The Third Wizarding War By Sapphire L Potter

I'm A Murderer

Normally when I hugged Draco it lasted ages; this time the hug lasted only seconds before Draco put his hands on my shoulders and gently pushed me away.

"Drink this, now."Draco ordered, handing me a one liter bottle of water. I did as I was told and drank the water. Although I was so thirsty I wold of drunk it even if he had told me it was poison. I downed the water in seconds. During this time Draco sat on my bed and leaned into the corner of my wall. He took off his shoes and crossed his legs. "Sit here, Magie." he ordered again, patting his knee. I climbed into my bed and onto Draco's lap, rested my head on his chest and he put his arm around me.

"Love you Draco." I told him, my voice still croaky. Draco's hug tightened.

"Did he hurt you?" Draco asked, getting straight to the point. My throat all of a sudden seemed to dry up all over again. The day I tried to run away I had been caught shoplifting as well. One of the staff managed to grab me by the shoulder. I was taken to a room where they asked my name. I told them it was Magie Malfoy. They asked me why I was shoplifting at such a young age. And that was my change. I could of told them everything. They could of helped me leave Lucius and Narcissa. I would have been safe. But I couldn't. I don't know why .. I suppose .. I was just .. scared.

Scared of what would happen if he found me again. Scared of what would happen to Draco. Scared of everything. So I sat their, ages in silence, while they tried to get me to answer them. About an hour later they took their eyes of me to mutter about what they needed to do. I seized this change with both hands. I grabbed my wand and used the Expelliarmus and Stupefy against all the shop workers and customers who got in my way. I then ran out and that's when I tried to run away.

I was too scared to even tell Draco. "He did something to break your nose, didn't he?" he asked. I nodded. "What spell did he use?" Draco demanded.

"St-stupefy. It h-hit my back." I stuttered. "But I didn't do the things Lucius said I did." I added quickly.

"I know." he reassured. "Come on stand up I know a spell that will fix it." he told me. I shook my head. "Why?"

"It'll hurt." I whispered.

"Yes. But it'll hurt more if let it heal naturally." Draco explained. "And If you are a brave girl I have a box of Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans to share." he added. That convinced me. I slowly crawled off Draco and onto my bed. He got out his wand and pointed it at my nose. "Episkey." he told his wand. An invisible spark whacked my nose back into it's correct position.

"OW!" I screamed. I was only three, so couldn't help bursting into tears. Draco pulled me back to his lap and hugged me until I calmed down.

He then fed me the food he brought me along with the Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans despite my crying. Later when Draco had long last got me downstairs, he convinced Astoria to let me hold Scorpius for the first time.

4 Years and 10 Mouths Later . . .

I've skipped nearly 5 years because it will basically be just the same story again and again. I do something Lucius or Narcissa didn't like, they'll do something horrible, Draco would yell at them and comfort me. I tortured then killed hundreds more Squibs and muggle borns, during that time though. A few lucky people - that I got blame for - escaped, they told the Ministry an the daily prophet about me, Lucius and Narcissa, however this rarely happened.

They said Draco, Astoria and little Scorpius had nothing to do with it and were trying to stop us. The name Magie Malfoy was getting pretty famous and not in a good way. Although they knew I was about 8 no one knew what I looked like. The Ministry came around of coarse but Lucius could see them coming down the path of Malfoy Manor and used Magic to pack our bags in seconds and ran off until they left.

They questioned Draco, he said that Lucius was forcing me to kill those people and he had no idea where we were. He was given a truth potion and he said the same. Between when I was 5 and 8 we rarely lived in the annex of Malfoy Manor, but when we did Draco now came everyday and unless it was raining convinced Lucius to let me go into the garden and play with Scorpius.

"What are we going to play today Magie?" Scorpius asked, on his 5th birthday (1st July 2011).

"We're going play Sapphire Lilly Potter." I told him. It was a game we played since Scorpius was 1, where we pretended I was a girl called Sapphire who lived a normal life with her parents Harry and Ginny Potter. Scorpius pretended to be Harry and our young imaginative minds simply pictured Ginny. From what I remember this 'game' was mostly me speaking and Scorpius taking i in adding his own sentence or so now and again, but I defiantly made it feel real for both of us.

I was having fun. Then as normal when Scorpius, Draco and Astoria left at sunset, Lucius ruined it. Usually he ruined it with non-reasoned slaps, then locking me in my cupboard bedroom. That day I was dragged down to the basement, their was muggle born gagged and chained to the wall. I knew she was a muggle born because in the basement where two signs on the wall, on said Squibs while the other said Mudbloods. I was pushed towards this more woman.

