. His voice didn't sound like Professor Gudgeon. He was usually friendly and patronizing at times. The way he was speaking now made him feel like a male version of Professor McGonagall. And unless you were stupid no one argued with Professor McGonagall. Ruby put my left arm around her neck, I pushed on my good leg and stood up. Emerald tried to do the same, but I jerked my arm away in pain from her touch.

"I'll be fine with just Ruby." I said as politely as possible. As I limped off using Ruby as a crutch me and Louise glared at each other.

Why did she think it necessary to push Professor Gudgeon into me.

Why did I react so badly to the potion touching my skin.

Why, why, why?

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