Splendorman's Daughter (A CreepyPasta FanFiction)

Chapter 1

After taking my bath and doing my other needs I came downstairs for breakfast. It was five in the morning I ate my favorite breakfast Candy Apple Faygo for my milk and cheerios with sugar. I then went down in my rec room to make the microspeaker yeah that is what I'm going to call it. I made the required parts to it then installed it in the living room with it's own speaker. Below it microphone with a fancy green button to press to speak. I installed one in the kitchen and my rec room so that if I'm needed my step dad can call me upstairs for lunch,dinner,etc. I headed in my rec room to install the blue-ish green-ish lights to my wheels and the bike Alavi my step dad had woken up to get a cup of coffee. Good thing I made coffee while washing my bowl and spoon that I had used to eat my breakfast with. I also did the other parts of the dishes after they dry I'm going to put them in the dishwasher.

"Hey thanks for putting this up here and thanks for making the pot of coffee." Alavi says after he is done he let's go of the button to speak.

"You are very welcome Dad." I said pressing the button then letting it go.

A couple of hours had passed I had come up right when Aalif woke up at nine o'clock in the morning I could tell something was up because he was smiling.

"So Aalif what is there to smile about today?" asks Alavi.

"Well this girl named Jane came in my window last night, Hatsune had kicked her out the window, and Jane had tried to stab me while I was asleep." says Aalif.

"That's it no more going outside." says Alavi to Aalif.

"But dad what I'm saying is true!" says Aalif angry.

Alavi goes up to the attic grabbing out a baby monitor he only had one, but had the other part he installed in Aalif's room. Dad puts the other part in his room next to his bed so he can know when something is up. Alavi then heads to work he works for the government for twelve hours a day.

"Aalif are you hurt?" I ask to him.

"No not really Hatsune protected me in her Candy Addicted mode. That's why I put it near the window she was already in my room last night." He says to me.

"Oh alright then I thought I heard something last night." I said to him.

"So you believe me?! Alright I will ask her if she can introduce herself to you." he says happily running near the edge of the steps.

"Hatsune do you want to meet my sister Irene?!" He says loudly enough.

"Sure I'm going to come down I have to make sure it's safe from that girl again." she says.

To my surprise she was real she had a huge lollipop in her hand with pink clothing I was shocked.

"Hello my name is Hatsune Miku! So you're Aalif's sister, Liu talked about you earlier." says Hatsune.

"I saw him in my dream last night with some other strange man." I said.

"Oh that was your half uncle from your real dad's family. Slender and him have already had a chat about Liu protecting you from him and you are also betrothed to him." She says happily.

"SAY WHAT NOW?!" I said aloud.

"Yay I have a brother in law!" says Aalif happily as he starts dancing.

"Yes Splendorman your dad thought it was a great idea but we must keep you from the rest ,but

Ben is fine with the agreement so are the some other proxies." Hatsune says.

"So my dad's half- brother Offenderman tried to offer me a rose." I say.

"Well we know we saw your dream last night I had to wake up because Jane one of the people we want away from you tried to kill Aalif. We also have to keep Jeff from you including a couple others who weren't in an agreement." Hatsune says.

"Alright then we-." I was cut off by the door bell ringing.

"I will get it!" says Hatsune happily running towards the door checking through the peephole.

She then opens the door letting in ten people into the house two looked almost similar they had tentacles one was in a suit and tie with no face the other had a hat with a face the suit and tie was similar he was smiling. I noticed Ben long pointy elf ears with his green clothing then Liu came in afterwards I couldn't tell who the other's where which had me confused.

"Irene." The one with a smile had said his long tentacles reaching out to pick her up.

"Do I know you?" I asked curiously.

"My baby girl has grown up it's me your dad Splendorman." he says pulling me into a hug.

I then looked into his face again more focused on the details then it hit me my memory was a bit fuzzy but it was when I was six months old after my mom gave birth to me which took nine months for me to grow in her stomach so it was a year and three months I then recognized his face he then gave me a flower and put one in my hair.

"Dad how many years did mom have me away from you?" I said.

"Long enough but now we must talk about the problem at hand." he said setting me down.

His younger brother Slenderman had lifted up his hand to his mouth opening up his mouth with his fingers.

"It's nice to meet my Niece I'm the father of the proxies I will introduce you to some right now." says Slenderman.

"The two over there are Hoodie and Masky." Slender says pointing to them.

"Well nice to meet you my name's Irene." I say as they just wave.

"The dog over there is Smile Dog he is next to Sonic exe., Tails Doll, Alice Jones, Bloody Painter, Phantom Epona, Ticci Toby, and Dream." Slenderman says.

"That's a lot of proxies." I say

"Yes that is, wait a minute has anyone seen Alex?" Slenderman says curiously.

"He's outside doing a perimeter check the last time I heard from him." Says Tails Doll.

"Alright then that was a good idea he was making sure this area is safe." Slenderman says.

"Yeah the he told me what happened that one time he didn't. Which it was about two years ago Jane and Jeff killed his girlfriend he wants to avenge her." Ticci Toby says one of Alex's friend's including Ben and Liu.

"Don't mention his name Ticci!" says Liu "I Hate hate him for what he did to our parents and our home." Liu said.

"Okay okay calm down no need to get angered." I say.

Liu then calms down everyone looked at him to make sure he wouldn't go psychotic or they would've had to hold him down so that he wouldn't kill anyone.

"Anyways this now has become real business including a real problem since they are after you." says Smile Dog.

