The Third Wizarding War By Sapphire L Potter

Birthday Boy

A tear rolled down my face.

"Are you okay, Mis - Saffie?" Cabby questioned.

"I'm fine." I lied, wiping my eyes with my hands. I randomly started thinking about what a life was like for a house elf and asked Cabby this next question. "What's it like having to work for the Malfoys?"

"What do you mean Mi - Saffie?"

"Well ... what happens if you make a mistake or something?" Cabby was silent. Maybe I was being to nosy; to formal with the creature that was meant to be a servant, but surly I had a right to be curious.

"In 1995, before Master Lucius had given the house to Master Draco and moved into the Annex he would punish Cabby - b-beat Cabby. Used the Imperius Curse to make Cabby hurt herself. Back then Master Draco's punishments for Cabby could be just as cruel and horrible as Master Lucius's. But what happened during the war changed him." Cabby explained.

"How did he change? What was he like before the war?" I pestered suddenly genuinely interested rather than just curious.

"Cabby can't bad mouth her Masters and Mistresses." Cabby said sharply.

"I won't tell anyone what you've said, I promise." I pestered and pestered her, but she refused to say anything. She was a loyal house-elf. She was soon finished making my bed so I told her see could sit on one of the chairs. I moved to the chair next to her ans started waiting. A few minutes later their was a knock on my door. "Come in." I told the knocker, who I saw was Draco when he walked in. I jumped up and stood beside him.

"Cabby, go to the kitchen and see if Chef needs help with anything. If not get on with your normal household tasks." Draco ordered.

"Yes Master Draco." she replied then obediently clicked her fingers and disapparited downstairs. I smiled at Draco and he lead me downstairs. We went back down the spiral staircase and through the hallway. The hallway had three corridors. One to the left lead to the kitchen and the servant's bedrooms. A second to the right lead to the guest dining room where the Malfoys ate when hey had guests which had a staircase leading to the basement. The third and final corridor was straight ahead and had one door on the left leading to a second living room and two doors on the right, the first one was Scorpius's playroom and the second was Draco's study. At the end of this corridor was french windows that lead to the patio then the garden.

Their was a metal gate on directly to the right separating the Manor's garden to the Annex. The Annex was just a plain grass garden with one or two benches and a pathway. The Manor's garden was so beautiful that it distracted me from being upset about the Annex. Their was a massive fountain in the center of the garden the ground had pathways of gravel. The grass was neatly cut and had trees and short hedges as barriers from the pathways apart from a purposely made gap. Draco took me down the 4 steps of the patio and guided me to the closest patch of grass.

"Saffie!" a blonde 6 year old yelled, wriggling free from his mother and running to me.

"Scorp!" I replied holding out my arms and hugged him. Me and Scorpius spent the rest of the day running around the entire 400 meter long 50 meters wide garden. The hedges were taller than Scorpius which is why he wasn't allowed to go off by himself. On the other hand the hedges came up to my shoulders so could be seen, from the patio. At one point Draco even played hide and seek tag with us - which technically wasn't fair because most hiding places was behind the hedges and Draco was obviously a lot taller than the bushes, but he made it fun.

At 5:30PM the four of us had dinner, then watched the telly when we finished eating at 6. Scorpius had to go to bed at 7, but I got to stay up till 8! At home the latest I had stayed up was half past 7 and Lucius and Narcissa had simply locked me in the cupboard as often as they could, no specific time. Draco helped me dress into my pajamas, and I went to sleep.

Scorpius's 6th birthday . . .

"Saffie! Saffie! Wake up Saffie!" Scorpius ordered, jumping on my bed at 6am. If it had been anther day and he was waking me up this early I would of moaned at him and told him to go away; but today was the boy's birthday.

"Happy Birthday, Scorp." I said sleepily, as I sat up to hug him.

"Do you know what presents I've got?" he asked.

"You mean you came in here waking me up before you woke your parents?"

"I wanted your present first." he replied. I gently pushed him off me, got his present from under my bed and gave him his present, which he tore open straight away. In the past Scorpius had got in a lot of trouble for drawing on the walls.

"Tank you Saffie!" he yelled, jumping on me to hug me. I had brought him a booklet of 100 plain A4 pages, two pencils and a set of colouring pencils.

"Now you have no excuse to draw on the walls." I explained.

"Tank you! Tank you! Tank you!" he chanted. He opened the pencils and started drawing on the first page. He drew a bad, but good for his age, picture of Malfoy Manor with him, Draco and Astoria. He seemed determind to get it right and wasn't finished until half past 7. He handed me his drawing; if a random person had hand me this drawing I would have thought it had been drawn by a 10 year old. He then left his new booklet on the desk next to my bed and ran into Draco's room. "Mummy! Daddy! Wake up!" I heard him yell.

You could tell how rich and spoilt Scorpius, was that day. Draco and Astoria had brought their only son a laptop AND a tablet. Me Emerald and Ruby had got a small tablet each for our birthday and a mini laptop each for Christmas, but one Scorp's laptop and tablet was a better brand and two me, Em and Rubes are three years older than him.

