Splendorman's Daughter (A CreepyPasta FanFiction)

Chapter 3

Previously On Splendor-Man's Daughter

"I found out why I don't have tentacles now." I said sighing.

"Why's that actually?" Ben asks.

"My mom cut them off since I was an infant." I said.

"Oh, that's why." Alice says.

"I think I can still get them back though." I said.

"How is that going to even be possible?" Hatsune says.

"Well I guess we can figure it out sooner or later." I said.

Currently on Splendor-Man's Daughter

Everyone sits in the kitchen thinking about how to get my tentacles back while there is now a knock on the door. Liu then checks through the peep hole to find Splendorman at the door with his younger brother Slenderman he then lets the two in shutting the door and locking it. Both of them walk into the kitchen including Liu who came back.

"Hey everyone how's it going?" Splendor-Man says, wearing his usual attire.

"We are thinking on how to get Irene's tentacles back." Almost everyone says except for me.

"Well she is still my daughter she does not need tentacles to be my family." Splendorman says.

"Actually pastas already know she is your daughter, because she brings joy and happiness like a tornado." Slender-Man says.

"Well it is not my fault I wanted to clear my name and history like you brother. Even though you do it in a more aggressive way more or less." Splendorman says.

"Well I did not make father mad to the point where he took my powers away." Slender-Man says.

"Note that he can still get his abilities back when he is more angry." Liu and Alex say then they look at each other.

"Ahh, yes that is true I have seen it before." Masky and Hoodie say.

All four of them just start laughing, because they repeated the same thing at the same time which just adds to the confusion. Everyone just starts laughing I looked at them weirdly then I just randomly started giggle fits.

"Okay guys. no more clowning around." Splendorman says.

Everyone still laughs some are rolling on the floor laughing. I at least stopped because my lungs started hurting.

"Get it he said clowning around!" Liu says rolling on the floor laughing.

"Yeah broski he did!" Hoodie says laughing his a** off.

"Okay Guys I am serious." Splendor-Man says.

"Alright." They all replied getting up dusting themselves off.

"So, how do we figure out this problem?" Slender-Man and I said, we looked at each other weirdly.

"Oh my god, this is so hilarious!" Alice says laughing.

"This is weird!" I said looking at her.

"Okay, okay everyone silence for a moment." Splendor-Man says, a minute of silence passes.

"Okay, is everyone done laughing?" Slender-Man says.

"Yes." We all replied.

An hour passes about the conversation on how to get my tentacles back. Both Slender-Man and Splendor-Man come to a conclusion that I do not need them back seeing as how I go back to school next week which means Alice needs to go back home now.

"Anyways, we need to go now." Splendor-Man says, looking at Slenderman.

"Yeah, I got to take Alice and Ben back to Alice's house." Slender-Man says, looking back at Splendor-Man.

"Yeah, I promise we will see each other later." Alice says towards me.

"I know this, take care you two." I said.

"Actually us four." Sonic exe. says.

"Yes, Smile Dog and you shall keep watch at Alice's house with Ben." Slenderman says.

"Well bye you four!" Hoodie,Masky,Dream,Hatsune,Tails Doll,Bloody Painter,Phantom Epona,Ticci,and I said.

"Come on Phantom Epona. you are coming with us too." Slenderman says.

"Alright boss, I will go with you too." Phantom Epona says.

Soon enough they left Dream decided he wanted to go with them leaving Liu,Alex,Hoodie,Masky,Bloody Painter,Tails Doll,Ticci, Hatsune, and me. I looked around noticing the mess we all made so I decided to clean the living room.

"Well seeing as she is cleaning might as well." Alex says, joining in as he cleans the kitchen and does the dishes.

"Yeah, I will clean the dining area." Liu says, going to clean the dining room.

"Since I have not done or said much while I was here. I will clean each room and wash the bedding." Ticci says sighing, as he cleans the bedrooms along with the bedding.

"Well we will vacuum the hallways!" Hoodie and Masky say, helping each other vacuum the hallways. They made it less of a chore by joking around seeing who can vacuum faster.

