The Third Wizarding War By Sapphire L Potter


It was after Dinner. I had told the Super Hogwarts Friends I was going to The Cave to do my homework, which I did have a lot of - Potion Class one over due but Professor Gudgeon being Professor Gudgeon. I walked into the centre of the Forbidden Forest. I sat on a low branch of a tree. I saw on my wrist one of my bruises. I pulled up my sleeve, looked at all my busies then pulled my sleeve back down. I close my eyes and thought back. Remembering what happened.

"Hey Sapphire." I jumped. It was Draco. "Bit jumpy aren't you?" he questioned.

"I was .. deep in thought." I said honestly, checking my watch - he was half an hour early.

"Are people being homophobic again?" Yes I know I said I never told anyone else but Draco is ... Draco.

"Just a little."

"I hate having to look at that bruise on your head. It reminds me of ..." his sentence trailed off.

"When I was little." I finished. Draco nodded, sympathetically. Suddenly he frowned.

"What's that?"

"What's What?" I was confused.

"That bruise on your wrist!" he snapped.

"Oh it's nothing." I lied.

"No!" he snapped again grabbing my arm and pulling up sleeve. He saw all 10 bruises. "How did this happen?" he demanded.

"I um walked into a door." I lied.

"Don't treat me like I'm stupid Sapphire! These bruises are fingerprints! Tell me now who did this!" he commanded.

"Narcissa." I mumbled.

"What!? Did you just say Narcissa?" I nodded. "You've seen Narcissa? Here at Hogwarts." I nodded again. "Stop nodding and explain what happened." he said as calmly as he could.

"I was bunking off muggle subjects. Don't look at me like that. You never had to do the subjects, you don't know how boring it is. Anyway I was wondering around the grounds when someone behind me called my name, so I turned around And she was their." I began. My hands began shaking.

"Go on." Draco said gently, taking hold of my shaky hands.

"I can't." Draco took one of his hands away from mine and pushed himself onto the branch so he was next to me.

"Yes you can." he reassured, putting his free arm around my shoulder. I took a deep breath and rested my head on his chest.

"I asked her why she was here. She tried to say she needed to talk to me. She was coming closer and closer to me. I told her to go away and to leave. I turned to run. She grabbed my arm."

"What did she want?" I sat up and faced him.

"Does it matter? Whatever she wanted to say would of been a lie."

"And you know this for certain because . . ." I sat up straight and glared at Draco.

"Because of what she did to me when I was a kid. Why would she tell me the truth about anything?"

"Sapphire, you don't know the whole story." Draco tried to say.

"What else is their to know other than what she did to me!" I snapped.

"What did she want?" Draco repeated.

"I don't know. I wasn't listening properly. Kinda too busy trying to get away."

"She could of had something important to say!"

"Lucius was their." I said suddenly.

"What? You saw him as well?"

"Well. Not as such."

"Sapphire!" he snapped, clearly irritated.

"It was obvious he was their though. Why else would Narcissa be their?"

"Have you been listening to me?" he questioned.

"She was trying to distract me. Lucius must of been hiding behind a tree or something. Narcissa was stalling while her husband waited for the right moment to jump out and do something so he could kidnap me or something." I explained.

"But you never actually saw him."

"They were going to kidnap me. Use the full body binding spell or something to stop me getting away. Hide me somewhere and beat like they used to when I was a kid. Then .. get some .. muggle-borns o-or squibs and f-force me to m-m-murder them again." I stated, I was over-thinking things I know, but at the time I truly believed that was what would of happened. Can you blame me? By the time I had neared the end of my sentence I was holding back tears and struggling to talk. When I finally breathed out tears followed and I couldn't control it. I cried and cried. Draco pulled into a hug so I could cry into his chest. After a while Draco spoke.

"I'm not blaming you for anything but you shouldn't of been bunking lessons. I know you must of been scared, but if you were in lessons you would of been safe. Hogwarts is a safe place. If any of the teachers sees them they'll know immediately who they are, do whatever it takes for them to leave then contact the Ministry that they were here. Don't bunk anymore lessons and you'll be safe. I promise."

I cried some more. When I finally calmed down I stayed hugging Draco until eventually we pulled apart and used the time turner. Draco apperated home. As soon as he was gone I apperated outside the annex to meet Scorpious, were we ended up having a similar conversation. When Scorp was in his bedroom I apperated back to Hogwarts and met with Lizzie in The Cave, where we just spoke about school and stuff.

When me and Lizzie used the time turner, we went to the Slytherin Common Room, where she used Skype to talk to Vicky and I used Skype to talk to Emerald, Ruby and James, then we went to bed. Of course the only person who knew I was using the time turner to see three people in one night was Scorpius.

Me and Liz went to bed. Lizzie was staring at me.

"What?" I asked, taking off my robes.

"It's the rumors about you being made from that potion."

"What about them?"

"Well, rumors go around for a few weeks then get forgotten about-"

"The rumors are about me being a murderer they're not going to be easily forgotten." I interrupted.

"Yeah but still. Their is so much evidence backing the rumors up. I watched you make that potion. I was coping you. You had it at the temperature it was supposed to be at -"

"No I didn't."

"Yes you did. And even if you didn't you were using crutches because of those 'burns' for a whole mouth. Even claiming to be allergic to the burns potion it shouldn't of taken that long."

"It's not claim it's the truth!"

"I want to believe you, Sapphire. But I just can't." I felt a horrible feeling in my chest; it felt like my intestines had travelled upwards and was straggling my heart. How could someone who said they loved me, buy me bracelets that must of cost a shitload of money then say they don't trust me? "I love you, Saf. Whatever you've been through - whatever you're trying to hide I want to be their. Just tell me the truth."

