The Third Wizarding War By Sapphire L Potter

A Normal Life?

Mum and Dad used the Summoning Charm to get a cushioned stool for my ankle to rest on while I ate my breakfast. It was an insect day at school that day so after breakfast my two triplets helped me to limped out into the garden.

I never described what our back garden looked like, did I?

Well it's a pretty big garden that is 30 meters by 150 meters and has loads of stuff to do. About 10 meters or so from the kitchen window was a swing-bench that coming off the bench held a waterproof covering, so it could still be used in the rain and caused very good shade if it was hot. To the left of the swing-bench their was a slide, a mini rock climbing wall next to it and coming off these two pieces of the set was two swings and a baby swing. Behind this was several picnic benches.

Behind them was a large swimming pools that was 20 meters by 20 meters and separated into three parts. A hot-tub that was 2 meters by 2 meters. A baby pool that was 2 meters by 8 meters, it started at 50cm deep on the left and ended at 1 meter deep on the right. And finally the last bit which was 18 meters by 20 meters and loads of sun bathing beds around the pool. The rest of the Garden behind the swimming pool was just grass and apple trees.

Me, Emerald and Ruby went to the bench-swing. It was big enough for 4 people to sit on it so we evenly spread out across the bench with me in the middle Emerald on my left and Ruby on my right. We were silent until 11:30 when it was broken by Ruby.

"Are you going to tell Uncle Charlie that we were listening to his conversation?" Ruby asked, as she pushed onto the support bars causing us to start swinging.

"What good will that do?" Emerald commented.

"And we all know how Uncle Charlie reacted when he was only guessing that I was eavesdropping." I added.

"Well you can't just do nothing." she stated pushing the support bar again to make us swing faster.

"I have an idea, I just want to tell Draco at the same time as well as you two." I explained.I think they read my mind to see what I wanted to do but they stayed quite until we started our conversation with Draco.

Draco came at his usual time of Midday. He came out the back door at twenty past and I shuffled closer to Emerald. She got the message and got off the bench-swing to sit between me and Ruby so by the time Draco had walked over to us he was able to sit next to me where Emerald was. I rested my head on his chest.

"Your parents told me about last night." he told me. "Like your Dad told you last night. You need to ignore what your Uncle said." he added. All I did was nod.

"Did our parents tell you about this morning?" my two triplets asked simultaneously.

"How the hell do you that?" Draco asked clearly creeped out, but he came out of it instantly and focused on the question. "And no they didn't what happen this morning?" he questioned me.

"Uncle Charlie said he's going to tell the Ministry about me." I whispered.

"He was probably just still angry about last night. He didn't get to bed until 2am. He wouldn't of meant it." I looked up to Draco and I normally trusted his judgement but this time he was simply talking crap.

"You weren't their! You didn't hear him! He was serious!" Me, Emerald and Ruby snapped at the same time. We didn't mean to. Sometimes the same words slipped out of our mouths at the same time simply out of habit.

"Can you stop that? And if your Uncle Charlie goes to the Ministry, everyone in your family will go to Azkaban, inculcating him. For hiding you from them." Draco explained.

"Well we can't just sit here and do nothing!" I snapped, while I sat up and looked at Draco.

"What else can we do?" Draco asked.

"Sapphire told us she had an idea but she wouldn't tell us." Ruby snitched.

"What's that?" Draco demanded off me.

"Well .. I-I was thinking ... I could .. use a Memory Charm on my family and the Weasleys." I explained, slowly worried about Draco's reaction.

"How can you even suggest that?" Draco snapped. He was clearly mad and I hated seeing Draco angry or upset but I had to stand my ground.

"What other option is their?" I was surprised when I realised my triplets had said the same thing with me. They were okay with this suggestion?

"You can't tamper with people's memories! Believe it or not they tend to get pretty angry about it if they manage to remember." he shouted, but not loud enough for Mum or Dad to hear.

"If she doesn't then she'll end up in Azkaban." Ruby stated.

"And you said so yourself that everyone will go to Azkaban." Emerald added.

"Which will then mean my sisters, brothers and cousins will end up in care." I established.

"Children don't go to Azkaban. You'll be in a Witch and Wizard's detention center and forced to do a load of theory sessions." Draco explained.

"That sounds worse! And the other stuff about my family will still happen!" I snapped.

"You are talking about getting rid of their memories about finding out what you are." Draco replied.

"And replacing them." I added.

"Replacing them? With what?" Draco contested.

"Normal memories. Of me being a normal girl with a normal family." I enlightened. Draco face softened and seemed to be showing sympathy.

"Sapphire." Draco said softly. "Those 'normal' memories won't be real."

"I know but if I don't then I don't have a future and neither will my family." I reasoned.

"You can't run away from what you are. Like it or not your 16th birthday is getting closer everyday, your magic is getting stronger everyday, you'll need people who know your situation to be their for you." he reasoned back as he got off the bench-swing to crouch down and look at me properly.

"Emerald, Ruby, you, Astoria and Scorpius will remember." I explained.

"But the Potters and Weasleys won't remember me being a part of their lives for the past year so unless we lie and go behind everyone's back we will never see each other."

"Then we'll lie and go behind everyone's back."

"I can't let you do this Sapphire."