Soon enough the house wash spotless, Ticci did a great job cleaning each room, he washed, and dried the bedding. He also made each bed to my surprise, Hatsune cleaned the garage,and she washed the truck. Since it was lunch time, I made lunch, while Alex set the table, and everyone was just sitting at the table. Liu had his head rested on the dining table. I cooked my favorite dish, which was fried peanut butter sandwich with sweet potato fries. I put the sandwiches on a giant plate and the fries in the biggest bowl I could find. Then I went to grab glass cups set them around the table, then grabbed the root beer in the fridge, then the icecream from the freezer, I made them root beer floats which emptied the icecream pretty quickly including the root beer. I then sat down Liu then pulled his head up he hadn't slept all week I could tell his cuts healed so the bandages were taken off.

"Thanks for lunch Irene." Liu says.

"We appreciate it!" the rest say.

"Okay then dig in." I said.

They all grabbed a sandwich each I did also we then all grabbed some sweet potato fries. Some acted quiet fincky with their food probably cause they don't eat human food Liu pretended it was normal and put it in his mouth probably to make me not feel bad. His eyes widened he just ate all the fries off of his plate and he smiled. Everyone else saw what Liu did and decided to put it in their mouths finally and they ate their whole plate of fries. While I watched in amusement I was eating my sandwich which I had my fries off to the side.

"Hey, you going to eat those?" Alex says.

"Yeah, are you going to?" Hatsune asks.

"Why yes, I am going to eat my fries after I finish my sandwich geez." I said.

"Oh I forgot about those!" Alex says, grabbing his sandwich off of his plate taking a bite.

They all just look at Alex as he nibbles the sandwich away grabbing his drink taking sips. They assumed the so called sandwich that looked burnt probably tasted good so they decided to try it to their amazement it wasn't burnt it actually tasted great! Soon after they took their third bite I finished my sandwich and started eating my fries.

"You eat slowly." Liu whined.

"It helps with the digestive system." I said. "And I am not the one who is whining when he has not even finished his sandwich." I then remarked.

"Fine." Liu grumbles. pushing whatever was left of his sandwich in his mouth.

By the time Liu finishes his sandwich along with his drink and I finished my fries. Everyone was just running around doing nothing.

"Why can't we do anything fun?" Hoodie whined.

"Yeah!" Masky agrees.

I just face palmed, men complain to much now a days, I just got up and sighed. Liu looked at me giving me a weird look some days I wish he was not over protective of me. All I thought of him was he was hot, but not something I wanted or to be forced to be married to. I am just afraid if I just push him away he will switch his personality. Which I do not want to see that side of him so I just let him over protectively hug me and crap. I just did not like him the way he probably liked me, heck he even watches me sleep which is god damn creepy as f***. I mean seriously, he has to be all up in my personal space bubble. While thinking to myself he happened to walk up behind me pulling me into a hug. This is what I am talking about.

Point Of View Swap - Liu

Looking down at Irene I could tell she was thinking of something. I honestly grew a fond liking of her even when her real father mentioned her name it caught my attention. I liked how he said she was betrothed to me so at least I got a little bit of a benefit. I just wonder if she actually loves me well I am not overly attached to her or anything some days I cannot tell what mood she is in. But damn this green color surely is attractive, it especially caught my attention, it also brings out her pretty eye color man, and I wished I had her eye color wait weren't her eyes usually blue. They definitely weren't blue today, some reason they were a sea green and aqua color how in the hell was that even possible? I wonder does anyone else see this? Apparently someone did know it was Hatsune she was giving her weird glimpses she knew Irene's real eye color too.

"Hey Irene, your eye color isn't blue today." Hatsune mentions.

"Wait, what really?!" Irene said.

"She isn't joking they're like a sea green and aqua color." I said.

"Can I see! Let me see!" Irene said, she must be a real fan of green cause she perked up about the mention green.

"Alright." I said letting her go, she ran into the bathroom to look at her eyes.

