The Third Wizarding War By Sapphire L Potter

Malfoy Mannor

I hated it when my family argued. I knew it wasn't my fault. But the arguments were always always always about me. Tomorrow everyone was going to beach as a family. However a week ago I told mum and dad that it was Scorpius's birthday on that day. They spoke to Draco and Astoria on the 28th and they arranged to take me on the 30th so long as they brought me to the beach they were going to be at by 2:30PM.

Uncle Bill, Charlie and Percy were furious. They called mum and dad a pair of hypocrites. The three of them said or rather yelled that mum and dad said I was just as much a part of the family as anyone else, so why where they letting me go of to celebrate an 'enemy family's' birthday. Their second argument was they didn't trust me and if I was the sweet little girl just wanted to be with her biological family then why did I want to celebrate the birthday of someone who wasn't a part of the family.

Of coarse mum's, dad's and the rest of the family's (apart from nan and grandad who just wanted all the arguing to stop) was that Draco had been their for me through all my abuse, so it was obvious no matter how much time had past I would still want him to be a part of his life. If I wanted to bore you to death I tell you all their arguments for and against points, however I'm sure you are all cleaver enough to work them out yourself.

It's 2:30PM and I'm walking out of the shower, in my slippers wearing one towel around my body and a smaller towel around my head hiding my hair. When I walked out the on sweet Draco was packing my things for me with Emerald and Ruby in the mini living room playing wizard chess.

"Hey Draco." I said, sadly.

"Why do you sound upset?" he asked, stopping what he was doing and coming over to me so he could sit me on my bed - which just saying was closest to the on sweet.

"They're still arguing." I explained, looking down at my blue fluffy slippers.

"It's not your fault." Draco reassured, he had said this so many times to me in the past year that it annoyed me whenever he did say it.

"I didn't say it was." I snapped.

"Then the problem?" he questioned.

"It always me they argue about. Never anything else just me." I enlightened, grumpily.

"That's because your mother and father love you very much and can't bear to have their little girl insulted." Draco explained to me. "Now. What do you to wear to your palace Mistress Sapphire?" he inquired, one to change the subject and two to make me smile by pretending he was my servant, as he non-verbally used a spelled to magically make all my daytime outfits levitate in front of me. While giggling I looked at my clothes.

"Doctor Who shirt that has Matt Smith and the light blue trousers, please." I ordered politely.

"Which one is Matt Smith?" Draco quired. I sighed at Draco's lack of Doctor Who knowledge and pointed at the shirt I meant and he non-verbally did a spell that made my chosen clothes fold up and float to the space between me and Draco while the other clothes floated back into my wardrobe. As I very vaguely mentioned earlier Emerald and Ruby were massive Doctor Who fans who had all 48 years of Doctor Who on DVD. Being their triplet I got sucked into the fandom. I watched the very first episode that was first released in 1963 and fell in love. Emerald and Ruby apparently became fans of the show when they were 5 in 2008 and got mum and dad the buy all the doctor who DVDs thus the draw of our collection. They managed to watch the entire collection in 2 years. Of coarse when I started the collection had grown, but I started watching mid July 2011 and today I am only a few episodes away from being completely caught up and ready to watch season 7. The first season me, Emerald and Ruby will sit in front of the telly and watch Doctor Who as triplets.

Anyway, once my unchosen clothes had magically gone into the wardrobe Draco used my towel to make sure my body was dry then I started to get dressed.

When my clothes were on Draco sat me on his lap and took the towel of my head and started to brush my damp hair. My hair was getting long now. It had grown just above my shoulders, which was pretty fast as I had only started growing it out on Emerald and Ruby's 8th birthday on the 3rd September (when they celebrated mine too even though I technically shared my birthday with mum on the 11th August). Draco brushed out a parting in the middle of my head and made two crown plaits. Then I put my shoes on, Draco did my laces and we were ready to go. I grabbed my TARDIS bag - dad had paid the money for me to keep the one I had stolen from when I had run away - and followed Draco out of my room. Emerald and Ruby wrote down on a piece of paper who's turn it was and came out our room as well.

"She is nothing but a psychopathic bitch!" Uncle Charlie yelled, just as me and Draco had walked down enough stairs to be seen by everyone in the living room. I froze where I was. Uncle Charlie had insulted me before, so had Percy and Bill, but never something as horrible as what Uncle Charlie had just said.

"Me and Sapphire are ready to leave now." Draco told everyone pulling gently on my arm to force me to follow him. I saw mum, dad and Draco share a look.

"James! Albus! Lilly!" mum called.

"Your sister is about to leave come say goodbye!" dad also called, finishing mum's order. Oh that classic something-bad-happens-that-makes-child-feel-unwanted-and-parents-carry-on-as-normal which I really really really grew to bloody hate.

Draco, dad, Emerald, Ruby and me went outside while mum waited for my other siblings to come down the stairs. When outside I hugged dad and my triplets goodbye. I then hugged mum, Lilly, Albus and James, when they came outside.

"See you tomorrow, I'll miss you." James whispered in my ear when I hugged him. I know families aren't supposed to have favorites, but James was defiantly the best little brother ever. I walked over to Draco.

"Look after her." dad ordered.

"If she is in danger I'll bring her straight home like agreed. I haven't even seen my parents in almost a year." Draco explained, as he held his arm out. "Take hold of my arm." he ordered, I waved goodbye at my family - who did the same - then did as my told. The moment my hand touched Draco's arm we apparited, when our feet where safely on the ground again me and Draco were standing on the pathway to Malfoy Manor's front door.

