The Third Wizarding War By Sapphire L Potter

Sibling Danger

"Where's Lilly?" Draco asked. What was doing here? We hadn't arranged to meet. Well not until ten o clock. Mum and Dad are in the living room. And why does he want where Lilly is? What's it to him?

"What are you doing here?" I hissed.

"To help your sister."

"What's that meant to mean? You said not to get paranoid or over-protective of Lilly. You said not to let it mess with your mind cause that's what Lucius wants."

"Yeah and I bet it went in one ear and out the other. Didn't I?" he snapped.

"Sapphire! What is taking you so long?" Dad asked.

"It's just someone asking directions for King Cross Station." I lied.

"You need to let me in." Draco ordered.

"Are you insane?" I whispered angrily. "Mum and Dad are in the Living room. Uncle Ron and Aunt Hermione are in the kitchen. If they see you they'll bite both our heads off!" I snapped - Uncle Ron, Aunt Hermione and their children where staying around for the week.

"This is an emergency."

"An emergency that will risk everyone finding out the truth about me?"

"You know to be honest I think it's time you got rid of that memory charm."

"You're joking right?"

"Look, I was waiting for you - I know it's early but we haven't seen each other in over a fortnight - when Lucius bumped into me. He apperated off I don't know where he went, but I apperated here because I was scared he was planning to come here and kidnap Lilly after all." I looked at Draco. He was genuinely scared. It broke my heart. He was the one that always stood their for me. Told me everything was going to be okay. And now he's admitting to this?

"Well -"

"Draco Malfoy!" Uncle Ron yelled. Oh shit. I hadn't realised. While Draco was talking I had leaned on he door causing it to be wide open. I didn't think. Uncle Ron could see Draco. See I was talking to him. "What the bloody hell are you doing at my sister's house and talking to my niece."

"Uncle Ron." I tried to say.

"Don't even try to 'Uncle Ron' your way out of this." he shouted in face.

"Sapphire!" Dad snapped. "What on earth do you think your doing talking to a Malfoy." he added.

"I didn't know who he was. I just opened the door to him and he starting talking to me." I lied giving Draco a apologetic look.

"Don't lie to us!" Mum said. "The first thing you learn at Hogwarts that involves history is The First and Second Wizarding Wars. You would of seen his face all over the history books."

"One week's worth of lessons, goes into learning about the wars and you don't go back to it until 4th year. And all the books really go on about is Dad, Uncle Ron and Aunt Hermione."

"This is off topic!" Hermione snapped. "We can tell when you're lying Sapphire we aren't stupid. You knew who he was when you opened the door and you started a conversation with him when you know you should of just slammed the door in his face."

"Oh that's very friendly." Draco said sarcastically.

"You aren't a very friendly person." Uncle Ron stated.

"If I could just get a word in." Draco said, ignoring Ron. Which I give him credit for as I would have just yelled at him.

"No you can't because you are leaving now." Dad said before attemting to slam the door in his face, but Draco was quicker and put his foot in the way. I saw him wince at his now crushed foot, but he carried on his case.

"I didn't expect a warm welcome Harry. But I've came here tonight for a reason." My Dad stared at Draco wearing a confused look to being called his first name by his school enemy.

"And what reason is that?" Dad asked.

"To help you.

"What do you mean to -"

Dad was cut off by a scream.

Lilly's scream.

I instantly ran up the stairs. I heard Draco push past everyone and run behind me despite the pain his foot must be causing. I turned to my left when at the top of the stairs and burst through my bedroom door. Draco coming in soon after. Then Mum and Dad. Then Ron and Hermione.

Lucius was their.

In the Mini Living Room.

Sitting on the windowsill.

One leg supporting his weight.

The other dangling in the air.

He had his left arm around Lilly's shoulders.

And had his wand pointing at her neck.

"Hello Magie. Long time no see." Lucius teased, while I slowly edged towards them, signalling the 5 adults not to follow.

"Give me back my daughter you bastard!" Mum yelled, trying to run towards him. Luckily Dad and Ron held her back.

"You're gonna have to be a bit more specific. You have three daughters, how am I to know which one you mean."

"Four daughters." I stated. "It doesn't matter what you did to me I'm still her daughter too."

"Keep telling yourself that Magie."

"Just give me back my sister." I demanded.

"You don't have a sister."

"Sapphire what is he on about?" Dad asked.

"Shut up!" I ordered, not even looking at him. "Lucius .. let Lilly go ..." I said calmly. "... please." I added.

"Why should I listen to you when you've been such a naughty little girl?"

"Because Lilly is only 9 years old! She hasn't done anything wrong! Just please let her go."

"She might of done nothing wrong, but it's a different story for you isn't?" he teased again. "I mean you are just ungrateful. From the moment you were born I fed you. Clothed you. And let you live in my home." he lied. I lost it.

"Bullshit!" I yelled.