Point Of View Swap - Irene

I went inside the bathroom closing and locking the door so that I made sure they were not joking. I looked into the mirror at my eyes, holy crap my eyes were gorgeous they were a sea green and aqua color. Holy crap, they were not lying, and just to enjoy this moment I stare at my reflection for a great period of time until I hear a knock on the door.

"Hey Irene, are you okay?" It sounded like Liu.

"Yeah, I am fine Liu." I said, I unlocked the door opening it to my surprise it was Liu.

"I am bored!" Masky whined, as I went towards the closet in the living room and threw a box at his face making him yelp.

"What was that for!?" Masky demands furious.

"OOOOOOOOO!~" Hoodie exclaimed excitedly, looking down at the game board he squeals.

"What is it Hoodie?!" Masky hears him squeal, it sounded like a Ninth grader.

"It is Twister Masky!" Hoodie plops his bum on the floor, opening the box grabbing out the twister map with the spinners.

"Oh wow, it's Twister." Masky says sarcastically since he does not know how to play this game.

"No way, you don't know how to play Twister Masky?!" Alex says noticing he used sarcasm.

"I do not know how to play." Masky scolded.

"I will teach you!~" Alex says, grabbing his hand.

Most of them join in the game as Liu looks at me with a sh** eating grin on his face. Aww crap I probably know what he is going to make me do. He goes into the closet grabbing a deck of my step father's poker cards and heads towards the fridge grabbing out two pack of beers nobody notices because Alex is teaching them how to play Twister.

"Want to play strip poker?" Liu whispers in my ear.

"No thanks Liu." I whisper back, thinking I heard just poker.

"Bock, bock, bock." Liu whispers in my ear describing me as a chicken, which makes me furious so I dim-wittedly accepted his challenge.

"I will make you regret those chicken noises it is on!" I whisper in his ear.

He bolts upstairs as I chase him which he leads me into my room. He locks the door seeing as we are playing strip poker there would be a bit of nudity involved which made me shiver. Ah sh**, what did I set myself up for gosh I am so stupid I was to distracted watching them play Twister. When Liu made those chicken noises I simply said yes. I thought I heard just poker though apparently not. It hit me he did say strip poker, ah sh** no backing out now he sets up the cards shuffling them. He does a card bridge setting out the maximum amount of poker cards to both of us we both are sitting on my bed. He is just smirking as he pulls a beer out of the case. He sets it down on the small shelf I have next to the side of my bed. He grabs another one handing it to me, I refuse he just sets it on the night stand he will bet me to drink it on our first round of poker.

"If I win this bet you have to drink that whole beer." He points towards the one on the nightstand.

"And if I win I do not have to drink it." I said towards him.

Eventually, he won that one round causing me to drink the alcohol, I kept losing each round of poker, and I was finishing my fourth beer. Wait why was he getting me drunk anyways? He lost a bet which he had to take his pants off. I lost two more bets after that making me take my shirt along with my pants off. I was embarrassed to the point that I was blushing like a tomato. I won another bet making him take his shirt off. He won a couple more making me take off my shoes,socks,and making me drink four more beers afterwards I was completely drunk. Not noticing any of my actions since I was drunk completely it was not the same for Liu. He was on his fourth beer and we had sex to me it was an accident.

Point of View Swap - Liu

I looked at Irene after we had sex, she was probably sh** faced drunk, because she was not acting like herself. She cuddled me right after she changed into her pajamas. She nearly fell over so I had to rush to put my boxers and pants back on to catch her. I was completely drunk, but I noticed my actions which meant I was fully in control of myself while she was not. She went into a deep sleep, I unlocked the door, I almost had finished walking back towards the bed when I heard a knock on the door. I walked all the way back towards the door, opening the door, standing there was Ticci Toby his eyes widened noticing me shirtless, and he looked over my shoulder noticing a whole pack of beer gone as the bottles looked empty. He pulled on my arm, I shut the door to her bedroom silently on the way out.

"What were you two doing?!" Ticci Toby asks twitching as always.

"We uh, played strip poker" I said, scratching the back of my neck.

"And?" Ticci Toby asked.

