The Third Wizarding War By Sapphire L Potter

Draco My Hero

"Seeing as you and Magie are getting on so well you can dress her." Narcissa ordered her son, throwing him rags, which Draco caught with his free hand.

"These are clothes you dress a house elf in." Draco snapped.

"Did you think we were going to waste our hard earn money on that thing." Narcissa snapped. Draco tried to make me stand up, but I just stumbled back down. Luckily Draco caught me. Lucius and Narcissa got angry about it, but Draco protected me. He always did.

"Why do you need her anyway." Draco asked as he lifted me in his arms and lay me on the floor.

"The Potion and Spells have created Magie from pure magic. Her magical power is growing inside her. Some point between sixteen and seventeen it will be so powerful she won't a wand, to say spells or even do an action to preform Magic." Narcissa explained, while Draco dressed me.

"That's not possible, that power will eventually drive a person insane." Draco snapped, sitting crossed legged on the floor and pulling me onto his lap.

"Exactly. She won't be able to maintain it. That's were her creator i.e me comes in. I say a spell and the power converts to me, turning me into the most powerful wizard ever." Lucius said.

"And what will happen to Magie after this conversion." Draco questioned holding back his anger.

"Well she won't be able to preform magic anymore that's for certain. Their is a 30% change she'll become a squib causing her great-great-great whatever grandchildren to be mud bloods in a few centuries and 70% that . . . " his voice trailed away expecting Draco to finish his sentence.

"She'll die." Draco was breathing heavily, onto my head that rest on his chest. "You've created life so you can just kill her in just over one and half decades time." he hissed.

"She's just a little freak. Not like she's important." Narcissa justified.

"It doesn't matter what she is. She's still a person, an innocent child." Draco shouted. I didn't understand this at all. When I said earlier I could remember my babyhood, I don't remember all of it. Some parts are as clear as the words on this page others are fuzzy like a fading-away dream. What I failed to remember until I was cruelly reminded of at 15 was Lucius's answer to Draco's question and the conversation afterwards.

Lucius and Narcissa were horrible. They never showed me love. In fact the only Malfoy that did show me love was Draco - apart from Draco' future son Scorpius but their is lots to go through before I get to that.

Anyway like every baby I had to learn to eat, walk, talk, how to use the toilet and normally it takes 3-4 years. I learned in one in year. No thanks to those two. Slaps on legs when I stumbled, trying to stand. Cheeks pinched super hard when I 'wasn't trying hard enough' to speak. Whacked with a spoon if I made a mess while eating. Locked in my cupboard bedroom if I made a mess learning how to use the toilet. Draco was the one that taught me all those things with kindness. I learned so quickly due to having an 8 year old's body but Draco is the main reason.

When I was one year old Lucius brought me a wand. Probably the only thing 'he wasted his money on' for me. It was never really my wand. Lucius went to Ollivanders and brought me the cheapest 6 inch wand he could find. The wand didn't chose me. The wand didn't even choice Lucius. It seemed to accept and respect my magical ability, but it didn't understand me.

At first I loved my wand. Draco wasn't happy about my new wand at any point, he said I was too young to own a wand, let alone learn magic because I was 16 years under aged. Lucius taught me simple spells at first like the levitation spell, the disarming spell, the stunning spell. He was still nowhere near kind. Lucius always taught with fear. Learning Magic was just fun and then he started teaching me to use the three unforgivable curses.

It was horrible.

It was only on spiders to begin with. The spiders weren't too bad seeing as my cupboard bedroom was infested and I would get the blame if Narcissa found cobwebs on the walls. Hiding dead spiders under my bed wasn't too bad.

It first got bad was when Lucius started to kidnap Squibs and Muggle-borns and made me practice on them. I refused obliviously, but Draco was only their to back me up on Tuesdays and Saturdays - the two days a week he visited - all the other days I refused I was slapped. If I still refused I was locked in my cupboard bedroom. The only spell I hadn't been taught was the one that unlocks doors. I didn't even know such a spell existed, until I started Hogwarts.

At least back then when I was locked in my room I got regular food and water.

"I'm not slaving away in that kitchen for a pathetic little brat like you anymore!" Narcissa snapped on my third birthday in 2006. They weren't joking. They actually stopped feeding me. Draco gave me food and drink to hide under my bed, but Lucius often searched my cupboard. On the 15th August 2006 Draco was marrying his girlfriend Astoria Greengrass, so wouldn't be back from honeymoon for two weeks. They left their almost two mouth old baby boy Scorpius with Astoria's parents.

On top of forcing me to torture and murder people I was forced to be their slave. My job was to do the housework. Trust me, when doing housework you get to the point of feeling like dying a lot quicker if you don't eat or drink.