I looked up worriedly at Draco. "You'll be fine." he reassured, taking my hand and leading me down the path. He got his key and open the front door; he let me walk in first.

"Wow!" was my first reaction when I walked in. The room had a large empty space before you entered what seemed like a living room. The empty part had a chandelier on the ceiling bringing light into the entrance of the house. Ether side of empty space was two cabinets about a meter tall which had glass doors and contained loads of very expensive looking ornaments. The top of the cabinets were used as selves and held photos of Astoria, Draco and Scorpius. Some of these photos were of Draco when he was younger with people that I didn't recognize but were clearly his friends, at school.

They were wizard photos of coarse and the movement f them showed even more how happy the three of them where - as a family. Scorpius's baby photo's were up their too; his baby photos with Draco ad Astoria got to me the most because I never had the chance to get any baby photos with my parents; I never even looked like a baby when I was one.

Above the left cabinet was a large photo of Scorpius - it looked recent - standing with Draco and Astoria behind him. The movement of this photo was Draco lifting up Scorpius twirling him around, kissing his check, then placing him back were he was. Above the right cabinet was anther large photo, but this one was of Draco and Astoria on their wedding day, the movement in the photo was the two of them kissing as people outside he photo threw confetti.

The living room contained two one-seat sofas, one two-seat sofa and a squared-cushioned stool, in the middle of this furniture their was a wooden coffee table. Their was a fireplace in the wall although it had been cleared out and now contained a radiator in the wall's hole; above this was a T.V like the flat screen in my room only this one was clearly a newer brand that was probably only brought a few days ago.

If you continued walking beyond the living room their was a largish rectangular table with three chairs around it, two at each end of the table and one that had it's back to the wall. To the right of the third chair was a hallway leading to other parts of the ground floor and a spiral staircase that lead to the first floor which was visible from the ground floor. The ceiling of the first floor had a beautiful chandelier were the wire that held all diamonds ended at the hole in the first floor.

I wandered around this large space containing three rooms for an entire 10 minutes, admiring all the expensive looking house designs and ornaments. I knew Draco was rich, but so was my family the Potters and Malfoy Manor put us to shame.

"Cabby!" Draco called and moments later a small creature only about half a meter tall with a hunched back and a witch-like nose apparited in front of us.

"Master Draco." the creature said to Draco, giving him a small bow.

"Sapphire this is Cabby. She's a house-elf. She lives and eats here in return that she does basic household tasks and does whatever me, Astoria or Scorpius tell her to." Draco explained.

"So she's a servant?" I asked, staring at Cabby, who was dressed in similar rags to what I was forced to wear for almost 8 years of my life.

"Yes." Draco answered, awkwardly. "Cabby, show Mistress Sapphire to her room and stay their with her until I come up. I need to tell Mistress Astoria and Master Scorpius that Sapphire is here." he ordered, the house-elf causally. He kissed my forehead began walking off.

"This way Mistress Sapphire." Cabby explained. The three of us were walking in the same direction until we entered the mini dining room when Draco went through the hallway and Cabby lead me up the staircase. The walls on the first floor had 6 doors and one hallway on each side evenly spaced out. The hallways lead to staircases. On the two walls with no doors had windows from the floor to the ceiling, with purple drapes. The walls between the doors had more photos of the Malfoy family, only these were older. They were all painted pictures,even recent members of the family such as Lucius and his father Abraxas. They moved around like a normal picture, but only the pictures of dead Malfoys seemed to talk.

"How long have you been working here, Cabby?" I asked.

"Since January 1994, Mistress Sapphire." Cabby replied. "This here is Master Draco and Mistress Astoria's room." Cabby explained, leading me to the last door on the left. She then pointed at the room next to Draco's. "That's Master Scorpius's room ..." she then lead me to the last door on the right. "... and this is your room. Mistress Sapphire." Cabby reached up and opened the door.

"Do you have to call me Mistress Sapphire?" I asked, as I walked into the room. The room looked very old fashioned. Their was a small table and chairs which remembering back looked about 18th Century. The bed looked older about 16th Century with the unnecessarily long pillars that held a wooden roof over the bed. Their was a large window. It reached up to the ceiling but stopped about half a meter from the ground and had red drapes.

"Master Draco addressed Sapphire Potter to Cabby as a Mistress so Cabby calls Sapphire Potter a Mistress." Cabby enlightened. The bed had it's bed sheets neatly folded on the bed. "Sorry Mistress Sapphire, Cabby has been very busy today and Master Draco doesn't get many visitors, meaning Cabby doesn't need to take much notice of the guest rooms. Cabby was about to make Mistress Sapphire's bed, but then was called, by Master Draco." she gabbled while she started to magically levitate the folded items and started making the bedsheets. It was clear to me that Cabby hardly got the chance to speak.

"It's fine, Cabby." I reassured, while wandering around the room. The window had a windowsill I decided to sit on it.

Big mistake. "Cabby." I said breaking the silence between us.

"Yes Mistress Sapphire?" she asked.

"My friends and family call me Saffie. It's short for my real name Sapphire. You can call me that." I explained.

"Thank you, Mist - Saffie." Cabby replied gratefully.

"Your welcome." I told her, as I looked out of the window staring at the Annex were I grew up.

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