The Third Wizarding War By Sapphire L Potter


Me and Ruby went to the hospital wing.

Professor Gudgeon and Emerald followed us.

Emerald and Ruby explained what happened to Madam Pomfrey, while Nurse Longbottom washed my arm and knee from the potion.

"It looks like a like a mild burn." she said while drying my arm.

"The potion was only 15 degrees." Professor commented.

"Well it's the only thing it could be." she replied. She went into the store cupboard and came out with a bottle in her hand. "When you take this you should feel a tingly sensation were your burns are and the medicine will case full blown blisters ready to burst, which will mean the effects of the burns last 3 days rather than 3 weeks." she explained, pouring a horrible looking orange liquid onto a spoon twice the size of a normal one. It was put in my mouth and I swallowed. I didn't get a tingly sensation like Nurse Longbottom predicted. I felt this horrible feeling in my stomach that felt like a period pain only it was 50 times worse. I doubled up in pain. Nurse Longbottom was clever, she held back my hair and I was sick into the emergency bucket by the bed.

"I told you they weren't burns." Professor Gudgeon snapped.

"Anyone would of thought the same thing. I've been working at this school since the early 70s and I believed those marks to be burns." Madam Pomfrey replied angrily. "Their is one other thing it could be though." she added. "This happened when life Potion touched her skin. That would only happen to something made from the potion itself." she continued looking at me.

"Your insane. Why would you instantly assume that. I had the potion too high. It's burns. I've obviously just had an allergic reaction to something in the medicine." No one replied. Nurse Longbottom just wrapped my arm in bandages and a sling. Carefully bent my knee put bandages around it and used a sling to hold my left leg in that bent position. I was then given a crutch as support for my left side and was sent to Lunch, with Emerald and Ruby.

When I got the great hall everyone started muttering about me. Oh Louise Lane had been a busy bee.

I went over to sit next to Lizzie. James was sitting on the Gryffindor table facing Lizzie. Both of them clearly waiting for us to show.

"Hey Saffie. Emmy." James said.

"Hey." We replied simultaneously, sitting down on our tables.

"What happened in your potions class? A girl from your year has been saying your made from this thing called life potion and that your that prejudge murderer Magie Malfoy using a different name." he innocently questioned. Wow. Was Louise Lane that good of a rumor spreader that it got to other year groups in one lesson.

"I'll explain later." I told him. "In private!" I added addressing the people around us that had begun staring. Ollie had a go at me later that day. 'We are winning Sapphire! Hufflepuff's out. If Ravenclaw lose 3 more games their out. We're on the best path we could be to win this year and you go and injure yourself again!' he didn't seem to care about the rumors were I had caught even teachers muttering about, just Slytherin winning the cup.

That night I met up with Draco.

Oh didn't I tell you did I?

Since I started first year I had in my possession my Dad's invisibility cloak and The Marauder's Map - I got James to steal them then to send them in a parcel. I showed Draco them and my Time turner the first Friday night ever since then we saw each other every night. We would use the time turner to appear an hour before we met up then Draco would apperate home and I would walk back to the Slytherin common room, both of us obviously needing to avoid our past self's. Since then Wednesdays to Saturday nights we would meet up with each other.

That night was a Thursday and I saw Draco. James had potions last lesson so I got him to take one of the books from the shelve about Life Potion. Being the loyal little brother he is he didn't ask questions he just did as his told. And no it's not stealing because when I next had the change I returned it. Stealing is such a strong word we just borrowed it .. without asking.

Anyway when I saw Draco of coarse the first thing he noticed was my crutch and sling-ed arm. I explained to him what happened.

"Will you be able to use the time turner with injures?" he asked when I finished.

"Should do. You'll just have to be the one to turn the thingy." I then remembered how James had moaned about almost getting caught taking the book. "Anyway, the Potion we made that caused this. I explained briefly but this book is about it." I said handing it to him. He read the first two paragraphs and the sub-chapter about Katherine.

"I think I heard of this. Not what it is, but the name and that it was going to be a new part of the school curriculum in September 2000." he closed the book and gave it back to me.

"Professor Gudgeon told us that. And if you heard about it Lucius would of as well. The name by itself gives a lot away, so he would of wanted to find out what it was." I started.

"Read about the giving Magic to squibs ... experiment it would of been then - stole it from somewhere, made you and the rest is history." Draco finished.

"So I either let Lucius steal my magic and I become a squib or I go into a coma until my body gets blown up." I snarled.

"Well if you become a squib you could just go to the center places where they keep the Life Potion Frogs and Mice."

"And let Lucius become 'Voldemort the second' and start Wizarding war three!" I snapped.

"Good point." he admitted.

"So what do we do?" I asked.

"Sapphire it's 3 to 4 years away. We don't need to worry about it now." Why would he say that? Wouldn't the smart thing to do be thinking of ideas now, so we would know exactly what we were doing in 3-4 years time? Draco said often enough that I was getting stronger everyday. In fact my wand - the new one I got from The Wand Shop when I was 11 - was mostly just a pretence that I was like everyone else. And now in order to keep up the pretence I would have to not use Magic at all unless I had to for Charms class or was by myself. Draco had always been their. If it wasn't for him I wouldn't of seen my first birthday. Why would he want wait to help me with this?

