The Third Wizarding War By Sapphire L Potter


"I did bloody notice that." Ron my biological uncle snapped. "Just start bloody explaining before the potion wears out." he added.

"I'm sure Harry has plenty more." Draco snarled. "Lucius used dark magic to make Magie as powerful as she is." he explained.

"But how did he managed to get her without us realizing?" anther biological uncle called George demanded.

"He had a potion. I don't know what was in it. But he used magic to literally drag Magie, out of Ginny's womb. She was put in the potion and it made her body look like an 8 year old's." Draco told them.

"When was this?" Charlie, yet anther god darn biological uncle questioned.

"11th August 2003."

"That was my 22ed birthday when I lost one of the triplets and the doctors couldn't explain it." mum said, I couldn't see her but I knew she was close to tears.

"Lucius wouldn't do something so evil without a reason." my grandfather stated.

"Magie has been able to use magic her whole life, but her power is growing constantly. Even if it's just a tiny bit she is getting stronger everyday. Some point between when she is 16 and 17 to do Magic all she'll need to do is want it to happen and it will."

"What has that got to do with Lucius?" Percy anther of my mother's brothers probed.

"That amount of power is enough to drive a person insane. If the unnecessary Magic isn't removed she'll be in a coma until it is. Which is wear Lucius comes in. He created her Magic so when Magie is at her most powerful he'll be able to steal her Magical ability." Draco enlightened.

"But you and your parents avoided Azkaban because you ran away from Voldemort and the rest of his Death Eaters, at the last minute. Why would he do something evil that will risk him ending up in that exact place?" William or 'Bill' a fifth parental uncle specified.

"Yeah that did happen. Things were fine for a few mouths, then dad had some sort of breakdown and stared to get these insane thoughts that he could be the most evil and strongest Wizard in the world. Or 'Voldemort the second' as he called it. He brainwashed mum to be on his side. They were still my parents so I tried to help them. By the end of 2002 I though they had finally seen sense and re-gain their sanity. But on the 11th August 2003 I came home with mum and I find out that she and dad have been making that potion since the new year." Draco educated.

Their was a long silence. With the adults, while their was nothing to eavesdrop on my three sisters, two brothers and nine cousins wanted to question me.

"So your Magie Malfoy?" one of my cousins Fred asked.

"Yea." I replied nervously.

"So you've killed and tortured people?" Fred's sister Roxane questioned.

"I never wanted to hurt anyone." I defended.

"What does that mean?" My oldest brother James entreated.

"All of you just shut up, they've started talking again." I snapped.

"It doesn't matter how she was born she's still a murderer." Audrey, Percy's wife, declared.

"The murders and torturing started when Magie was one and a half. Do you really think a eight-teen month old girl is going to willing torture and murder people." Draco shot back.

"Meaning?" she replied.

"Mum and dad beat her until she used the spells." Draco explained. "You all saw my dad use the Cruiatus curse. I highly doubt it was the first time he used it on her." he added.

"Why are you telling us this now? Why not 7 years and 11 mouths ago?" my mother, who was now crying her eyes out, shouted.

"I care about Magie. Over the last nearly 8 years I've done my best to protect her. Magie was born with an 8 year old body, even under a truth potion you wouldn't of trusted me saying she was your daughter. I thought I would be able to protect her until this was over, but I can't. Magie needs her biological family to protect her. And she's an identical triplet which should be extremely useful in the future." Draco encouraged.

"You expect Harry and Ginny to look after a murderer?" Audrey asked.

"Blood is thicker than water." Draco stated. "She might not have met you before today, but she has still always loved her real parents. She's always wanted to meet you for real." he began.

"He's talking a load of rubbish." Uncle Percy interrupted.

"I'm not. She loves Harry and Ginny so much that she has her own imagery game where she's just living a normal life, with her two triplet sisters and her parents ... Magie hates her life, she hates who she is and what she has done. She even hates her own name because Lucius gave it to her and that it is German for the word Magic." Draco continued.

"You want us to look after her yet we can't call her by her own name?" Uncle Charlie scoffed.

"Well Magie has always been found of the names Sapphire and Lilly." Draco explained.

"This is all so ridiculous." Uncle Bill snapped.

"Well good thing it's not up to you then. It is up to me and Ginny, who clearly wants her daughter back and so do I." my father shot back, defending me his daughter who he hadn't even met properly yet.

"Are you serious? You are willing let Magie Malfoy live in your house? Has Draco put you under the Imperius Curse or something?" Fleur complained.

"She is going to live here like it or not. And she won't be Magie anymore she'll be Sapphire." dad snapped. However none of us knew that as he said that he was walking to the back door. He opened it and saw all 15 of us. "Have all of you been eavesdropping?" he asked.

"No." we lied simultaneously.

