The Third Wizarding War By Sapphire L Potter


. . . I used magic to open it and drank it. It worked. Being the first time I'd ever drank alcohol I got drunk quickly. And forgot completely about Lucius, Narcissa, Life Potion, being a lesbian, Lizzie. I was just me.

My memory is fuzzy but while I swung on the tree branch I sung random parts of random songs.

I drank all 4 bottles. I was so drunk, I could grip onto the metal hoops probably. I couldn't stand without the support of the tree. I was sick in the empty box of WKD twice.

"Miss Potter?" Someone called from a distance. "Miss Potter!" They called again, apperating closer to me. I jumped. It was Professor Tugwood. The Head of Slytherin House. "It is midnight. What on earth are you doing out of bed."He looked over at the sick-filled box and 4 empty bottles. "Have you been drinking?" he questioned.

"Maybe." I slurred.

He grabbed my arm, forced me to my feet and apperated me to the hospital wing. I stumbled to the nearest sick bucket and vomited again. Nurse Longbottom always took night duty so was the only one their.

"Nurse Longbottom. I found Miss Potter drinking on the edge of the forest." Professor Tugwood explained.

"Drinking?" Nurse Longbottom repeated.


"She's thirteen."

"Which is why it's more disgraceful than it already is."

"I'll make her a black coffee. You get her into a bed." she ordered. I was forced to my feet again and practically dragged to the nearest bed.

"Get off." I slurred.

"If you hadn't been so stupid and irresponsible we wouldn't be in this situation, would we?" he snapped. "What processed you Sapphire? Breaking the rules - the law thinking you won't get caught? That's something a Gryffindor would do!" he went on and on. I hardly remember any of it. All I remember is that and telling him to shut up. I think I even said' Shut the fuck up' at one point. Professor Tugwood was the school's Muggle and Magical History Teacher and actually a really kind person, he just became strict and horrible when students broke the rules or didn't pay attention, thus getting things wrong. Cough Cough Gryffindors and Hufflepuffs. Anyway after about ten minutes Longbottom came out with the promised black coffee.

I refused to drink it. Claiming it looked like slime in a cup, or something that. It's very fuzzy memory. I did eventually drink it when it was cold and horrible. I didn't fall asleep until 2am and woke up at midday to find anther black coffee - being kept warm by magic - on the bedside table. I tried to sit up and a rush of pain shot through my head.

"Ow!" I complained, laying back down.

"Yes you have every right to be in pain." snapped Madam Promfey. "Drinking yourself stupid at 13! How irresponsible can you get? Professor Tugwood and Professor Mcgonal were up until 5 Am discussing you last night. You're in a lot of trouble young lady. I'll be surprised if you are not expelled!" she continued. As their was no lessons I was being forced to stay in the Hospital wing all day unless I was instructed to do otherwise.

Professor Tugwood and Professor Mcgonal came at 5 PM. They explained my punishment.

"You are excluded Miss Potter for he remaining 2 weeks of the half term." Mcgongal began. "You will not be allowed back to Hogwarts for the 1 week holiday between the half terms. And you will return to Hogwarts by the train along with the first years who visited their families for the week."

"When you return to Hogwarts ..."Professor Tugwood continued. "... everyday including weekends at 4PM will go down to the Hogwarts's Kitchen were I will conifcate your wand and leave you with the House elfs who will be given the power to instruct you on how you can help them around the kitchen. At 6 PM I will come back to the kitchen I will return your wand and you will go back to the Slytherin common room."

I got dressed into my Slytherin T-shirt and trousers brought to me by Lizzie, then Professor Tugwood walked me to the Slytherin common room, where I packed my stuff into my trunk. "Take my arm." he ordered.

"But sir, I thought it wasn't possible to apperate in and out of Hogwarts." I stated.

"Professor Mcgongal has given me the ability to break that rule this once in order to take you Platform 9 and 3/4 were your father is waiting." he explained. I made sure I had a tight grip on my trunk and took his arm. Everything swirled out of focus and when the world re - focused we were at the Hogwarts's Platform. I saw Dad leaning on the wall waiting for me, when Professor Tugwood saw this as well he apperated back to Hogwarts. I stayed were I was - he'd already seen me.

Dad walked up to me. He snatched my trunk of me not taking his eyes off me for a second.

"Hi Daddy." I said in a sweet baby voice while he pushed his sliding down glasses to the top of his nose. He pointed his finger in my face.

"Don't 'Hi Daddy' me." he snapped. "You are in a lot of trouble young lady. How dare you embarrass our family this way after everything I had to do to make all future generations able to exist!"

"I didn't mean to."

"Oh so did the alcohol just magically appear on your lap without you doing anything?"

"Yeah it did actually."

"Don't treat me like I'm stupid Sapphire." he grabbed my arm and forced me to run with him as we ran through the wall to King Cross Station. We were silent, throughout the entire journey home. Even when we were in the car driving home. The silence made the tension grow and grow.

"Why aren't you screaming and shouting at me?" I asked about half-way through the journey.

"Because me concentrating on the road so we don't crash is more important." he said through gritted teeth. Their was a 3-5 second silence. "But don't worry. When we get home you'll be getting plenty of shouting from both me and your Mother." he added. He kept to his word. The moment I got in Mum starting yelling. Dad let her say her piece then added on. Mum added on to what he said. Ect ect ect. By 6 minutes they were basically repeating thing they'd already said.

