The Third Wizarding War By Sapphire L Potter


Dad went down to his knees and hugged me tight. Everyone must of found out where I was from what Narcissa had said. Talking of Narcissa Draco ran over to her to most likely get a closer look at her beatings. Mum and Hermione were trying to untie Lilly. Lucius was defiantly holding it together with magic.

"Contengo!" Lucius said. His spell was so strong that the four of us were pushed so we were no longer able to save Lilly and was behind the visible walls. "Contengo." he said again, to ensure we wouldn't to get to her by running around the walls.

"Lucius." Mum begun. "I don't know what your problem is. But please. Just let Lilly go." she begged.

"The only problem I have is Magie. And I unfortunately have to put up with her for another three to four years."

"You wouldn't have to 'put up with me' if you just left me alone!" I shouted.

"Contengo!" Lucius said for the final time. Mum Dad, Hermione, Draco and Narcissa were forced into the right corner of the room, Hermione unintentionally knocking me to the floor in the process.

They had come here to protect from Lucius and now they couldn't.

I had no one to protect me.

Not even Draco.

I immediately got up and ran behind one of the walls parallel to the door.


I screamed as the wall exploded and bits of rubble scratched my face, arms and legs. I ran towards my left as Lucius non-verbally did the same spell on each wall until I was in the upper right corner and able to see Lilly.

"Sapphire please help me." she begged, the tears and snot rolling down her poor face. I didn't get the change to reassure her.

"Spara frecce!" Lucius ordered his wand. Precisely five arrows shot from his wand.

"Arresto Momentum."

The arrows were just centimetres away from hitting and breaking my wand when they begun moving in slow motion. One by one I made them fall to the floor with the back of my hand.

"Oh Magie. You are such a bad, bad girl. You know full well you're not allowed to preform magic outside of school." he teased.

"Self defence." I snapped. I took my knife out my pocket - the guard came off as it came out - and threw it towards Lucius. It hit his ankle. He yelled in pain. He fell to the floor and dropped his wand. "Rimouvere dita." I said. The jinx hit Lucius and all eight of his fingers fell to the ground. He raised his hands in front of his face. The only thing coming off his hands was his thumbs.

I sniggered.

He picked up his wand. The way he had hold it was just hilarious. I couldn't help burst into laughter.

"You think this is funny you bitch?"

"Fucking hilarious you bastard." I replied. "Incendio." I only just managed to say through my laughter. I had pointed my wand at his fingers. They caught fire and burned. Now their was no way he could get them reattached.

He raised his wand.


Lilly screamed in fear as the chair she was tied to whooshed across the room and into Lucius's fingerless hand.

I instantly stopped laughing. "Crucio."

Lilly screamed in pain. I tried to run to her. He let go of the spell. "Stand back or I'll kill her." he threatened. I looked into his eyes. He wasn't bluffing he was deadly serious.

I looked over in the corner where everyone had been watching. I saw my dad. His sweat holding his fringe in a Matt Smith style. I could see his scar. The scar he'd had since he was one years old from . . .

"If you try to kill Lilly she won't die." I stated, still staring at Dad's scar.

"Don't act so stupid Magie. I'd be using the killing curse. No one has ever survived the killing curse."

"Wrong." I said turning from Dad to Lucius. "One person has survived the killing curse. Harry James Potter. And he is in this room right now, when he should of died as a baby. And how did he survive the curse? Because my grandmother Lilly Potter scarified herself, to save her son." I explained.

"What are you trying to say?" he asked.

"That if you try to kill Lilly. I will sacrifice my self to save her."

"What no!" Dad ordered. Lucius snorted.

"She won't kill herself. She hasn't got the guts."

"Want to test me? " I yelled raising my hand, getting ready to click my fingers. I let him stare into my eyes. He walked to the left slightly and pointed his wand at Lilly. His wand being about a meter from her chest.

I clicked my fingers.

The ropes tying Lilly released her, by falling to ground and their was a shatter of glass that was the invisible wall breaking.

But I didn't break the wall. The only thing that can break it is a sudden raise in a powerful emotion like anger or love.

Anyway, with the wall broken Lilly instantly ran into Mum and Dad's arms.

"Avada Kedavra!" Lucius yelled. Lilly turned in fear.

"Victima!" I screamed, instantly after.

A blue wall appeared in front of Lilly's chest the green light hit the wall and changed direction.

It was moving towards me.

I inhaled. Painfully, the green light hit my chest.

I screamed, as I felt all my organs shut down. Well apart from my lungs - what?

I dropped to the ground. But I was still breathing. I was supposed to be dead. Why was I still breathing?

All I could see was darkness. I had no control over my body. I was terrified.

According to Draco, Lucius was just staring at my 'lifeless' body in shock. Everyone was too scared to approach my body.

Everyone expect Draco. I heard his footsteps. Sensed that he'd knelt down beside me.

"Sapphire?" he croaked, stroking my cheek and running his fingers through my hair.

"Draco." I whispered. I still didn't understand. I was still meant to be dead. I don't know how I was able to talk. It just happened.

I sensed his head move by my mouth. I heard the change in his breathing, from hock of being able to feel my breath. "Lie." I told him. That's all I could say. I tried to go into more detail, so he would understand, but the words wouldn't leave my lips. But Draco was clever. He knew what I meant with that one word.

"Is she dead?" Lucius asked.

"She got hit by the killing curse. What do you think dimwit." Oh and an insult too. Draco was good.

"No. She can't be. I made her from life potion." Lucius defended.

"Life potion doesn't make a person immortal. The only thing that can do that is the philosopher's stone, and that got destroyed in 1992." Good point.

