Splendorman's Daughter (A CreepyPasta FanFiction)

Chapter 2

Soon afterwards we had finally caught up with the cotton candy truck I was out of breath so was Alice I then gasped for air as a regained back my oxygen.

"Two things of cotton candy please Andy." I said.

"Alright, here you go Irene." Andy says smiling handing the cotton candy to her.

"Thank you Andy." I said as I handed a thing of cotton candy to Alice.

"mm this is good." Alice says "What flavor is this!?" Alice asks.

"It is Gummy Worm flavored, I have Blue Raspberry flavored." I said.

"It is Delicious!" Alice says.

"Well yeah it was Irene's idea." Andy says. "Anyways who is your new friend?" Andy asks.

"My name is Alice, Alice Jones I am just a friend of Irene's." Alice says.

"Yeah, we met not that long ago." I said.

"Well, anyways Irene I have got to go." Andy says hugging me and kissing my forehead.

He walked up to the driver seat, sitting down buckling up, and starting the truck off. Driving off Alice and I were eating our cotton candy. All of a sudden I heard a loud scream making me dart up from my dream.

"GET AWAY FROM MY BABY BOY!" My father said there was a thud.

I darted towards my brother's room my brother lie there on the ground motionless pale I screamed and ran out the door banging on the Minter's door. She opened the door to see tears rolling down my face with a horrified look.

"Oh my god, Irene are you okay?"Mrs.Minter ask.

"No my brother h-he's dead." I said sobbing

"John call the cops now!" says as my father comes out with blood on his hands.

"Hurry up Irene and get inside." Mrs.Minter says pulling me inside locking the door.

My father walked towards the house the police had pulled in getting out of the car tasering my dad as they cuffed him and made him stand up they pushed him into the police cruiser. Soon enough they questioned them then went on to questioning me.

"So you ran outside the house and banged on the door?" The Officer asks.

"Yes sir." I said.

"Then pulled you inside since she saw your father come outside with blood on his hands." The Officer said.

"Yes sir she did pull me inside sir." I said politely wiping tears off of my face.

"So how did this happen?" The Officer asks.

"Well I was woken up from my sleep when I heard my father scream and heard a thud. I then ran towards my brother's room a-a-nd my brother h-h-he was dead my father was leaning over him a-a-nd I screamed and ran downstairs across the street." I said to him.

He was writing everything down I already knew because he had a pen and a notebook in his hand he had scribbled down everything I said. Another officer told him something that made his eyebrows rise.

"So Irene you are sixteen years old, your mother was murdered when you were younger, and you just moved here four years ago." He asks.

"Yes sir that is correct." I said.

"Do you have any other family members that would want to watch you?" He asks.

"No sir I don't know any of my family member's my mother never introduced me to her family and neither did my father." I said.

"Well you know we have to put you in foster care." The Officer said.

"No I will not go into foster care my mom has money saved up before I was born so I can use that to live off of I also have my college funding and my job." I said.

"Well I guess you are right you can stay, but first we have to clean up the murder scene before you can go back in." He says.

"Alright then." I said my face looked very grim.

"We will watch her for that time being officer." says.

"Alright Ma'am." He says.

We saw the police officer take off with my father I cringed he wasn't my father anymore he was a murder and I will never forgive him. A couple of days later they said my father was guilty they charged him for murder, and they put him in an insane asylum it was the same as Alice's father which I didn't know. I was finally allowed to go back into my house Hatsune Miku was sitting on the couch I could tell it was her because she was the only pasta with pink hair.

"It was my fault your brother died Irene I fell asleep." Hatsune says crying.

"No it wasn't you were up for most of the day you got tired and fell asleep." I said to her.

"I didn't expect two pastas getting in it was the Angel Statue and Laughing Jack." Hatsune says tears falling down her cheeks.

"I will get my revenge later I need to go school supply shopping and grocery shopping." I said.

"Don't forget to bring Liu with you for protection Irene." Hatsune said wiping her tears away.

"I won't forget to bring him with me I promise." I said to Hatsune he was standing at the top of the stairs.

"Finally I get to go out and do something." Liu says stretching as he walks down the stairs.

Soon enough we arrived at the supermarket Liu had parked the truck turning off the engine to the vehicle we got out and he locked the car doors. I had taken the truck my dad had bought me which I wasn't supposed to know about till I passed my driver's test and coarse it was a GMC it was my favorite color. Liu and I walked into the store I had got my green school supplies and then went to the grocery aisle. Liu started asking what things were as I told him what it was he put it in the cart he then found a bunch of sweets he put them into the cart as well it was probably a bad idea to bring him with me. Maybe when I go shopping next time I will bring Alex instead soon enough we checked out in a check out aisle the stuff was at least four hundred and twelve dollars. I paid them the exact amount of money Liu grabbed most of the bags and I grabbed the last bit we then headed towards the truck putting it in the back seat. I then got in the truck on the passenger side Liu got in on the driver's side he then started the truck backing out of the lot he then put it into drive. While Liu was driving down the road he had started a conversation with me.