"Well this is already around the entire school. I'm the same age as the Magie Malfoy their all afraid of. They're not gonna let this go." I explained.

"When Madam Pomfrey first suggested the Life Potion what did you say to her."

"That I had the potion too high so it burned me and that I must of had an allergic reaction to something in the burn healing medicine."

"Right. That's a realistic story. Unlikely but realistic. Stick with it." he ordered. I nodded. Draco then changed the subject. We spoke about how I was doing in school and stuff you know the typical stuff grown ups would want to know.

We then used the time turner. Draco turned the thingy. And like I predicted I was fine - apart from a slight stumble - I was fine. We said goodbye, Draco apperated back home and I apperated outside Malfoy Manor's annex to see Scorpius like I still did.

Hardly anyone believed my story. I lost none of my friends. No one left the Super Hogwarts Friends. Our friendship might of been across three of the houses but we were all loyal friends just like Hufflepuffs - even though we hate that house. People would purposely move away from me even when we were eating in the Great Hall. Which was their own problem because they would be all huddled up together barely able to move a limb whereas me Lizzie and Vincent would have plenty of room. But it was still hurtful.

Oh and remember how I said about me and Emerald always teasing Ruby and Thomas's friendship about them going out? Well it happened. They became official boyfriend and girlfriend. About a week or so later I started a relationship as well. And no I haven't finally got to what I was on about earlier with Scorpius. For goodness sake he would of only been 10. No I started dating Lizzie.

Yes Lizzie.

No I am not a lesbian.

Well I was back then until I realised I liked boys too.

It's called being Bisexual.

Anyway me and Lizzie were just sitting in The Cave by our self's talking about how stupid boys can be and why would anyone chose to be tied to one for the rest of their life, when Lizzie leaned towards me and kissed me. I kissed back. It wasn't bad. I actually really enjoyed our lips pressing against each other, our tongues seeming to unwillingly want to massage each other. When we pulled apart, Lizzie looked embarrassed, but I was smiling.


"Don't apologize! Their is nothing wrong with lesbians or gays!" I snapped. Lizzie stared at me.

"Are you a lesbian too?" she asked sounding half excited half relieved.

"Well I never really thought about it before, but I kind of enjoyed the kiss." I explained.

"Doesn't that give you you're answer?" I stared at her. I had this feeling in my stomach and chest that felt like my intestines were wrapping themselves around my lungs. It reminded me of how I felt about Draco and that he had always been their for thick and thin and I loved him for that. Although on a less extreme scale Lizzie had done the same thing since I met her in first year. Did I love Lizzie?

"Maybe we should kiss again. Just to make sure." I suggested. Lizzie smiled. We leaned into each other and kissed again. The day after that we spoke about sexualities, weather we would make a good couple and stuff.

6 days later we made our self's officially girlfriend and girlfriend. The first people we told was the Super Hogwarts Friends, my cousins, James and their friends - well they were technically Super Hogwarts friends too, but my cousins, James and their friends didn't use the cave as much as us. We had shown them all The Cave ages ago so at least it was private. They seemed shocked. Of course the most shocked was Vicky, Emerald and Ruby. They tried to be supportive by saying 'Hope you have a happy relationship' but although they didn't mean too it sounded like they were taking the piss. James came up to me and held my hand and everyone else walked out. Apart from Roxanne and Fred who came up to me and hugged me. I hugged him back with my free arm.

"I don't care what your sexuality is. I will still love you. All I care about is you being happy." he whispered in my ear. We pulled apart. "And ignore everyone else. I'll bring them around." he promised.

"I don't want Mum, Dad or any adult from the family knowing."

"I'll make sure everyone is quite until your ready." he explained, before walking off to find our stupid cousins.

We did have a happy relationship. We told no one else, but we weren't secretive about our relationship - well only with the adults of our families - so people discovered the truth. Which on top of the life potion thing didn't make problems any better.

For example my first game back after the life Potion incident - which was like early June and the injury happened late April - instead cheering on their team everyone or most people were yelling homophobic comments and or about the theory Louise had spread about me. Of coarse I knew it was true but apart from a few paragraphs in a book their was no actual evidence. We were playing Ravenclaw the two beaters were Ruby and one of Louise's friends. I was centimeters from grabbing the snitch when Louise's friend purposely beat the bludger towards me. Too concentrated on the snitch to notice it hit me on the head. I immediately fainted and fell off my broom. Apparently and obviously a teacher used the Arresto Momentum spell to stop me falling to my death. Louise's friend was punished with 3 weeks of detention, 300 points taken from Ravenclaw and banned from playing quidditch for the rest of her time at Hogwarts. And Slytherin automatically won the match. So yeah it wouldn't matter if Ravenclaw by some miracle won the School Quidditch Competition because they defiantly weren't going to be winning the house cup.

Oh I was fine just a bit of concussion, and an un-hide-able bump on my head that busied over. But yeah I was fine. I would have been able to play in the next game if . . .

Did I tell you that Lizzie brought me a bracelet made out of real sliver for our one mouth anniversary?

Alright! I'll get back to the point.

I saw Narcissa. I was bunking off muggle subjects because the lesson before nearly made my head explode and I saw her.

Why the fucking hell was she here?

And what did she bloody want?

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