"Excuse me?"

"You fed me the bare fucking minimum. And when I was three years old you stopped feeding me altogether and forced me to shop-lift. You dressed me House-Elf rags. If I did the smallest thing you didn't like you would beat me to the floor! And I suffered that for the first 7 years and 11 mouths of my life! It wasn't a home you fucking bastard it was a bloody hell-hole!" I screamed. He pointed his wand at me.

"Cruio!" he ordered his wand.

"Contengo!" I ordered mine. The invisible shield appeared. Lucius's curse hit it, causing the shield to break with a sound of shattering glass. While Lucius tried to curse me Lilly had got free.

"Locomotor Mortis!" he yelled. The leg locker curse. Lilly fell to the floor. Lucius picked her up by the scruff of her neck. I ran up towards them but they disapperated off when I was very literally a centimetre away from grabbing my sister.

"Lilly!" I screamed along with Mum and Dad. I ran my fingers through my hair in worry. Draco tried to hug me.

"Get off me!" I pushed him away. I went to my wardrobe, got out my Slytherin hoodie and put it on.

"Sapphire. What are you doing?" Draco asked.

"I'm going to save my sister." I told him, while zipping up my hoodie before disapperating off. I apperated in a corridor of what looked like a castle. Draco appeared next to me although he wasn't really their. "Why hologram call me when you can just apperate here yourself?" I asked him.

"You can only apperate somewhere if you know specifically where you are going." he explained. What? I didn't know that did I? If I did I wouldn't of said what I said.

"Oh. Well I guess it's been proven before that normal rules don't apply to me." I said defending myself from sounding stupid.

"Your parents are using the Watching Charm on you." Draco explained.

"Well they can use the Stalker Spell all they like. They'll still forget tomorrow." I said. The Watching Charm - or Stalker Spell as most people my age call it - allows you to watch the present through another person's view point. So basically their was a big screen where they could what I could see. Draco looked as if he was listening to someone. I waited, knowing he was probably listening to one of my parents.

"Their asking what's that meant to mean?" Draco said to me.

"Never mind." I snapped, beginning to walk down the corridor. It was a pretty long corridor, but as I neared the end - where I could go straight, left or right - I saw a crying woman who had grey hair with two black highlights.

"Narcissa?" I asked. She looked up. "Oh my days." I said in shock. She had two black eyes, along with a countless amount of cuts and bruises all over her face and arms. "Why would you stay with someone who does this to you?" I asked.

"Why didn't Draco take you away to your family when Lucius hit you for the first time? Or before that when he first discovered what Lucius was up to?" she replied. I thought about it for a bit.

"Because he cares about me and was scared of what Lucius would do to me if he found me again . . . especially after I attempted to run away myself at three."


"Look sorry for the tough love but I haven't come here to a heart to heart about how shit our lives are."

"Then why are you here?"

"Don't act dumb!" I snapped, causing Draco - who was standing next to me - to give me a warning look. The thing with hologram calling someone is that you can chose if people who you aren't hologram calling can see you or not, so Narcissa couldn't see Draco despite him being right next to me. "Where .. is .. my .. sister?"

"She's here somewhere. I'm not sure where."

"You're lying."

"I'm not." She insisted. "They've probably moved from where I think they are by now."

"It's literally been like 2 minutes." I snapped.

"He knows that I tried to warn you about him taking Lilly. He's clever. He would of made me think they were going to one room and apperated somewhere else." she explained.

"Just show me where you think their are." Narcissa slowly got up and started limping towards the three-choice turn. She turned right, I followed. She limped to the very end of that corridor where their was a door. She went to get out her wand. "I'll do it." I told her, getting out my own wand while placing her hand back by her side. I pointed my wand at the lock.

"Bonbarda!" I yelled. The lock exploded causing the door to swing open.

"Your parents are using the underage tracker on you to find out where you are. When they know that me, your parents and Herminie will be able to apperate here. Your uncle is staying behind to look after your brothers." Draco explained, while me and Narcissa walked inside.

"This room is pretty big. Loads of walls at either side of the room?" I said turning to Narcissa in confusion.

"This place is being turned into offices to be rented by the ministry. Behind those three walls will be 10 offices each. They'll be a waiting area here." Narcissa explained. That reminded me of something. Something I'd over-heard mum and talk about.

Narcissa screamed.

I turned around.

Lucius was restraining Narcissa.

"I'll deal with you later." he hissed, throwing her to the floor.

"Where is Lilly?" I demanded.

"SAPPHIRE!" I heard Lilly scream. I ran behind the wall to my left. Lilly was tied to a chair and had a piece of cloth around her chin which must of been gaging her up until a few moments ago. I ran to her and started trying to untie the ropes.

"Cruio!" Lucius yelled. The spell hit me. I fell to Lilly's feet screaming in pain.

"Stupefy!" Someone shouted.

"Dad?" I questioned.

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