I tried stealing food and water from the cupboard. It worked for about a week; Lucius and Narcissa got suspicious so kept a closer eye on me, I got caught so was beaten and locked in the cupboard bedroom. Therefore I had no choice. I had to do what Lucius and Narcissa wanted me to do - shoplift.

Obliviously it was a wizard's shop. Or the plural 'shops' as I had five that I went to so the shops wouldn't expect me to come. Lucius always stood about one hundred meters from the shop waiting for me to come out with my stolen food. Once I'd got home without being caught, the food was mine to eat. Lucius never helped me to shoplift. He just stood their waiting for me to leave. He'd grab my hand as I ran past him and ran with me, not because he cared weather I got caught or not, because he didn't want me trying to run away. Not that I dared.

I learnt my lesson the last time. I ran out the shop. I didn't hold out my hand for Lucius to grab like normal, I went nowhere near him, I turn right towards the woods rather than left towards Lucius. When holding my hand Lucius never ran at a slower pace for me, I had to learn to run as fast as him quickly - which I did - and that helped when I tried to run away. I was able to run so fast I was sure I would eventually lose him.

I was wrong. Lucius's legs are a lot longer than mine and was able to run loads faster when he decides to sprint. He was catching up with me. I tried to run faster, but I was already putting all my energy into the running. Lucius must of been slowing down too because he got his wand and pointed it at my back.

"Stupefy!" he yelled. A sudden spark from his wand shoved my back, causing me to hit the floor, nose-first. I was in too much pain to get up and continue running. I could hear Lucius walking up to me.

Suddenly he grabbed my hair - not that he had much to grip onto as he never let my hair grow past my chin and right now it was up to my ears; once when I was two year old as punishment for refusing to practice the Cruciatus curse on a muggle-born, I had every last bit of my hair cut off, it grew to the length of Draco's hair overnight though and that made them madder. Anyway, he pulled me upwards so my ear was only a centimeter from his mouth. "You .. are .. going .. to regret .. running .. away .. little .. naughty .. Magie." Lucius threatened, his out of breath voice somehow making him scarier, than usual.

I was forced to my feet and Lucius snatched my bag of stolen goods as he started to drag me by my hair. My head throbbed so much by the time we'd got to Malfoy Manor it felt like it was going to fall off. Although me, Lucius and Narcissa, didn't actually live in Malfoy Manor, we lived in an annex behind it. Being under the close eye of those two and my bedroom door locked at night, I never had a moment to sneak away and have extra time with Draco, through sometimes he did come for an hour or two longer than his normal two all dayers.

"What happened?" Narcissa asked the moment we got inside.

"Magie tried to run away." he hissed in replie. I winced at the way he said my name, like I always did when he said it in the harsh scary voice he did. Narcissa didn't reply she simply took the stolen items off her husband and shared an evil look with him.

He finally let go of my hair, but then grabbed my wrist and dragged me up the stairs. He opened my cupboard bedroom door with his free hand and threw me in. Draco had spent the money to buy me a proper mattress, blanket and pillow so I wasn't harmed when thrown onto my bed.

Lucius was looking under my bed. I tried to take the change and run for it, however Lucius was a lot faster than I was, grabbed hold of my waist with one arm and threw me back into bed. I wasn't as lucky this time. I bashed my head on the wall. Lucius got want he wanted - my not-so-secret secret stash of food that Draco supplied me with. He rushed out and locked the door behind him; he moved so fast that as he turned the shut the door his long blonde hair flicked in the air.

I was their for three days. 10am Wednesday morning to 7:30am Saturday morning. With no food. No water. I'm 100% certain if Draco didn't come on regular visits every Tuesday and Saturday then I would have been their a lot longer. He came at 7am as normal, with Astoria and their newborn baby boy Scorpius like every Saturday. I heard Draco ask where I was.

Normally Lucius would have unlocked my door by 6 am and order me to clean the house - even if it was already clean - before Draco got here. I heard Lucius lie. I heard him say I ran away, and when he eventually caught up with me that I hit, kicked and bit him in attempt to get free. I literally had my hand over my mouth listening to all the things he accused me of doing.

Of coarse Draco didn't believe a word. Lucius kept the key to my room around his neck on a chain, Draco used magic to break the chain and make the key fly into his hand. He sprinted up the stairs so fast I could hear the loud trumps on the stairs and for a moment scared me into thinking someone ten times worse than Lucius and Narcissa put together was coming to beat me.

All of a sudden my door was unlocked and I saw the blonde haired man who I loved like a father.

"Draco!" I croaked, running to him.

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