"I'm not hiding anything." I insisted.

"I know when you're lying Sapphire." Tears began to form in my eyes.

"You can't tell anyone. If I tell you the truth you have to promise you won't tell a soul."

"I promise." I got out my wand and placed it by my right eye. When I pulled it away a white light appeared at the end of my wand. I flicked and turned my wand 360 degrees. A DVD then appeared in my lap. "Are your memories on that?" she asked. I nodded, picking up the DVD and allowing tears to be free. I walked over to her laptop were she was on the homepage of WizardingYouTube.

"Nobody must know. Not a word." I explained, as I put the DVD in her laptop. It instantly began to play.

It started with the first thing I ever explained in this autobiography. Then skipped to three mouths later when I was thrown into my cupboard bedroom for the first time.

I had began coughing due to dust that I accidentally breathed in. I slowly and shakily stood up and outstretched my arms. The fingertips of my left hand touched the door while my fingertips of my left touched the wall.

Glimpses of the times Lucius abused me while I slowly grew ill. By the time I was ten mouths old Draco was rubbing my back while I coughed into his hankie, I was coughing blood.

"It's you two forcing her to sleep in that filthy room." Draco snapped, when he saw the blood. "And how young she is doesn't help ... Tomorrow I'm bringing proper bedding, cleaning out that room and feeding her proper food that will actually make her stronger." he added.

"And if we don't let you do that?" Lucius questioned.

"Then she'll be dead before her first birthday."

Glimpses of Draco coming everyday nursing me to health, for the next mouth. My first birthday, were Draco came with a cupcake for me to eat, Lucius gave me my first wand, which started an argument.

Lucius abusing me while teaching me Magic.

"Stupefy!" I yelled, pointing my wand at a chair. It moved a centimetre.

"Watch me again." Lucius snarled. "Stupefy!" I was pushed in the table, with an invisible force that was indescribably strong.

I was standing on the table learning how to use the Arresto Momentum Charm. Lucius threw a Quaffle at me and it hit my stomach. "You didn't even try!" Lucius screamed, pulling me off the table by, my hair.

"Expelliarmus." Lucius's wand flipped out of his hand, but he easily caught it again with his other hand.


When Lucius first kidnapped a muggle-born and Narcissa dragged me to the basement by the scruff of my neck.

"You are going to torture that Mudblood!" she ordered. "But first Lucius is going to show you how." Lucius tortured the muggle-born. Then when was my turn I refused.

"Do as you're told!"

"No!" Lucius started to beating me. Punching kicking slapping. I begged and begged him to stop. I heard the front door open then get slammed shut again while I screamed. Then I saw Draco in the doorway to the basement. He rushed down the steps.

"Leave her alone!" Draco yelled, as he pulled me free and lifted me up. He used magic let the muggle-born free and the shielding charm to stop the bitch and the bastard chasing after her.

Glimpses of them two forcing me to torture squibs and muggle-borns.

"I'm not slaving in that kitchen for a little brat like you anymore!" Narcissa yelled at me

Glimpses of me shoplifting.

More glimpses of me to torturing and murdering.

"Torture the mudblood or I'll torture you!" Lucius roared. in my face.

That whole event, up to when the muggle-born died.

"Mum. Why are you doing this, to Magie? She's just a child." I over heard Draco ask one night when I was 7 and locked in my cupboard.

"So your father can be the most powerful wizard in the world." she replied.

"I can tell when you're lying . . . Dad's hitting you again isn't he?"

"No he isn't." she said quickly.

"So how did you get that? And that? And that?" he asked, clearly pointing at difference bruises or scars, he'd noticed on her.

"You know how clumsy I can be."

"You're never clumsy."

"Look Draco I don't know where you got these ideas from but your father has never hit me." Narcissa insisted.

More glimpses, including my shoplifting and my failed attempt at running away. How Lucius punished me. How Draco saved me. My successful running away were I ran into my Granddad. Short snippets of Draco convincing my family to take me in. The year of arguments. When I slapped my Uncle Charlie and ran off. The next day when he threatened to go the Ministry. Part of mine and Draco conversation about my family's memories.

"Reponere memories." I ordered my wand. I looked at all the photos on the selves in the room and saw my face appear in most of the photos, mainly ones of the whole family or had my siblings and parents in it.

Lizzie closed her computer and looked at me.

"All those people ..." she tried to say her voice trailing away.

"I know."

"Lucius ..."

"I know."

"Your family ..."

"I know. I hate myself for what happened. What I did to those people. My family might have forgotten, Emerald and Ruby might never talk about it, but I'm always thinking about it. Their always something about those 9 years going on in the back of my mind." I explained.

"Sapphire it's fine. You never did those things willingly. I'm keeping my promise. Not a word." she smiled at me sympathetically.

I know what your thinking. How could I of been so stupid? How could I expect Lizzie to keep such a massive secret? The problem was I hadn't thought of either of them things until the video ended.

The next day I couldn't stop thinking about Lucius and Narcissa. What Lizzie was going to do with the information I had shown her. In total I lost 30 points from Slytherin that day because I couldn't concentrate on my lessons.

That night I wasn't expecting Draco, however despite this I sat on a tree branch at the edge of the forest wishing that I could forget the first 9 years of my life. Not have to think about how this was going to affect my future. Not having flashbacks very hour of the day.

Suddenly a box appeared on my lap. I looked around. Must of been some sort of accidental magic, preformed by me. I read the outside of the box. 'WKD'. That was a brand of Alcohol wasn't it? Their was a total of 4 bottles. I opened the box. Don't ask what I was thinking cause to be honest I wasn't thinking. I was just so depressed at that point in time, that I never thought of the consequences.

I took out the first bottle . . .

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