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Splendorman's Daughter (A CreepyPasta FanFiction)


Irene thinks she is a average teenage girl with a average teenage life. Attending her Senior year in high school at the beginning of the book. This average teenage girl's life is forever changed once she finds out who her real father truly is! Embark on her journey from teenage years up to her adulthood years along with the family. Enjoy sibling rivalry, fear, paranoia, family fighting, and so much more beyond just that! Please note that some of these characters have been changed and that everything does not match up correctly to these characters back stories. DISCLAIMER: I do not own any CreepyPasta, Happypasta, and any other character unless stated otherwise. Alice Jones is copyrighted by my dearest friend at this website https://www.fanfiction.net/u/4392732/AyumixRose and I do have permission to use her. Parts of the story have censored swearing at first, but later down the line the censored swearing is removed.

Horror / Romance
Age Rating:


My name is Irene Fujimoto I’m sixteen years old I live with my step father Alavi Fujimoto I never really knew my real dad my mom passed away when I was younger Alavi told me she was murdered when I was six years old when we lived in Ohio by a well known gang in the area. He never told me if they locked them away for life for killing her I really do miss her she’d be proud of mine and Aalif’s accomplishments if she was still here.

I was in the basement my own rec room I usually make odd things like a cannon it shot out candy canes my step father said it was odd yet festive. This time I was making a tron bike from my favorite movie Tron yet again people said the technology wasn’t possible. Well the wheels on the bike weren’t moving fast enough so I got angry then took them off the bike and threw them at the wall. They bounced off the wall which hit my speed bomb yes I said speed bomb it had combined with the wheel creating a explosion.

“Irene! Are you okay down there?! I heard a loud boom coming from down here.” said Alavi

worry in his voice.

“Yea I’m fine damned wheels aren’t working the way I wanted them too. Then they bounced off the walls and hit the speed bomb!” I yelled loud enough for him to hear.

“That’s good to hear you are alive well I’m going to check on Aalif to see what he is doing

be up here for lunch in ten minutes alright Irene?” He says.

“ALRIGHT I’LL BE UP IN TEN!” I yelled as I heard him walk off damn I need to make that talk speaker.

I was checking on Aalif while he was outside he was sitting on the swing it looked like he was talking with someone yet again no one was out there maybe he made a imaginary friend. Anyways I made the kids their sandwiches I made their favorite obviously Irene came out of the basement and Aalif came inside.

“So Aalif I see you made a friend what’s the person’s name?” I say to Aalif curious for a answer.

“Her name is Hatsune Miku she’s very pretty.” says Aalif excitedly.

“That’s a pretty name where is she from?” I asked Aalif.

“She just came here from Japan like yesterday she says Japan is pretty.” Aalif says happily.

“Alright well don’t go off meeting strangers okay?” Alavi says to his son Aalif.

“But she came up to me I was simply swinging dad.” Aalif says politely towards his father.

“Hey dad I need money.” I interrupt even though it wasn’t really polite to do so.

“For what now Irene?” Alavi asks curiously wondering where his money goes.

“Well my bike is almost done I need to install the lighting on the wheels.” I said to him.

“Alright here is fifteen thousand dollars because I know you aren’t going to buy cheap lights.” he says confidentally.

“Hey that’s not fair daddy please can I have some money too?” Aalif says kindly.

“Here is the same amount then do what you want with it. Go with Irene though it’s not safe to have ten thousand dollars around here.” He says kindly.

“Alright I promise he will come back in one piece dad.” I said towards him.

“Alright Irene I trust you.” He says in that trustworthy voice.

Then Aalif and I walked out the door I then grabbed out my older bike it was not a original bike it had a bit of the speed bomb in it so it was a faster bike not to fast though. I then got on the bike and patted the back seat Aalif then came towards the bike I moved my hand and put it on the handle bars. He finally sat down and wrapped his arms around my stomach because he fell off last time he finally learned his lesson when I pushed the booster. I then started peddling we took off to the parts store soon enough I pressed the booster, because it was still four miles away. It took over by itself I kept hearing something though it sounded like “Come on, baby.” but no one was around yet again there was tree’s I turned my head back to Aalif.