"We had unprotected sex." I said, as his eyes widen.

"Liu he said that you were betrothed to her not get her pregnant before she finishes school!" Ticci Toby nearly slaps me across the face though I block it with my own arm.

"Dude, I am sure she has not had sex with anyone else she will be fine." I said to Ticci Toby reassuringly.

"You better be damned right." Ticci Toby mumbles, before he heads back down to help the other's clean up twister.

I headed back into Irene's room she was snoring in her sleep, but it was the adorablest snore you would ever hear. She is talking in her sleep mentioning how much she loves me and crap she will probably not remember anything when she wakes up with a massive headache I hope. I join her in the activity known as sleep the wind picks up right after I fall asleep not a couple of hours later *CRASH BOOM CRACKLE BANG* it starts raining hard all that could be heard is loud pitter pattering of rain with the thunder. All of a sudden Irene is up, huddled in a corner on her bed awake I assumed, I could feel the bed shake, probably because she was scared, so I wake up looking over at her, she was scared apparently, she threw a tiny pillow at the window, and she is rubbing her temples on her head.

"Ooww, my head hurts and dumb thunder." Irene says.

Point Of View Swap - Irene

I was woken by loud winds,a crash,boom,crackle,bang,the pittering , and patter of heavy rain with thunder. I was huddled in a corner on my bed, shaking scared, I threw a tiny pillow at the window before Liu had even bothered to wake up, and now he is looking at me rubbing my temples on my head.

"Ooww, my head hurts and dumb thunder." I said.

"You will be fine princess." Liu says towards me, the scent of alcohol hitting my nose.

"Alright, whatever you say." I said towards Liu, I noticed he was shirtless he had scratches on his chest.

"What?" Liu says, he notices that I was looking at the scratches on his chest with my name carved in it!

"Nothing important that is all." I lied to him, all of a sudden a wave of small pain causes my back to tingle.

I run towards my bedroom mirror, lifting the back of my shirt to see Liu's name was scratched into my back!

"Ooo that's a lovely name it's right in the midsection of your back~" Liu says happily.

"Not funny!" I snapped I was quickly recovering from the eight beers I drank I'm sober now.

"I like where you put mine~" Liu winks.

"Good!" I snarled.

"No need to get fiesty there." Liu says.

I grabbed at my chest the hand print glowing gold, it sent a sharp pain in my chest causing me to fall onto the ground crumbling up in pain. Liu noticed it when we had sex, it was his hand print, he already knew I would adapt to it soon, and the pain would be less of a problem. Liu came over towards me, picking me up, and putting me into his lap on the bed I was still crumpled up though.

"Hey, do you wanna mark me the same way I marked you?" Liu asks.

"Yes, I would love to!" I snapped at him.

"Okay! Let's have almost matching hand tattoos~" He smiles.

He cuts my hand, causing my blood to bleed all over my hand as I put it on his chest it glows a vibrant green. He goes to take a shower, the hand print stays, and the blood goes away all of a sudden my hand heals really fast. How odd I thought to myself, a wound does not just heal instantly I washed my hands in the kitchen sink. The thunder scares me again, I hate it, it happens unexpectedly, I see a streak of lightning, a human figure stands outdoors, and on the sidewalk a couple of inches away from my property causing my eyes widen. The lightning streaks again, two figures are there, the lightning streaks very bright this time, and I notice the two figures it is Jeff the Killer with Laughing Jack. I froze, Liu comes up behind me, he pecks his lips on my neck causing a slight moan to escape my lips. He notices the two figures outside and he flips them off as we are inside. I just laugh with him both of our hand prints glow, mine a bright gold this time painless, his is a bright green, his is also painless, and the scratches disappeared right after I put the hand print there.

Point Of View Swap - Jeff

I am on the sidewalk, I look towards the window seeing a feminine figure washing her hands. She notices me and freezes still in place at the sink. Jack appears next to me, I bet she knows who I am, I see my little sh** of a brother pecking her neck. I hated him now more than ever, he's got a beautiful girlfriend something I wanted, I clenched my hand into a fist he flips me off and Laughing Jack off at the same time. I see two glowing colors a green and along with a gold.