"I don't want what happened to your brother happen to you." He said while driving.

"I understand that I just didn't expect him to get killed and with what happened to my father he is much safer there than at the house." I said.

"Well at least you understand why we let him get arrested." He said.

"It is fine I must avenge my brother, but I will have to wait until I graduate this upcoming year." I said.

"Well for a sixteen year old you are pretty intelligent." He says.

"Yes I know. Oh I need you to drop me off for my driver's test Saturday." I said.

"I will not leave you there, you know I don't trust anyone. I will watch you take the test." He said.

We pulled into the driveway we parked the truck in the garage Alex pulled open the passenger back seat grabbing groceries as Liu pulled the keys out of the ignition he put the keys in his pocket. He then turned around grabbing some more groceries as I picked up the last bit of bags two of which had my school supplies the other with food. I closed all three doors then headed inside to help Alex, Liu, Hatsune , and Alice put the groceries away. Liu handed Hatsune two bags of gummy bears and gummy worms I handed the last two to Alice we all had our lunch Hatsune ate her sweets, Alice made something, Liu made Pizza Rolls, Alex made himself some Hot Pockets, and I made a sub. The rest soon enough came inside to make themselves lunch I couldn't tell what it was. We all couldn't fit on the couch so some had to sit on the floor we watched comedy movies they were hilarious soon enough time passed it was my bed time we headed upstairs to my room. We as in Liu, Alice, and I Alice went to sleep right as she hit the guest bed I had in my room. As for me I couldn't sleep so Liu started petting my hair looking out the window after ten minutes I went to sleep.

We were back in the amusement park I was sick and tired of going back to this place this was the second time. This time though Limbless people were playing games and music was playing I was about to boil with rage.

"Seriously clown?!" I said, the limbless people stopped what they were doing, and they turned their heads.

"That is no way to talk to me you are in my territory." Laughing Jack said.

"Go away father." Alice says.

"Yeah, so we are in your territory you invited us here." I said.

"I-i-i." Laughing Jack said.

"That is what I thought you would say." I said.

"I will get you one day Alice Jones!" Laughing Jack said.

The scenery began to change so did the dream itself. I was in my own city now yeah it was my city. I created it all by myself when I was younger I had no one my age to talk to. Kids were playing games, Dogs were barking, and the air was filled with the scent of peppermint. What a wonderful day I thought it was time to visit Johan at the cafe so I started walking towards the city so did Alice. I walked into the cafe today was Julie's day off so her twin brother Johan was in today.

"Hey Johan how's it going." I said walking up towards the cash register.

"Hey Irene, I am alright and this was the person Andy mentioned?" Johan asks.

"Yeah, this is Alice." I said

"Yeah, my name is Alice, Alice Jones." Alice says.

"She has cool eyes, I wish I had her's" Johan says.

"Thanks at least someone treats me like I am human." Alice says.

"Yeah, well it is nice to see you again Johan. Is there anything suspicious going on in the city?" I asked curiously this was very important.

"A customer came in today mentioning black holes on the walls of the city like someone was trying to get in." Johan says.

"That is important and needs to be tended to now." I said, stretching over the counter I gave Johan a hug as we said our goodbyes.

I found a couple of black holes in the walls there was at least ten of them I had to pull out my spell book which was written in German. I then started saying the spell putting my hand near the hole my hand was engulfed in purple flames as the hole began to close I started closing the other ones.

"Ha no a** hole will be able to get into my city now!" I said, after I finished the last hole I put the book away which extinguished my hand this time my hand was not purple.

"Hey, Irene I have a bad feeling." says Alice.

"I think I know why." I looked at Alice her dreamself was becoming a hologram.

Soon enough Alice disappeared in her hologram form which wasn't funny I then woke up to the sound of something sharp hitting another sharp object which caused my ears to ring. I walked up towards the window where Alice was standing her expression grim she shut the window locking it,she did the same with my bedroom door,and then she pushed me into the closet locking it.

"Alice let me out!" I yelled since, the doors were thick and not thin.

"I cannot I am sorry it is not safe right now." Alice says.

"I do not like tight spaces Alice!" I said, pounding on the door.

"I cannot let you out right now they are here." Alice says, looking out the window.

To the outdoors Liu,Alex,Jeff,and Jane were outside fighting each other Liu had his crowbar while Alex had his butcher knife,Jane with her two knives,and Jeff with his knife . Metal clanged together making high pitched shrieking sounds none of them knew Irene could hear it from the closet.

