The Third Wizarding War By Sapphire L Potter


2ed July 2011

Me killing that woman got the Ministry on us again. For a long time I had wanted to hand myself in, them two knew this. I was still until the Imperius curse so I 'willing' packed Narcissa's and Lucius's belongings. The only thing I owned was my wand, so as soon as those two where packed we left. We went to a muggle's shelter that gave away very cheap rooms. And for two people who believed all muggles were scum that witches and wizards should go nowhere near they used muggle buildings to hide way too much. It was pretty cleaver though as the muggle world was the last place anyone would look for us. Magic was used to chain me to the wall so I couldn't try to escape and the three of us fell asleep.

The next day . . .

I woke up. Lucius undid the spell that was chaining me to the wall and forced me to my feet. The shelter provided free meals so the three of us went to the dinning room. We got our food and I was glancing at the door that lead to the 'Children's area'. Which was just a small garden that the children played in, but it would be better than having to awkwardly sit with the bitch and the bastard. Lucius saw me staring.

"Two hours. Don't come back inside and bother us before then. Or else." Lucius hissed. I ran outside before he could change his mind.

I ate my breakfast on one of the tables and sat their for 90 minutes.

"Are you new?" someone asked. I looked up at a girl who looked about 12, with two other girls around who were around the same age. "I said are you new?" she repeated.

"Yea." I replied. I was nervous around these girls. Lucius went mad if I tried to speak to the muggle borns or squibs that he had kidnapped. How would he react if he looked through the window and saw me talking to these muggle girls?

"What's your name?" One of the girl's friends asked.

"Magie." I told them. They sniggered.

"As in that baby from Simpsons?" anther friend asked.

"Huh?" they laughed more.

"Oh wow she doesn't even know what the Simpsons is!" The original girl - who was clearly their ring leader - teased, while she and her friends struggled to breath.

"Did you see her dad Masie? His hair reaches half way down his back. It makes him look like a girl." the first friend explained. I knew they were talking about Lucius, I looked nothing like him yet they thought he was my dad. I had a dad. His name was Harry James Potter. He defeated Lord Voldemort at just 17. I had never met him yet I was still proud that he was my dad. Yet these stupid girls called Lucius my dad. When I start to get angry my hands shake and that's what was happening then.

They were still laughing at Lucius's long hair and if I wasn't so angry I would have laughed with them.

"He's not my dad!" I snapped.

"But you live with him, he has to be related to you somehow." the second friend argued.

"He isn't!" I snapped again. I saw out the corner of my eye Lucius glaring at me, I knew the windows weren't very sound prof.

"Well then you must be adopted then." Masie said. "Is that it? Is poor baby adopted? Are you?" she teased.

"Just shut the fuck up! You don't know anything!" I yelled, stepping onto the table. I had never sworn before, I had heard Draco, Lucius and Narcissa swear at each other plenty of times and now I had sworn myself I felt better. Their was murmurs going around about me standing up to Masie who according to the murmurs bullied all the kids that were younger than her. She shoved me back off the table.

"Who do you think you are talking to?" she asked. She and her two friends surrounded me. They started shoving me towards each other calling me names. After a couple of minutes of this, when I was once again shoved into Masie I shoved her back and punched her nose. "You bitch." she screamed. I ran off before she or her friends could do anything. I ran to the tree in the corner of this garden. I had ever climbed a tree before but due to my magic I found it was pretty simple.

The tree was leaning on the wall blocking the shelter from the real world. When I had climbed high enough I was able to sit on the wall. I looked at the street below me - no muggles in sight. Staff members, parents and just normal shelter residents had crowded around the tree. People were ordering me to get down right now.

"Magie!" Lucius yelled. "You come down from that wall right now!" he ordered.

"Okay." I said with a small shrug. I jump off the wall into the muggle street. I heard the muggles on the other side of the wall scream in shock. "Arresto Momentum." I said, while the screams happened. I all of a sudden landed on a one-foot high invisible cushion, it was their for a few seconds then disappeared, making me fall the last foot with a thump.

I didn't waste a second. the moment I landed safely on the floor I ran as fast as I could.

It was the best feeling ever. Being free. Being able to make my own choices. I still had to shoplift for food, however it was easier knowing Lucius wasn't waiting outside for me.

For 168 hours I was free.

For 7 days I was free.

For 1 week I was free.

10th July 2011

I was in a wizard's shopping center. I had been shoplifting here for the last week. A different shop everyday, yet I was still getting well-known. Nobody know my name but they knew my face. On my first day of freedom I stole a Tardis bag - a bag that is bigger on the inside, young people call it a Tardis bag because it's like the Doctor's Tardis - that I hid my stolen items in. I had stolen a hoddie from a muggle's clothes shop on my second day of freedom.

I was walking around a shop now, with my hood up, checking my left and right then putting stuff in my bag. When I thought I had enough I all of a sudden started to run. I ran out the shop. Obliviously I had set of the alarm and the security guards were chasing me. It was just like the other 6 days, I was going to get away yet again.