They finally shut up after ten minutes and sent me to my room. Where I found my DVD cupboard to have a padlock on the handles, the main wire to my TV disappeared and my board games nowhere to be seen. I didn't want an argument. Mum and Dad probably wanted me to make a scene. Then they'd have an excuse not to return the taken things until the summer holidays. I sat at my desk - that was on the right side of my bed - and began getting on with the massive pile of paper which was explained to be my school work I'd be missing. Maybe if I bit my tongue for the next fortnight and did exactly as I was told then my half term - especially with James coming over for the week - would be a blast after all.

'As if!' I thought to myself 'James isn't your only little brother you have Albus as well.' Me and Albus had a love hate thing. We were always fighting, arguing. If he isn't arguing with me then he's arguing with James. Apparently the fighting between Albus and James got 'like a million times worse' while I was in first and second year. James was certain he'd started being mean to Lilly at the start of the year. And I was not disappointed. Half an hour into my school work their was a knock at the door. I told them they could come in. It was Albus and Lilly.

Lilly as normal was my cute little sister who sat on my lap whenever I was around but the moment Albus closed the door behind them he starting taking the piss. Teasing and mocking me about getting excluded. The details are boring but let's just say we ended up wrestling each other to the floor. Lilly only being 9 - ten on 3rd November - got scared and ran off to get Mum and Dad. They yelled more. Not at Albus. At me. What did I do? Albus bloody started it.

"Albus is half your size!" Mum yelled.

"Lilly isn't even half my size! And Albus is only half a foot shorter than me!" I yelled back. We got into an argument which ended with me having to cut the grass, with the lawnmower. Which of coarse would of pissed me off because normally Mum or Dad would use magic to make the lawnmower cut the grass by itself.

And ofcorse half and hour later Albus came out again. Saying 'Ha ha ha. One zero to Albus. One zero to Albus.'

"Albus if you don't shut up and go inside I might accidentally mow off your foot." I snapped.

"Nar that's pathetic. Still one zero."

"If you want a competition. You will lose." I stopped and thought for a second. "I mean look at Slytherin and Gryffindor. When I was in first year we had to deal with second place, for the end of year house cup. When I joined the Quiddict team last year instantly first place."

"Yeah with the house cup. Still got second place with the Quiddict cup."

"Yeah but I said to look at Gryffindor too. My first and second year third and fourth places. Sure James binged them up to second when he joined his Quiddict team, but it's just not good enough to compete with me and my side of the team."

"That might change when I'm in second year and join the Gryffindor Quiddict team." Oh he had cornered himself.

"Who says you'll make Gryffindor?"


"Well it's very brave trying to compete with me. But the way you simply know how to get on all your siblings nerves all the time without getting caught is pretty cunning. You'd make a good Slytherin."

"No I wouldn't. Everyone in our family is Gryffindor, so I'll be a Gryffindor."

"Are me, Ruby and Roxamne not your family?" I reminded. "Just look at Me, Emerald and Ruby. We all thought we'd get into Gryffindor and look what happened. It's the hat's choice not yours."

"Stop talking rubbish!"

"Is that one all now?"

"Shut up!"

"Defiantly is then." I called after him as he ran inside.

The next day Albus was really quite, giving me evil looks which just brought me back to the thoughts that lead to my exclusion. That night I couldn't take it anymore. I sat in my bed and clicked my fingers. A knife and a first aid kit appeared in front of me.

I grabbed the knife and cut my wrist. Then again just below it. Then again and again and again and again until my entire left lower arm was covered in cuts. I hid the knife under my bed, opened the first aid kit and got out the bandages. I bandaged my arm pulled down my sleeve and went to sleep.

Tuesday Mum Dad Lilly and Albus went out for the day. They went to a theme park somewhere. Booked it ages ago around February for the four of them. Mum gave me a list of things to do, before she left. Mum and everyone else knew I was smart enough to finish all my work Hogwarts had given me in 3 days and wanted it to last the whole 3 weeks I'd be home. So I hologram called Draco and asked him to come around. He came at 2PM - an hour after everyone had left.

"So how's your exclusion been so far?" Draco asked me as I came out of the kitchen with a cup of tea.

"Well apart from the contact yelling and an annoying little brother it's been okay." I said passing him the tea. He snorted as I sat down.

"You do sort of deserved it. It's stupid drinking the amount of alcohol you did at your age." he took a sip of tea and placed it on the table.

"Don't you start."

"I'm surprised you weren't expelled."

"I didn't invite you here to lecture me."

"Then why am here." I got out Mum's list.

"To to all the things on here with magic."

"Your mother would of told you to do these as a punishment." he said not even looking at the list, before handing it back to me.

"Haven't I been punished enough?" I asked

"Don't even try . . ." his voice trailed off as he stared at something. I looked down. It was my arm. The sleeve had slid down slightly and Draco could see the bandages. " . . . it. What happened?" he asked pointing clearly at my arm so I couldn't answer his question with a question.

"Mum made me cook last night. It's just a burn. Dad's already starting making the potion to make it heal." I lied. He stared at it more for a bit, before he spoke. He took hold of my hand.

"If it's a burn why is their blood on the bandages." he snapped. He pulled my sleeve down to my elbow and started to unwrap the bandages.

"No! Draco! Stop!" I shouted, trying to stop him. But I only had one hand to fight with - Draco had two. A minute later my arm was fully unbandage. All my cuts could be seen. I looked up at Draco.

He was glaring at me.

Not saying anything.

Just glaring.

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