"I MUST KILL JEFF!" Liu yells whacking Jeff off his head knocking him over but he just got back up.

"Aww come on Liu, how about you go to sleep." Jeff says.


"Brother but it will be fun!~" Jeff says.


"I was doing it to protect you." Jeff cackles.


"Don't go to sleep or you'll never wake up." Jane says.

"SHUT UP!" Alex yells.

"Aww come on Alex, she was not worth anything~" Jane says.

"DO NOT TALK ABOUT MY DEAD GIRLFRIEND LIKE THAT!" Alex snaps, stabbing Jane in the stomach.

"Gaak!" Liu says cuts all over his body Jeff attempted to make him beautiful while he was awake.

"MMMPH!" Jeff says, as he is stabbed in the stomach with Liu's crowbar.

By the time he stabbed her Liu already had his crowbar in Jeff's stomach Liu had cuts all over him.

"Awww Alex she was a Wh*** anyways~" Jane says, leaning in closer as she stabs him in the shoulder.

"AUGH! You f****** low life!" Alex says, jamming the knife in deeper, she did try blocking, but Alex was to angry that he deflected both her blows with one knife.

"Aawww~" Jane says, jabbing one of her knives deeper in his shoulder.

"I am sick of you!" Alex says, as he yanks the knife out of her stomach "Don't go to sleep or you will never wake up!" He cackles, stabbing her in the heart.

"GGGAAAK!" Jane says, spitting blood in Alex's face as she collapses.

Jane lie there motionless, Jeff was shocked to the point where he stopped fighting Liu looking down at Jane's corpse only if Jeff hadn't gone insane his friend,his brother,mother,and father would not have ended up like this. Jeff pulls the crowbar out of his stomach, he runs over towards Jane, picking up her corpse, and he then runs off into the woods. Liu looks at Alex and Alex looks at Liu a smirk comes onto their faces soon enough Liu would be able to kill Jeff. For now both of them lie in the grass Alex has partially avenged his dead girlfriend Leona Shantelle. Only if she was here with him he would not have became a lot of what he was now. All of a sudden Liu had gotten up he started climbing up the roof towards Irene's room he knocked on the window Alice unlocked the window Liu got in Irene's bedroom.

"Where is Irene?" Liu asks, anxiously worried.

"In the closet safe." Alice says.

"Thank You!" Liu ran towards the closet, unlocking the closet door, and flinging the closet door open hugging me.

"You are welcome." Alice says.

"Are you hurt Irene?!" Liu says, checking me for injuries.

"I am fine Liu." I said, as he pulled me into a hug.

"I promise I will not let anything happen to you ever." Liu says, as it sounds like a promise.

"Alright Liu relax I am fine." I said. "Liu what happened why are you all cut up?" I asked.

"My brother and I got in a altercation and it didn't turn out so pretty." Liu said smiling.

"We gotta get those cleaned instantly or they will become infected!" I said dragging Liu towards the bedroom door,unlocking the bedroom door, and dragging him towards the bathroom.

"I'll be fine I promise." Liu says.

"Not unless those wounds are tended properly!" I said getting stuff to fix those cuts.

"Irene no don't NO!, NO!, NO!, NO!, NO!, NO!" Liu says as I got closer.

"This is going to sting a little." I said.

Liu screams as it stings a lot more than a little which causes Alice,Hatsune,and Dream to come into the bathroom as they looked like they were going to lunge at me till they noticed what I was doing and went back to guarding their area.

"You lied." Liu says.

"Well I did not want you to panic until you screamed." I said.

"Oh alright, well that was quite immature of me." Liu said rubbing the back of his neck.

"Next time do not give me a miniature heart attack." I said, putting bandages on his cuts.

"I am sorry I did not mean to." Liu said.

"You better be sorry they could have killed me." I said.

"Alright, alright you will be fine I promise." Liu says smiling.

A week had passed no dreams of the amusement park with Alice's father we did visit my city every night in my dreams. Everyone kept their guard no other betrayers came onto the property which made everyone's nerves go up we everyone except for me did have a meeting.

"This makes me very uneasy." Hoodie says.

"Yeah, it has been a week and no one else has attacked the property." Masky said.

"I noticed that it makes me uneasy also." Liu says.

"They probably learned not to f*** with us since I killed Jane." Alex says smiling.

"Well they could just be plotting for later." Hatsune says.

"Agreed, I would not wait until something happens. I would rather be on edge then say f*** that I will wait until something happens." Alice says.