Their was this family. A large family, that was so flipping large I couldn't go around them and was going to have barge straight through them. I tried to anyway.

"Hey, hey hey." an old man from this large family said grabbing hold of my arm.

"Get off me." I ordered the man. He had light orange hair that had gone grey in some parts and he looked about 61.

"Why are you running from those people?" he asked.

"You're hurting me." I lied.

"Sorry." he let go of me but still wasn't letting me go. The security guards caught up with me; one of them forced my arms to cross behind my back.

"Thanks Mr Weasley, we've been trying to catch this one all week." Said the guard that wasn't restraining me. He took my Tardis bag and tipped it upside down all the stolen items fell out.

"Did she steal all of that?" a man about 31 asked.

"Yes Mr Potter." The man restraining me replied, while he struggled to keep me still. The guy not restraining me snatched my wand.

"Where did you get this wand?" he asked. I was too bewildered to answer. The old man had been called Mr Weasley. My mother's maiden name was Weasley .. wasn't it? And that man had been called Mr Potter. My dad's surname is Potter. This large family that had got in my way was MY family. I had to bow my head to hide my smile. "Well?" he snapped.

"I found it." I lied, looking back up.

"Where?" Mr Weasley - my grandfather - asked.

"I forget." I replied.

"Maybe a truth potion will jog your memory." he shot back.

"It's Illegal to give any type of potion to a child younger than ten years old." I reminded him.

"Well I'm impressed you know so much about wizard law so young." he praised. He walked up to me and knelled down so we were face to face. "But why are you shoplifting?" he questioned.

"Don't have a choice."

"Everyone always has a choice." he snapped.

"I don't." I explained. He tried to object, but he was interrupted.

"Everyone move out of my way." ordered a familiar voice. Lucius and Narcissa appeared from the crowd. "Their you are." It was obvious to everyone that him being here disturbed me. I wasn't going to let him do this to me anymore. I wasn't going back with him without a fight.

"Stupefy." I shouted. All of a sudden both Lucius and Narcissa were shoved into the crowd they had just pushed through. I kicked my restrainer in the bollocks, grabbed my wand off the other guard and ran.

"Crucio!" Lucius only held onto he spell for a few seconds yet I still screamed and fell to the floor. A gawping crowd had appeared. However instead of helping me or trying to restrain him, they gossiped to each other about what was going on because lets face muggle or not ALL humans would rather take photos and videos of a bad situation rather than help. I tried to get up. "Crucio!" this time he held onto it and wasn't letting go. All of a sudden a blonde haired man apparated next to me.

"Expelliarmus." a spark came from Draco's wand causing Lucius's wand to fly out of his hand, thus making the torture stop. "What are you lot staring at? Don't you have anything better to do?" Draco yelled at the crowd who instantly started walking away. He knelled down to look at me. "Are you okay?" he questioned. I shook my head. "Come on I'm getting you out of here." I wrapped my arms around his neck, he lifted me up and rested me on his hip.

Suddenly everything swirled into a blur, I felt a tight feeling all around my body that meant I couldn't breath. When everything focoused again me and Draco were outside a large house that had a woods not far from the house.

"Where are we?"

"The Potter's home." Draco explained.

"I feel sick." I stated, before purposely falling to my knees.

"It's normal to be sick after you apperate for the first time." Draco reassured while I was sick on the grass. When I looked back up I saw my dad standing in the door way of the front door.

"What are you doing here Malfoy?" he snapped.

"Me, you and your wife need to talk."

"Half an hour." he replied, walking inside. Me and Draco followed. When I walked inside I was amazed by the unique layout of the house. To the left was stairs to the basement, to the right was a door to the living room and straight ahead was a hallway that lead to the kitchen, but you could clearly see was under a flight of stairs. We went into the living room and saw the flight of stairs. The living room had three leather sofas with 4 seats each, a fireplace in front of the flight of stairs, a T.V in font of the sofa and a door that also lead to the kitchen.

"Sit down then." Ginny - my mother - told me and Draco. Mum's parents, brothers and sister in laws were all their as well.

"I don't want want your children to be listening to our conversation." Draco told everyone. All of us were shooed out into the back garden. However all of these children were extremely nosy ... just like me.

"Before you say anything I want you to drink this." Dad ordered, handing Draco a truth potion. "Don't want you lying to us." he added, as Draco drank the potion.

"So who is that girl?" Hermione, my aunt by marriage asked.

"She's your niece and is Magie Malfoy." he said.

"What?" mum and dad yelled simultaneously.

"How is that murderer Magie Malfoy Harry and Ginny's daughter?" my grandmother Molly snapped.

"I thought you would of put two and two together when you saw she was identical to those other two called Emerald and Ruby, I believe." Draco replied.
This is when my whole future changed.
All that needed to happen now was some extremely good convincing skills from Draco Malfoy.

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