"Yeah about that a majority of us shall stay here to protect you both at night including your step father." Says Slenderman

"So you are just inviting yourselves to stay at my house not many of you can hide in this house." I say.

"Well us tall ones like me and slenderman are going to stay in the woods at night to watch you while Hoodie,Masky,and Alex will stay closer near the house including Smile Dog." says Splendorman.

"Okay then well it kind of feels uncomfortable to have to many people outside because my Step Dad will know something is up." I said.

"Yeah well they will be hiding in the trees in the backyard closer near the house Sonic exe. and Tails Doll will be hiding in the basement where you create things Dream will watch you in your closet, Alice you will have to ask her step father politely if you can stay the night, Hatsune what you're doing is fine, Liu do whatever you want because I'm sure you know what you are doing is fine." says Splendorman.

"Actually I do agree with that and that was what I was thinking about doing." says Slenderman.

~A Couple hours pass by as the conversation comes to an end Alex finally comes in side~

"AAAY ALEX!" says Liu smiling.

"Heeeey Liu." Alex says exhausted.

"AAAY IT'S BROSKI!" says Hoodie.

"He looks like he needs a nap." Masky says.

"Yes I do need a nap." Alex says plopping down on couch falling asleep.

After that short conversation I take Liu down to my creative room with the bike suspended in the air.

"Lovely gadget's Irene I expected less." Liu says.

"Yes thank you. HEY ALICE WANNA COME DOWN HERE?!" I yelled.

"YEAH SURE!" says Alice coming down the stairs.

"Nice work Irene." says Alice.

"Yeah I know." I say smiling.

"Well not as great as my hover board but It'll do some wonders." Alice says.

"Yeah I'm still working on it before school starts." I say excitedly.

After countless hours working on the bike with Alice it was finally finished a hour they had worked Liu went upstairs to talk to Hoodie and Masky soon enough though they went into hiding Dad had finally came home. I bolted towards the door to welcome him home with Alice right behind me every step of the way she then stood there as I opened the door for him.

"Welcome home dad!" I say happily.

"Thanks Irene anyways who is this friend of your's." He asks curiously.

"Well You are welcome and we met like a couple months ago at the parts store and she also goes to the same school as me so I was wondering if she could stay the night." I asked as polite as I could.

"Yeah sure anyways where is your brother at?" He asks.

"I'm right here dad on the couch watching Television." Aalif says.

"Okay just making sure you where alive." He says setting his coat on the coat rack.

"Yes I know you are worried about the accident last night but there is no need to worry." Aalif says.

"Alright well I'm going to work on the computer from home okay." He says heading upstairs.

"Yeah sure dad go ahead I'll see you at bed time." Aalif says.

I headed towards the kitchen to make dinner I get to preparing the dinner on the counter tonight it was steak with onions,mushrooms,and peppers.

"You know I'm Laughing Jack's Daughter right?" says Alice.

"I assumed so the eyes reminded me of someone not that they are creepy or anything they're actually pretty cool." I said.

Soon enough I started to marinate the steak then put it on the pan turning on the stove I set it down putting in the onions,mushrooms,and peppers.

"That actually smells very good anyways I do have a dark side but we haven't connected yet." Alice says.

"That's good to know anyways we do make great friend's and thanks mom taught me some before she died." I said.

"Your mother died too? How?" Alice asks curiously.

"We where in Ohio I was only six years old then one day we were just going for a walk a car was slowly gaining up on us from behind mom yelled something and shoved me into a bush all of a sudden I heard a gunshot she died immediately I came out crying and ran home to tell my step dad a.k.a dad. He had called the police they then went to my mom's crime scene then they questioned me." I said.

"Oh that's horrible." Alice said.

"Anyways the food is done." I said turning off the stove as I began to set the table she put food on everyone's plate.

"I will go tell them it is dinner time." Alice says going to get my dad and brother.

Soon enough everyone came to the dinner table sat down to eat dinner there wasn't much to talk about since we were home all day long anyways. Soon enough it was bed time I heard dad tucking in my brother saying good night I had already made the bed for Alice.

"Good Night Irene and Alice." Dad says.

"Good Night ." Alice says they talked while at the dinner table so they found out a little more about each other.

"Night dad." I said.

Soon enough me and Alice went to bed that night I had a horrible dream that night it was a run down amusement park or carnival but Alice knew what it was.

"Ah, shit not this again Dad go away!" says Alice.

"Aw come on Alice why not introduce your friend first?" Laughing Jack says as he appears.

"She said go away!" I said towards Laughing Jack.

"You are in my territory my rules." Laughing Jack says.

"Then why did you invite us here? Are you that dumb?" I said.

"But I-I-I aw forget it I will get you later Alice." Laughing Jack says.

The run down amusement park/carnival was no more it had faded way soon enough we were in a dream with a yellow sun we were both in our favorite outfits we sat on the most greenest grass I'd ever seen in my life roses appeared to be fully grown around us it definitely wasn't Offenderman this time I could tell.

"So your abilities do work." Alice says.

"What abilities?" I had asked.

"Your father can make pedals fall onto the ground but you just made roses grow around us." Alice says.

"Well we are in a dream we likely can do as we please." I said.

"I cannot believe you got my father tongue tied though to the point where he actually let me leave without me having to wake up." Alice says.

"Well the best thing to do is face your fears and tell them no." I said.

"Yeah well wait do I hear a cotton candy truck?" Alice says.

"Well yes I know you love to indulge on sweets." I said.

"Thank you Irene." Alice says getting up.

We ran towards the Cotton Candy Truck it was a beautiful dream I had experienced this one was the best by far and a new friend of mine was in the dream with me too.

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