"All of you just go to your rooms." he ordered. Everyone did as their told, but I obviously hung back. "Follow Emerald and Ruby." I was instructed. So I walked through the living behind my triplets. As I did this Uncle Bill, Charlie and Percy glared at me. I had a horrible feeling I wasn't going to get along with those uncles. I ran up the stairs with my 5 siblings and 9 cousins.

When I was at the top of the stairs I was amazed at the unique layout again. To the right was the 2 in 1 bath and shower the door directly in front of the stairs was the door to the toilet. About two meters from that door was James's room. About one and a half meters from James's door was the door to Albus's room. Anther one and a half meters was the start of the stairs to he attic. Under the stairs was a door that lead to mum and dad's room. At the very end of the corridor was Lilly's room. Finally the first door on the left side of the corridor, which was next to the stairs, was the door to Emerald's, Ruby's and now my room. Originally this room was supposed to be a second living room, however mum and dad made it into a bedroom because all the other rooms were too small for three people to share the room. They wanted the three of us to have our on space even though we would have to share. Of coarse by the time we were born their was only two of us but the time and money had already been used.

The room itself was a brilliant shock after all those years in a cupboard. When standing in the room you were above the entire living room and part of the kitchen. Emerald and Ruby told me the room was 15 meters by 15 meters. About 10 meters from the door was the start of a slope which was at about 25 degree angle and one meter long. At the top of the slope the left side was about 6 meters by 4 meters the middle was 8 meters by 4 meters and he right side was 1 meter by 4 meters. The 6 by 4 side had a door in the middle of the section, that lead to the 2 in 1 bath and shower to the right and to the left was a sliding door that lead to the toilet. The larger section was a mini-in-bedroom-living-room, in the left corner was a 6 seat leather sofa, in front of that was a black marble coffee table and on the wall was a 20 inch flat screen T.V on the wall. Under the T.V was doors that lead to the final 1 by 4 section that contained 2 draws - one on top of the other - of DVDs, most of which were the entire nearly 50 years of Doctor Who.

"Will I be allowed to watch the telly?" I asked. Lucius and Narcissa had a similar flat screen which I was beaten if I was caught trying to watch it. 'Not for brats like you!' they used to yell.

"Of coarse you will." Draco said walking into the room with my dad. "Were is she going to sleep?" I heard him hiss in dad's ear.

"Sapphire can sleep on the sofa in the mini living room until we sort out a proper bed." he explained. Draco nodded, seeming to approve, as Emerald and Ruby pulled my arms dragging me to the sofa. Draco followed and then knelled down so we were face to face.

"I'll have to go soon." Draco told me. Suddenly I was terrified. I didn't want Draco to leave me. He couldn't. Not when I had literally only been with my 'new' family for literally only 5 minutes.

"But I don't want you to." I replied.

"I know you don't, but this is your family, were you belong. And I have little Scorpius to look after." Draco tried to reason.

"You have to look after me too." I insisted, holding back tears.

"Hey. " he began taking hold of my cheek. "This isn't the last time you'll see me. I'll visit you twice a week without fail, even if I have to crawl here." Draco reassured.

"Promise?" I questioned, as a tear left my eye and Draco got a tissue from his pocket to give to me. When I dried my eyes Draco took hold of my hands and looked me straight in the eye.

"I promise." Draco promised. "Sapphire Lilly Potter." he added, to make me smile. It worked and I think in my almost 8 years of life that was my first proper smile.

30th June 2012

Draco kept to his word. He visited me the following Monday and stayed all day and on Friday as well. Every week On Monday and Friday Draco came without fail like promised. He only did so two or three times but he brought Scorpius and his wife Astoria with him as well. None of my younger siblings seemed to like Scorpius though, which surprised me greatly.

At the start of every mouth my family decided to meet up in one of our homes for a week. When our house was decided the basement became a guest room for my 5 uncles and 4 aunts and the attic was the guest room for my 9 cousins. Every other Saturday dad's cousin Dudley brought his four children Thomas, Charlie, Alex and Clare to see us or dad brought us to him were force to spend all day with them even though when we didn't even get on with our muggle second cousins.

And it didn't help that in September I started to go to a muggle primary school with my two triplets, one sister, two brothers, nine cousins and four second-cousins. All of my second cousins were so annoying.

Well apart from from the eldest Thomas who was the same a year as me Emerald and Ruby and could do things that his two sisters and brother couldn't do which made mum, dad, Dudley and his wife - who had a muggle-born sister - suspicious that he would end up a muggle-born. Thomas also seemed to have a close relationship with Ruby. Me and Emerald always teased her that he was her boyfriend.

Dad's side of the family was fine for muggle family containing witches and wizards, it was mum's side of the family that was the problem. They were constantly arguing; it was always Uncle Percy, Uncle Bill, their wives and Uncle Charlie against everyone else.

And right now at 2:30PM 30th June 2012 they were arguing, because mum and dad had agreed to let me spend the 1st July at Draco's house to celebrate Scorpius's 6th birthday.

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