"Torture her." Lucius ordered, sitting on the bottom step so I couldn't escape, like I would anyway, I knew Narcissa would be standing outside the door. I stared at the kidnapped woman.

"No!" I snapped. I was still looking at my victim and saw her eyes open wide in surprise at my refusal.

"How many times do we have to go through this!" he yelled. "Do as your fucking told for once in your pathetic life!" I could see his face had gone red, he had very clear veins on his on his forehead and he scared me. I didn't want to hurt anyone. I didn't want to kill anyone.

"No." I replied. I was more timid, this time and wasn't as powerful.

"Why not?" he hissed.

"Because this i-is the reason why the ministry is a-after us and why we h-h-hardly ever live in our own house a-anymore!" I explained. Their was silence, I didn't like it, so I said more. "Why do we have to murder muggle borns and squibs anyway they are still people it doesn't matter how their born ... and if you hate them so much kill hem yourself and stop forcing me to do it." I yelled.

Suddenly Lucius stood up, practically jogged towards me and pinned be to the corner of the wall by my shoulders. I was pushed so fast my head hit the wall.

"You are an ungrateful little brat!" he roared He spat in my face, as he spoke. I saw Narcissa walking down the stairs she must have heard everything. "We look after you and let you sleep in our home let you play in our back garden and you speak to me like that?" he asked.

"Let go of me." I begged, trying to get away, his girly long nails were digging into my arms.

"You are going to torture this woman right now." Lucius ordered.

"N-no." I stuttered. I was thrown to floor. I landed by Narcissa's feet; she yanked my hair and forced me to look up at Lucius while still on the floor. He bent down and grabbed my chin.

"Torture the mudblood or I'll torture you." he threatened.

"You wouldn't." I said, trying to hide my fear.

"Are you refusing again?" Narcissa asked.

"Yes." That was a mistake. Lucius got out his wand and pointed it at me.

"Crucio!" he ordered his wand.

I screamed. The pain was worse than anything I had ever felt in my life so far. I felt the pain from when I was born combined with the pain from all the slaps and beatings I had been given in my life so far. I had never been punished this way before I didn't know Lucius and Narcissa the most evil man and woman I had had ever met could be so heartless and cruel.

"Stop ... Stop it ... ... Please ... stop!" I begged.

"When you torture the mudblood." Narcissa explained. Now I knew what the torture curse felt like, it made me more determined not cause anyone else this pain. However I knew if you were under the Cruciatus Curse too long it drove you insane. I reached for my wand and pointed it at the muggle born.

"Crucio." I whispered while still in the terrible pain. Lucius stop torturing me the moment the woman let out a muffled screamed. The curse only lasted a few seconds though and nether the Bitch or the Bastard were satisfied.

"Do it again."

"Why?" I questioned, desperately trying to hold back my tears.

"Because you didn't make the spell last long enough." he snapped, poking my cheek with his wand. The Cruciatus Curse is only supposed to work if you really want to cause the victim pain, although my magic was so powerful that rule didn't seem to matter.

"Crucio." I said again. The muffled screams started again. It went on and on until I couldn't take it anymore and let go. I had being torturing the poor woman for a whole minute without a pause, I thought that would be enough to make them two happy.

"Did I say you could stop?" he shoved my shoulder with his wand.

"No." I crocked.

"Then do it again." he hissed. I saw my victim's look of plead for me to refuse again. I was tempted until out of the corner of my eye on both my left and right saw Lucius and Narcissa's glares.

"Cr-crucio." I stuttered. The torturing went on for 30 seconds, then a minute, then a minute and a half. My eyes started to water.

"Don't you dare start crying!" Narcissa snapped.

"If one tear leaves your eye you will regret it." he threatened. So the torturing went on to two minutes, two and a half, 3 minutes. The screams echoed in head and made it harder and harder not to cry, so after 3 and a half minutes of torturing the muggle born I threw my wand to the floor and let the tears escape.

Narcissa threw into the wall. I let myself slide to the floor; I hugged my knees and wept. "Why do you have to be such a wimp?" Lucius yelled, as I hugged my knees tighter as if doing this would block both of them out of my life forever. "Don't ignore me Magie!" I stayed were I was still crying. "MAGIE!" he roared. I jumped, but still didn't replie.

"Imperio!" said Narcissa. She had use the Imperius Curse on me, I was now literally under her power. I stopped hugging my knees and reached for my wand. Still sitting I pointed my wand at the woman I had just tortured.

"Avada Kedavra." I told my wand unwillingly. The woman gave one final muffled scream then died. I murdered her. The latest in a very very long line.

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