Although their was a case of one of the life potion frogs to have been 'accidentally' stabbed with a fork - don't ask. It went straight through it's heart, yet it was alive and well the next day.

But that's a frog.

Humans are different.

Well for the sake of Draco's argument we were.

"Hang on a minute. What's that mark on her face?" Lucius snapped.

"What mark?"

"That between her eyes." Presumably Draco looked at me.

"Must be from when you made the walls explode."

"No. If that was the truth it would still be bleeding. And it wasn't their when, she stopped the arrows from harming her. Wasn't their when the bitch burned my fingers. But is now." Lucius snapped.

"Oh for fuck sake!" Draco yelled, standing up. "The girl is dead. You murdered her. So stop going on about a fucking scar you know full well doesn't mean anything and the girl rest in peace." he snapped. Their was a short silence.

"Fine . . . Narcissa." he said. Their was a very quite mumble coming from Narcissa, who was still sitting in the corner. "Narcissa, louder!" he snapped. I didn't need to be able to see to know he stormed over to her and forced her to her feet. "It's time to go home." he hissed, before, I heard the sound that's made when a person aperates.

"Sapphire you can wake up now." Draco said.

"Can't." I replied. I heard Mum, Dad and Heroine muttering.

"What do you mean you can't."

"How is Saffie alive?" Lilly mumbled at Draco.

"I don't know." he said.

"Heart. Listen." I croaked.

"Accio stethoscope." about 5 seconds later I felt the cold metal of the stethoscope. "What?" Draco muttered. I presume he listened to his own heart to see if it was working, before he checked mine again.

"What's wrong?" Dad asked. I heard his footsteps as he walked over to us.

"She hasn't got a heartbeat." Draco said.

"But she spoke." Mum replied, following her husband presumably taking Lilly with her who I could hear whimpering, coming from.

"I know." Draco put the stethoscope on my stomach. "Silent their too.".

"Let me listen." Dad snapped. "This doesn't make sense."

Silence. For a full minute.

"You remember don't you? The memory charm the effect's worn off hasn't it?"

"Yeah. Yeah it has." Hermoine answered. I think I heard come over with Dad but she's so light-footed that I'm not sure.

"If - When Sapphire wakes up unless she wants you to remember you won't." Draco explained.

"And how are we are supposed to forget today?" Mum snapped.

"I think you would remember everything as it did happen you just won't remembering re-learning that Lucius used Life Potion on Sapphire."

That's where the convocation ended. No one spoke in reply to Draco. So their was just silence.

The Minister of Magic came. I heard her come in but I didn't know who she was until dad addressed her. She said that the Daily Prophet, had Lucius come to their studio and left a letter explaining from his point of view what happened. She apparently had a copy which Dad read out. It tried to say how I was the one trying to kill my sister and he was trying t tell me this was going to far. That I was about to kill her so he killed me. If I was able to I would tore up the letter and yelled in the Minister's face that this was a load of bullshit.

She said the Prophet was outside trying to get in, so she apperated in then did a spell that meant no one could enter by apperating. Dad begun explaining the truth. He started with me being made from life potion. Draco tried to stop him.

"No, Draco. This is getting stupid, you can't expect this secret to be kept forever."

"She'll become apart of Sapphire's memory charm and won't remember what you told her. She'll only remember you explaining the truth about tonight!"

"If that's so I might as well tell her."

And that's what he did. He explained it all to her. Everything. It took him about an hour - I think. It might of been two.

"So your daughter is Magie Malfoy? The murderer of squibs and muggle-borns? You've been working for me since 2005 and you've been lying to me all this time?" she asked.

"To be fair Minister I only just remembered all this today. Which means I've only lied for a year."

"And does that make hiding a murderer better then Mr Potter?"

"I'm not." I said, before Dad had a chance to reply.

"Where you not the one that raised the wand? The one that cast the spells?" she replied, to me.

"She was forced, Minister." Draco defended. "She was beaten until she cast the spells. If she still refused, they used the imperious curse on her. How can you blame her for murder when she was a child?" he added.

"And these people were living in the Annex of your home. You claim to have done your best to protect Sapphire, the Muggle-Borns and Squibs. So why didn't you take Sapphire away from your parents sooner? Take her home? Kick them out?" The Minister yelled at him.

"Because I was scared. Okay. I was scared for Sapphire. I was scared of what he would do to her if he found her. When I saw Sapphire getting tortured by Lucius, that's when I couldn't take it anymore, that when I realised I had let things get way too far."

"How did you not realise things had gone to far while Muggle-Borns and Squibs were being murdered!"

"Because I don't care about the Muggle-Borns and Squibs!" Draco yelled. "The only people I care about is my wife, son and Sapphire!" he roared, at her. I heard Draco's heavy breathing. I presumed he was catching his breath from the shouting, until Hermione asked:

"Draco are you ... crying?"

He didn't answer. Which made it obvious he was.

But how could Draco be crying? He never cried.

I was the one always crying.

I was the one who he spent hours comforting.

He couldn't be crying.

Who would cry over me?

Suddenly I heard the doors to the room burst open and the sound of flashing cameras.

"Get the fuck out of here!" Draco yelled.

Through the darkness of my eyelids I could see the flashing lights of the cameras.

"Mum ... help." I begged.

"Oh, Sapphire." she replied, placing both her hand on either of my cheeks. According to what I was told black coloured veins shot across my face and neck being gone in a second. I inhaled deeply. I felt my heart begin to beat again. I felt the control of my own body returning.

"Mum!" I said as I sat up and hugged my mother.

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