I woke up today I had to take my driver's education test to get my permit I picked out my favorite T-shirt green with black stripes I pulled a set of my green goggles I put them on with my shirt. I put on my black diamond jeans then put my suspenders on they also had diamond print on them I was so happy I actually put on my black boots instead of my everyday knee high converse. I then headed towards the door I opened it then I heard a noise in the room I grabbed something close near by which was Liu's crowbar. I turned around with the crowbar in my hand my heart pounded really fast holy sh** it was Laughing Jack the guy in Alice's and my dream. I then swung it at him I hit him on the head knocking him unconscious I then ran downstairs with the crowbar in my hand my face was pale.

"He is here oh my god!" I said.

"Who?" Everyone said confused.

"Laughing Jack was in my bedroom!" I said

Everyone except for Liu,Alice,Ben,and I stayed downstairs they beat the crap out of Laughing Jack they brought him downstairs they had tied him up. Then when they brought him downstairs they started kicking him in the stomach really hard he was actually wincing in pain.

"A-alice help your father would you?" Laughing Jack said.

"No, I will not help you." Alice said angered.

"You dare get near her or Irene and I will finish you myself." Ben said.

" No, I actually will." I said.

"So this is the bossy one that interrupted me while trying to get you?" Laughing Jack says.

"Yes and she is my friend." Alice says.

"Hello Alice's friend." Laughing Jack says.

I got up then whacked him in the stomach he crumpled up while being tied up.

"Shut your trap or you will not get out of my house alive now Liu lets go I have to go take my test." I said.

We took my truck Liu drove we arrived where I was taking my test he then got out of the vehicle the instructor came up he got in the truck.

"Ready to take the test?" The Instructor said.

"Yes." I said.

I passed the test now for the driving part I successfully passed the driving test he had said I passed,he did the process to get my permit he handed to me, Liu then got on the driver's side I then got in the passenger seat we drove back to my house with my permit. We arrived at the house Liu parked the truck as I went inside the group had beaten up Laughing Jack pretty badly he didn't even look around neither.

"Have you learned your lesson from trespassing?" I stared down at him.

"N-n-no." Laughing Jack groans in pain.

I walked over to the crowbar, picked it up, and Liu looked at me so did the other's. I walked back over towards Laughing Jack he was looking up at me his eyes twinkled as tears streamed down his face.

"N-n-n-o more please." Laughing Jack says.

"Get this pathetic piece of crap out of here and off my property." I said.

"As you wish my lady." Hoodie says politely.

Hoodie,Masky,Bloody Painter,and Hatsune carried him far away off the property they probably dropped him off to Slenderman they will probably be locked into battle forever. They came back around noon a evil grin on their faces. I sipped my hot cocoa as they stand in the kitchen.

"Progress report please." I said.

"We took him to Slender-Man, Slender-Man looked quite happy about it." Hoodie & Masky both said.

"As I thought you would, thank you for dealing with him while I was taking my driver's test." I said.

"Did you pass the driver's test?" Hatsune asks.

"Yes I did both the test and the coarse. I have my permit I just need to wait a couple of months for my driver's license." I said.

"Congratulations!" all four said.

"Thank you I kind of needed that." I said.

"Your welcome and you did need a little cheering up. Laughing Jack probably would have killed you, great idea by grabbing the crowbar." Painter said.

"I knew he would have probably done it that is why I whacked him on the head." I said.

"I am just wondering where your tentacles are Irene." Ben says standing by the kitchen doorway.

"About that I did find some of my mom's diary's in the attic they are in my room." I said.

I went upstairs with Ben and Hatsune just incase something else happens the diary's are in my closet I opened the closet grabbing the medium sized box I took it downstairs back into the kitchen. I opened the box one diary was stacked onto another assuming it was a series they probably were labeled by number I grabbed the first one I started reading it. This was my mom's very first diary she got it when she was six years old up to her middle school year. I put it back in the box then grabbed the third one. It was a continued thing of her college year I silently flipped through it everyone was looking at me one part of this diary mentions my mom meeting my dad Splendorman I was surprised it actually ended there. I put that one back grabbing the fourth one my mom did marry Splendorman. It was in here after a couple of days she was getting morning sickness then after a couple of months I was born it mentions that after a couple of weeks my mom and dad decided to go out to dinner leaving me with my uncle Slenderman . He accidentally fell asleep so when they got back Smexy was hunched over me my mom had pushed him away from me grabbing me then packing our stuff after getting in a argument with their father's she divorced my dad . So she was a single mom till she met my step dad after three years I was four years old by then they got married and had my brother. It mentions a couple of times about me growing tentacles and her having to cut them off.

"I found out why I do not have tentacles now." I said sighing.

"Why is that actually?" Ben asks.

"My mom cut them off since I was an infant." I said.

"Oh, that is why." Alice says.

"I think I can still get them back though." I said.

"How is that going to even be possible?" Hatsune says.

"Well I guess we can figure it out sooner or later." I said.

To Be Continued...

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