Anyway, we all went down to the 4 people dining room and Cabby brought in our breakfast. Then I spent the rest of the morning teaching Scorpius how to use his computer and starting him up on things like Google and Facebook - having to lie about his age obviously. I found myself on Facebook and sent myself a friend's request from Scorpius so we could keep in contact despite hardly seeing each other.

Then at twelve o'clock I left him in the living and came back holding his birthday cake singing happy birthday with his parents. An hour later - after we had had our lunch and eaten half of the cake - Astoria was ordering Cabby to pack towels in a bag and dressing Scorpius in swimming trunks, while I was putting my clothes on over my swimming costume.

"Are you going to stay at the beach when you drop me off?" I asked Draco excitedly - who was also in swimming trunks.

"Yes we are!" he replied, picking me up, twirling me around, kissed my cheek and placed me back down, while I giggled throughout the whole process. We used the flue network to get their at twenty past two.

Astoria went holding onto Scorpius and Draco went holding me. The 4 of us appeared in a fireplace of one of the bench's holiday huts. The first people I saw when we walked out the was my two triplets.

"Em! Rubes!" I yelled, running down the bench towards them and the rest of my family.

"Saffie!" both yelled back simultaneously. The three of us hugged each other then went back to sitting with mum and dad.

"What are you doing here Malfoy?!" Uncle Charlie snapped at Draco as he, Scorpius and Astoria was walking towards us.

"Didn't know their was a law against taking your son and wife out to the bench." he shot back, as he took a towel of Astoria and placed it on the sand.

"Come on Saffie! We're digging a hole to berry daddy in!" James explained, coming up to me and pulling on my arm. Excited by the thought of this I obediently followed my little brother over to were he, Albus and Lilly were digging; they had a spare bucket and spade - sapphire blue obviously as it was my favorite colour - that was waiting for me so I picked them up and joined in.

When the hole was deep enough we push Dad in and berried him so only his head stuck out. Dad's glasses had fallen off when we pushed him, so I picked them up and put them back on his nose for him.

"Thanks." he said sarcastically. Me, and my siblings then went over to our cousins to help them to do what they were doing, which was trying to make a mini ocean; Scorpius had been helping them with this since he had got here. While this project was happening I saw Draco sitting by Dad's head and having a conversation with him. I couldn't hear what was being said; all I knew was that their conversation had started with Draco coming up to Dad holding his hand over his mouth trying not to laugh.

When we thought the hole was big enough we all took off our clothes so we were only in our swimming costumes and ran into the proper ocean with our buckets. Uncle Ron, Draco and Uncle George came in with us to slash us as we went in and out. Mum dug Dad out of his sand-prision so he was able to join in and got his revenge by lifting me and my 5 siblings all in turn and ducking us in the water for one or two seconds each although Lily, Albus and James weren't pushed fully under obviously.

As their was 16 of we managed to have our pool filled with water in an hour and was soon slashing about in it. The water wasn't that deep it came just above Dad's knees when he stood in the center to make sure it was safe. I had never swam before but instantly knew what to do so tried to teach Scorpius how to swim, but earlier he had tripped over a stone and fell in the water, he was only in the sallow water, and Draco had him back up on his feet in seconds, but he seemed a bit shaken, so didn't want to learn.

My skills didn't go to waste though as all my younger siblings and cousins wanted to be able to swim; I wasn't teaching over 10 people by myself as my older cousins - Dominique (3 years older than me), Fred (3 years), Victorie (2 years) and Molly (1 year) - taught them as well. We stayed at the bench until 6 o'clock when we just finished our fish and chips from the food place.

Knowing it would be a hassle for everyone in our family to get a shower with only two showers Draco offered all the Weasleys to use the showers in Malfoy Manor then apparite themselves and the children to our house. At that time I might of been the only person in my family that liked Draco, but everyone knew that was the most sensible option. Apart from Uncle William and Charlie who said they would be fine temporarily going back to their own house, to have a simple shower and would rather shoot themselves with the Killing Curse than even look at Malfoy Manor. All the adults would have been happy if we children hadn't heard this comment, but we did and I clenched my fist praying to myself to not let yet anther argument start up.

"Just trying to be helpful." Draco stated.

"Thank you Draco. Most of us will take up your offer." Granddad told him, exaggerating the word 'most'. "Now, everyone hold onto your parents and or sibling's hands as tightly as you can and don't let go until your parents say so!" he added turning his attention to Scorpius, me and his other 14 grandchildren. We all did as our told and all apparited where we needed to go. Appariting in the 21st century had become a popular skill where most parents apparited their children for the first time at 3 or 4, so nobody was sick.

While I had my shower, waiting for everyone else to shower and waiting for the Weasleys to appear in the living I prayed and prayed and prayed, for no auguring.

Things couldn't of gone more in the opposite direction

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