The Third Wizarding War By Sapphire L Potter


The moment they arrived.

It started the moment the Weasleys bloody arrived.

We were all sent to our rooms and told we could watch telly until they came up. James, Albus and Lilly had TVs in their room just like the one in mine, Em's and Rube's room and so did the Attic and Basement. My three younger siblings had a telly each to themselves, me and my triplets liked near enough the same thing, but upstairs in the Attic my cousins were debating about what to watch.

And downstairs in the living room once again my family were arguing about guess what ... me - again.

Mum wasn't much of an arguer - something to do with a boyfriend she had before she started dating Dad. From when I had sat at the top of the stairs and spied on them she sat on one of the sofas hugging one of her knees. Uncle Ron, Uncle George and their wives barely got a word in edge ways because Dad did most of the yelling and silencing anyone who tried to interrupt him.

It was 7:00 when everyone arrived and we were sent to our rooms, their was nothing on apart from 'Don't tell the Bride' on BBC3. It finished at 8, but at 20 past 7 our TV for no reason suddenly switched off.

"I'll get Dad to look at it." I told my sisters after ten minutes of failing at trying to get it back on. Although upset at the non-working telly I was slightly relived at the fact that the arguing would stop for a bit while Dad looked at our television. I stood at the top the stairs for a bit waiting for the right moment, to go down.

"She murdered a countless amount of people!" Uncle Charlie yelled. Uncle Charlie was the main arguer on his side of the arguments.

"Because Lucius and Narcissa beat her and tortured until she used the spells and if she still refused they use the Imperius Curse on her!" Dad replied.

"And who told you that?" he questioned rhetorically. "Draco and Magie!" he answered.

"Her name is Sapphire." Mum screamed at her brother.

"You can call her what you like she's still the Magie Malfoy that murdered and tortured Squibs and Muggle-borns." he screamed back. "And you Hermione aren't even scared of her!" he added.

"Why would I be scared of a eight year old?" she shot back.

"Because she's Magie Malfoy!" Uncle Charlie shrieked, like Lilly - who back then was only 5 - when she had her hissy fits. Their was a silence of no one knowing what to say next. I could sense the tension growing. I thought going in now and breaking this tension would be my best option.

"Daddy!" I said, in a sweet innocent little girl voice as I ran down the stairs. Uncle Charlie turned around and glared at me. I'm shaking remembering this, but it's crutical to understanding the rest of my life-story.

"You. Have you been eavesdropping you little brat?" he snapped at me. I felt stab in my heart when he said 'brat', as it was the insult them two called me most often.

"N-no." was all I could stutter. I had seen Uncle Charlie angry before obviously, it was the way he was glaring at me like he wanted to literally straggle me to death and his voice seeming deeper than normal that was scaring me.

"Don't call her that!" Mum yelled, at the same time as my 'no'.

"Shut up!" he ordered Mum."You do know this all your fault right?" he asked me.

"W-what is?" I questioned back.

"All this arguing Brat." he answered, as he went down to my level. I stepped back more scared of him than before. "Before you showed up we were like a normal family. We had the occasional disagreement ... but nothing like what we do practically on a daily basis nowadays. You are the most horrible excuse for a human being I have ever met and THIS family is now falling apart and it is your fucking fault!" he bellowed.

I barely spoke to my Aunts and Uncles that hated me. They had insulted me before, but never to my face. What he said hurt. Really hurt. Psychically as well as mentally. How could I ever properly be a part of this family if that was what almost half of them thought of me? I couldn't take it.

I raised my hand and slapped my Uncle. I slapped him so hard that he fell from his squat position and bashed his head on the banister. I didn't even give my self enough time to see everyone's reaction, because the moment Uncle Charlie's head hit the banister I ran to the front door, opened it, stepped outside, didn't even close the door behind me and sprinted as fast as I could.

"Sapphire!" my father yelled at me. I didn't look back, but I knew he had started running after me. I just ran. I had gotten a lot faster since I ran into my family in the shopping center and was easily getting away. Almost too easy by the time I had entered the woods. I sprinted a couple hundred more meters then stopped. No sound. Nothing.

"Sapphire!" I heard my mother call. I had heard it said in a whisper, which meant they had to be far away and my hearing was a loads better than an average 8 year old's anyway.

I looked around. I saw a branch just above my head. I jumped up and clenched onto it. I pulled myself up and swung my leg over the branch. Then I shuffled along to get the main part of the tree, grabbed onto the closest branch above my head and climbed up. I climbed and climbed until the branches were as thick as an average person's arm. I sat their and started to cry, as I heard more distance calls of my name.

"Sapphire!" Aunty Hermione yelled, once again several hours later.

"Sapphire!" Uncle Ron shouted about a minute after his wife. The six of them had been going in different directions and were only now going in the right one now.

"Sapphire!" Aunty Angelina and Uncle George called at the same time. I looked down from where I was. They were crowding around the tree next to the one I was in. For Christmas Uncle Ron and Aunty Hermione had got me and my triplets watches that glowed in the dark, Emerald's glowed green, Ruby's glowed red and mine glowed blue. I looked at my watch now. It read 20 to past 11. 5 minutes or so later they wandered off and were out of sight.

