The Third Wizarding War By Sapphire L Potter

14th Birthday - Techically

"Hey Scorp." I said when I saw him. "Your last summer before your first year at Hogwarts. How do you feel?" I asked.

"Nervous. And excited at the same time." he replied while I opened the door.

"What do you think you'll be sorted into?"

"Slytherin. Duh."

"Hey I was certain I was gonna make Gryffindor. Slytherin was at the bottom of my expectation list." I stated as we walked inside and sat at the table in the living room.

"Don't you dare start teasing me like you've been doing with your brother, or you won't get your birthday present."

"Oh you've got me a present. That's so cute." I replied, ignoring the fact that I don't celebrate my birthday today, to save his feelings. He did only just turn 11 a mouth ago, after all.

He handed the present me. Something being held in a medium sized cube box. I opened green and white stripy wrapping paper. Then the box that Scorpius had painted in green and white strips. In the box was a small camera in a TARDIS blue case and a stand in another case, with the same colour. I opened the Camera's case to reveal a light blue camera.

"It's a camera." he stated. "I thought you could use it to film yourself singing. You could start up a YouTube account." Scorpius suggested.

"Me. On YouTube."

"Your really good."

"Where did you get the money to even buy this?" I asked, knowing full well he didn't get a glimpse of his inheritance until he was 18.

"I saved up my birthday money, so I would be able to buy you a decent camera. The receipt and stuff is in the box." he explained.

"You spent your birthday money one me?"

"Yeah. Don't your friends at Hogwarts buy you presents."

"On each others birthdays we get our cards and small presents like Costume Jewellery and Cheap Chocolate, then on the nearest Saturday before or after our actual birthday we go out for a meal, just the 8 of us and the people who it isn't their birthday pay the bill, equally between them." I explained, while putting the camera back in it's case ad safety in the box.

"So do you like your present then?"

"I love it." I said, hugging him. "Expect my first Video to be up In the next week."

"What's your YouTube name gonna be?" he asked. I thought about it for a second.

"Slytherin Forever." I told him.

I attached the camera to it's stand. It had been a few hours since I got my camera. I had set up my YouTube. Me and Scorpius went into the room of the Annex that used to be Lucius and Narcissa's room where the wall happened to be the same colour as the wall in my part of my room at home - light blue.

We chose a clean part with no stains to speak of. I made a table stand appear earlier, which had my laptop on it. The laptop had the wordless music to the song I was gonna sing. I pressed the record button. I jumped into view of the camera.

"Hey! It's Slytherin Forever here! Your newest YouTuber here on Wizarding YouTube!" I began, a bit over excitedly, but that's how I'd seen the other YouTubers do it. "So my real name is Sapphire Potter, and as an early birthday present one of my mates gave me a camera and said. 'Hey Sapphire you're a great singing you should start a YouTube account and post videos of you singing.' so I was like 'Why the hell not?' And here we are." I continued.

It just seemed to be coming naturally. Like I was some sort of regular YouTuber blogger. "Today I'll be singing a Song called Jar Of Hearts By Christina Perri." I pressed the play button on the music. "I know I can't take one more step towards you, cause all this waiting is regret." I sung. "And don't you know I'm not your ghost anymore, you lost the love I love the most. . ." I continued. I forgot all about the camera and just sung my heart out. ". . . And who do think you are? Running around leaving scars, collecting your jar of hearts, tearing love apart. Your gonna catch a cold, from the ice inside our soul. So don't come back to me. Don't come back at all!" I finished, holding the final note for 8 beats.

I was silent a couple of seconds. "I only know Muggle songs. But if you like my singing and theirs a song you would like me to sing, just leave a comment in the comment section and I'll take a look." I explained. "Please subscribe to my channel and if you do expect a notification I a couple of days telling you about a brand new video . . Fellow YouTubers I will see you next time." I said, ending video by flicking my wand to non-verbally press the off button.

And hour later the video was posted online.

I then apperated home and use the time turner to going back to 10 minutes before I left.

On the 16th August I sung Never Ever by All Saints.

On the 22th August I sung Lost In Darkness by Escape The Fate.

On the 28th August I sung Because Of You By Kelly Clarkson.

Most of everyone in the comments were really positive and seemed to have forgotten about the stupid article. Although I used the word 'most' for a reason.

The 15 - 20 minutes I took recording and editing these videos was literally the only spare time I had that summer. If I had to put all my homework from all my lessons in a massive pile I'm positive it would be a similar height to me. I spent 5 out of 7 nights a week doing homework and the 2 nights I didn't was Saturdays and Fridays, when Mum and Dad either worked late or went out with friends. Meaning I had to babysit. Yes I have Emerald Ruby, but they hardly ever actually babysit when they've meant to. They left it all to me. With that said it's a good thing no one was old enough to babysit before I showed up. And I already used the time-turner to see Scorpius or Lizzie everyday and I wasn't going to take my homework their. I mean when I visited Lizzie and Vicky they asked for my help with the wrenched shit.

"Hey guys! It's Slytherin Forever here!" I said on the 3rd September 2017.

I was in my bedroom. I was non- verbally using magic to make sure the sound of my voice only travelled the distance assigned to as my part of the room. "So basically today is the day the new Hogwarts year begins. It is 5am and I am awake so I can quickly sing you another song, as fourth year is meant to be really hard and time consuming, that will mean videos won't be posted as often as they have been." I explained. "Honestly, if fourth year is 'Time-Consuming' what's fifth, sixth and seventh year gonna be like?" I joked.

"All joking aside . . ." I continued. ". . . today I'm singing a song called Hurry Up And Save Me by Tiffany Giardina." I said to the camera. I played the music on my laptop and waited for the que-beat. "I'm going through the same day, same place, same way I always do . . ." I begun.

So due to watch happened with Lilly nearly dying she wasn't in the best of places that summer.

Which didn't make the babysitting any easier.

And as you and your siblings get older, babysitting should become easier.

Albus kept going on and on about 'What if I'm put in Slytherin instead of Gryffindor?'.

"You do know Hogwarts has 4 houses not 2, right?" I told him about a week into the holidays. "You could be put in Ravenclaw with Ruby. Or even Hufflepuff with Thomas." I teased.

"Sapphire!" Mum and Dad snapped simultaneously.

So yeah depressed little sister.

Annoying little brother.

Extremely fun older little brother.

Re-watching series 10 of Doctor Who and season 2 of the Spin-off 'Class' with my Triplets.

Becoming a regular YouTuber.

Using the Time-Turner to see Lizzie and Scorpius.

But no Draco.

Not at all.

For the whole Summer.

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