"Too bad." I snapped. I clicked my fingers causing me to non-verbally to use the full body binding curse on Draco, so his arms fell to his side and he fell to the floor. I stood up and limped inside to the kitchen, Emerald and Ruby followed and watched from the back door. My family were sitting in the living room. I got out my wand. I looked a my sisters for permission.

"Just do it." they whispered simultaneously. I turned back to the living room.

"Reponere memories." I ordered my wand. I looked at all the photos on the selves in the room and saw my face appear in most of the photos, mainly ones of the whole family or had my siblings and parents in it. I turned away from them limped back into the garden, with my sisters. clicked my fingers to undo the curse I had done on Draco. He immediately stood up and glared at me.

"I can't believe you actually cast the spell." Draco hissed.

"Well I did and you can't be seen by anyone, so you have to leave." He never said anything back. Not even a goodbye. He just ran to the back of the garden and used the apple trees to help him jump over the fence. Since the moment I was born he had done nothing but be kind to me .. and I had never deserved a second of it.

Time Skipping . . .

I did see Draco again. Three weeks after I did the memory charm he hologram called me.

Oh my gosh!

You don't know what hologram calling is? I read what it was Christmas 2011. Hologram Calling is when you want to talk to someone so you use magic to turn yourself into a hologram in front of that person while still being wherever you are. Draco's call wasn't long though.

"Sapphire meet me in the woods near your house in half an hour, don't worry if you can't make it, I'll just Hologram call you again and we can talk like this." he explained, before disappearing. From that day we arranged to meet up as often as we could. When it started to get cold outside I would sneak downstairs into the living room when Draco had called me. Draco as normal was a fuss-pot but I was never worried about getting caught as getting away would be simple. Go into the kitchen; purposely knock on the wall to attach Mum, Dad or whoever into the kitchen; while they walk to the kitchen I edge towards the hallway; when they are in the kitchen go all away around back to the living room where the stairs are and run up the stairs.

Christmas 2012 I was wondering around Uncle Ron's house with Emerald and Ruby. We were walking down the landing when I saw a golden necklace on the floor with a strange twirly thing on the chain. I looked in my parent's selves of spell books when I got home on boxing day to see if it was something magical and found out it was a time turner. A necklace that sends you back in time. I never told Emerald and Ruby; triplets share everything; I wanted this to my self.

Me and Scorpius often talked facebook. We both wanted to meet each other in person so I suggest one night we meet outside the abandoned Annex at 3PM the next day. I brought my time turner with me when I apperated outside the building - the first time I had solo apparated and mastered it for unknown reasons.

"Accio." I said when I had arrived and the key to the Annex appeared in my hand, I opened it and let Scorpius go in first. I explained to him my time turner and when we finished our visit at 5:30PM I apperated us to his room, put the time turner around both our necks and took us back to five to three just moments after the original Scorpius left. From that day the above became a regular thing every Saturday. Sometimes we stayed beyond 5:30, once we even stayed until midnight. Since the present I had given Scorpius on his 6th birthday he had grown a hobby for Art and brought his Art equipment with him on most Saturdays. I would look over his shoulder and watch him sketch, trace or paint. It was fascinating watching his drawings come to life when they were done - quite literally.

On average me and Draco only saw each other about 2 or 3 times a month. It was the longest gap between seeing Draco I had ever experienced. I loved my new life with my family thinking I was just a normal girl, I mean Uncle Charlie was actually nice to me now. It was just the longer I wasn't around Draco the more angry and ... psychopathic I felt. I had experienced the same thing when living with Lucius an Narcissa. For some reason I would become fascinated by the thought of death, eternal life, vampires and if I fell over and got a cut that started bleeding I would willing lick away the blood. When around Draco I was calmed and these strange actions would stop for several days. Scorpius had a similar effect on me but only lasted a few hours.

Nobody knew this - not even Emerald and Ruby - but once just once in the new year of 2013 the feeling got so bad I was sitting alone in my bedroom and I apperated to a certain part of the woods were millions of rodents lived. I had broken my wand soon after the memory charm had been cast so I stared at one specific rodent and it started to squirm. And I enjoyed it. I had all the other rodents hissing a me, some even trying to attack me and they would simply get thrown into the trees without me looking at them. The squirming got worse and worse until eventually I decided to used my magic to levitate a needle and stab the rodent with it. I also had a one liter water bottle which I levitated along with the rodent and the blood dripped into the bottle. I forced the blood out of the rodent until their was none left. I then made the dead rodent fall to the ground and started the process again with a knew one. I did it again and again until my one liter bottle was filled with the blood. I never even put the lid back on the bottle, because as soon as it was full I drank the blood.

Of corse being around my family made me feel normal and most of the time I was fine. These emotions must of been some sort of breakdown from thinking about Lucius and Narcissa too much. When that happened I hadn't seen Draco since the 15th December. When I saw Draco those emotions just disappeared, I felt happy and they didn't return for at least 6-7 days. Like I said being around Scorpius did the same thing, but only lasted 6-7 hours after appirating back to my room every Saturday.

Luckily though I saw Draco again the day before the day I went to King Cross Station to go to Hogwarts and all that weirdness just disappeared for good.

Well until fourth year that is.

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