“Do you hear that Aalif? It’s freaking irritating.” I say to him loud enough.

“I hear it too sis you aren’t sleeping are you?” Aalif asks curiously.

" NO I”M TALKING IN MY SLEEP DUMB ASS YEAH I’M AWAKE! Now I must get you out of here I’m going to double click the booster hold on tight.” I say loudly.

“Hol-” he gets cut off because I double clicked the booster.

We then arrived at the parts shop I parked my bike in the VIP lot since I’m their number one customer without me they would’ve been out of business.

“Get inside now! I’m sure it’s not safe now that we heard that more than once.” I said.

“Alright sis.” Aalif says immediately running into the shop.

I then listened carefully making sure that thing wasn’t around no more I didn’t hear it good I then headed inside to get the parts I needed Aalif was getting candy. On the trip back I triple clicked the booster thank god Aalif had the candy in a bag or he would’ve cried about he spent most of his money buying out the candy machine they had at the store. By the time we arrived home it was almost time for bed I parked my bike in the garage after Aalif got off it he ran inside to go to bed dad had tucked him in odd thing is he set the candy near the window. Anyways I told dad about what happened on the trip up to the shop that we heard something or someone saying “Come on, baby.” he said from now on he would do our shopping I then got into my pajamas and went to bed.

I was in my dreamland it seemed odd tonight for some reason that same thing that said “Come on, baby” was in my dream it was someone in a suit and tie he had a blue rose in his hand he attempted to corner me, but failed. All he had was a smile no eyes are nose.

“So I finally get to see you in a dream now what do you want from me?” I say curiously a little anger swells inside me.

“Is that no way to talk to your half uncle now is it?” Sexual Offenderman says.

“I don’t know you! No faceless man is my Uncle! WHO ARE YOU?!” I yelled at him.

“I’m Sexual Offenderman I’m half brother of Slenderman and Splendorman.” he says.

“You should just leave her alone how about that Sexual Offenderman? You should just leave.” Liu says as he looks as if he is about to go physchotic.

“Is that a way to act when a lady is near by Liu?” he says to Liu getting closer and closer.

Liu hits the ground grabbing his head moaning in pain then he get’s up slowly.

“I...must...kill!” Liu says not looking like himself he then darts at Offenderman with his bare hands.

“Damn Liu is hot.” I mumbles under my breath.

while they are fighting Offenderman grabs him with a black tendril slamming Liu to the ground Liu then just gets back up like nothing happened he then does a killer rush Offenderman does a dashing incubus cradle slicing Liu. Liu then gets angry madder than before he then choke holds Offenderman.

“I’ll kill her one day.” Offenderman smirks smiling in the choke hold.

Liu then gets outraged and stabs him three times in the stomach blood pouring onto his hand then Offenderman had disappeared leaving me with Liu.

“It’s a good day to kill! he says in a maniacal laugh then he comes towards me.

“Liu, Liu calm down.” I say to him.

“I’m fine.” he does a maniacal laugh coming towards me ripping my shirt.

“Hey no, no! Bad, bad Liu Bad.” I say to him.

“Yes Liu, Yes Liu must mark territory.” he says maniacally laughing then he puts his hand on my chest it’s bloody eww then all of a sudden it burns.

“Bye Irene!” says Liu he calmed down.

I then wake up my chest is burning I then rip my shirt open Liu’s hand mark is there in blood. I went to take a bath I scrubbed the blood off, but the hand mark was burned into my skin. Is this real or am I still a sleep? No, I’m awake I must not show anybody this. I then dry myself off with a towel, blow dry my hair, I then brush my hair, and then brush my teeth afterwards I got dressed.

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