By midnight I thought it safe to come down. But I wasn't going back home. I wasn't going back their ever again.

"Sapphire!" Mum said. I turned around. She was standing their with Dad, her two brothers and two sisters-in-law.

"How did ...?" I began but my voice trailed away.

"We looked up at the tree and saw the glow of your watch." Aunt Angelina explained. Uncle Ron tried to come up to me and grab me. I still had my wand after a year of living with my family. I took it out.

"Contego!" I yelled, as I stepped back. All of a sudden an invisible wall was stopping Ron from getting to me. I have no idea how I knew what spell to use I just did, so I used it.

"Did you just use the Shielding Charm?" Ron asked me.

"Obviously." I snapped, before running off again. I heard them immediately run after me. I was losing them again, but I chosen to go to my right which was a bad decision because this part of the woods we were running down now had loads of rocks and fallen tree branches in the way.

I was cantering so fast it felt like I was going at the speed of light. Jumping over or rolling under all the objects that were in my way. I was running towards a tree branch that was just below my knee level, I jumped up. Only it wasn't high enough. My ankle bashed onto the branch causing me to fall.

My ankle hurt so much I didn't protest when everyone had caught up, surrounded me, and checking if I was okay.

"It looks like it's just a badly sprained ankle. Just do your best to walk around as normal and it'll be fine in a few days." Uncle George told me. I nodded to say 'Okay' as I was biting my lip to stop myself crying from the pain. Dad sat down on the branch I had fell over to get closer to my level.

"Look at me Sapphire." he demanded. I did as my told. "You need to ignore what your Uncle said. I know it was heartless and horrible of him to say, but you have to turn the other cheek. Yes you were Magie Malfoy. Who killed and tortured all them people and that was wrong, ofcorse it was. But you were beaten, tortured and FORCED to do it. It wasn't you who was so cold-hearted and cruel to want those people dead, that was Lucius and Narcissa who were too much of a pair of chickens to do it themselves. The first nearly 8 years of your life might not of been with us, but we are still your family. Still your flesh and blood. No matter what you're always a Potter. We will always be their for you. The Wealseys may not be 100% on your side, but the Potters are so just come home." he elucidated.

I was moved by his words so held out my hand for him to pull me up; I pushed on my good foot and let my family help me limp home.

When we got home at 1am . . .

I got in through the front door, with my Aunt Angelina supporting my right side and Aunt Hermione supporting my left side. The first person I saw was Uncle Charlie.

"Oh you finally came back did you?" he snarled.

"Leave her alone!" Dad ordered, stepping in front of me. I could still see my Uncle's face, he had a long cut across his face. I couldn't help but stare.

"Don't stare at this like you don't how it happened! You stupid watch scratched my face!" he shouted, pointing at his scar.

"Good!" I snapped back, pushing my Aunts off me and begun limping up the stairs as fast as I could.

The next day . . .

Our telly still wasn't working.

Obviously, Emerald and Ruby hadn't got the charge to ask anyone yesterday, so they tried to fix it themselves and . . . . failed. The three of us decided to ask Dad during breakfast. We left our room, met up with our cousins, siblings and was about to go down the stairs - me going last .. duh.

"You can't tell the Ministry about Sapphire!" Ron hissed. Emerald and Ruby held their arms out to stop anyone going past - not that they were going to - and shared a look of worry with me.

"They have been looking for Lucius, Narcissa and Magie Malfoy for 5 years. Bloody hell we should have told them about her a year ago when Draco Malfoy threw her right into our faces!" Charlie replied.

"She's a child! A little girl!" Mum defended.

"A little girl that has been murdering people since 18 mouths." he snapped. "She is psychotic and has turned all of you insane because any normal person would be on my side!"

"'Any 'normal person' Charles, can see she and Draco are telling the truth when they say she was forced to use those spells." Granddad begun. "I mean I first met Magie when she ran into us the shopping center. When I was holding onto her wrist it was like when you loosely put your thumb and finger around a newborn baby's wrist only Sapphire's was quite literally just skin and bone." Granddad snapped and it was obvious he wasn't finished but he was interrupted by Uncle Percy.

"And she was so dangerously Anorexic, they must of staved her to death. If Ginny and Harry hadn't of taken her in she'll be dead from Anorexia by now." he mocked.

"It's true though." Hermione stated, standing up for her father-in-law.

"Look. It doesn't matter what any of you say. This afternoon I'm going to tell the Ministry that Magie Malfoy has been living in the Potter's home for the past year." he made clear.

James then pushed past Emerald and Ruby and ran down stairs asking what was for breakfast as if it was a normal day, Lilly, Albus and all 9 of my cousin then followed. Then I came down last using my triplets for support.

The adults must of been suspicious that we had heard their conversation, but they never confronted us about it. To be honest they didn't have much of a charge. Because I needed to do something to stop my Uncle going to the Ministry.

And I don't regret what I did one little bit.

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