Point Of View Swap- Laughing Jack

I stared at Jeff's emotions, noticing the clenched fist when he saw her. Liu had flipped him off causing more to the agitation of his brother. Note that it was towards both of us I could tell, I liked how his brother's chest glowed the color green, but the feminine figure got my attention the most the bright vibrant gold color.

"I feel like gutting her intestines and making them into balloon animals." I said.

"You will not touch her!" Jeff says, staring at the feminine figure more. His eyes look saddened seeing his brother happy.

"Someone is jealous of his little brother's accomplishment." I said chirpy, with my black and white cone shaped nose spinning.

"No, I am not jealous!" Jeff scolded, I could tell he was jealous, and the way he looked at her showed it.

"She has the same hair color I used to have a bright vibrant red." I said.

"I cannot imagine a clown with red hair." Jeff says, looking at me.

"It was before I was trapped in my music box for thirteen years, my dearest friend Isaac had promised he would let me out. He did not let me out, he forgot about me, and I was accidentally let out. I was surprised about how you killed people so I decided to befriend you. Since we have the same interest in killing people." I said towards Jeff.

"Yeah, yeah clown anyways, I need to make someone go to sleep, and do whatever the hell it is you do damned clown. Go do it." Jeff says, as he heads over to a kids house to make the kid so called beautiful.

I walked towards an orphanage, ah yes I will kill every single kid in this orphanage. I will make their intestines my confetti and balloon shaped animals. So I did as so, I was so happy about killing those kids, and I popped a piece of my candy in my mouth before cleaning up my masterpiece. Soon that girl Irene will be my next masterpiece and I will never clean it up! I soon enough met up with Jeff afterwards. Apparently the kid he made beautiful, his parents were screaming as they called the cops. We ran towards our hideout far in the woods, right close near Irene's favorite parts store. The sign said please keep out, we met up with our leader Smexy and the Vice Leader a friend of his Eyeless Jack. To my amusement everyone was here Suicidal Squidward, Mickey Mouse,Herobrine,Jeff, The Rake,and a couple of other people.

"How are we going to kill Irene?" Smexy says.

"I do not know, but take it as a warning do not f*** with Liu, Alex, Splendor, and Slender." Eyeless Jack says.

"I do not think we would want to kill her at all." Herobrine says, miss placing Jack's hoodie. Moving Jack's hoodie to a place where it is not supposed to be.

"Why not that wretched little b**** probably has powers that we do not have." Smexy says.

"So what if she has those powers she and Laughing Jack's daughter Alice can be very violent. If Alice's dark side connects with her she will be in complete madness, Irene can get really violent probably and can do unexplained things." Eyeless Jack says.

"Well, I tell you this if they teamed up we'd all be screwed they are powerful mythical beings and Irene's powers yet to bloom. You are afraid because she has something you do not have." Says Suicidal Squidward.

"Yes, I am afraid of her." Smexy says.

"So, how do we kill her or both of them?" Eyeless Jack questions.

"How about we just torture them?" Herobrine says.

"Great idea." Smexy says.

"I want to gut Irene like like a pig and hang her intestines all over like party decor and make the last bit into balloon animals." I said.

"How about you do nothing to neither of them!" Jeff growls angered.

"Well, this is odd of you Jeff what's the problem?" Smexy asks.

"He is just jealous his brother has something he does not" I said.

Point Of View Swap- Irene

So, the Minter's decided to come over today to check in on me after the whole incident. Liu was asking who they were,what they liked,what they did for a job, and a couple of other things. I was surprised when Jeff did not do anything same with Laughing Jack. I heard the television turn on, it was Masky, he was watching the news for the first time in years is what he said.

"Anyways, there was a report on a murder of a young boy and all of kids at an orphanage who have went missing. Now to our reporter Tim on the murder of the young boy." said Aphrodite.

The lady on television probably the boy's mom telling the whole world about the unfortunate accident the camera swaps to Tim.

"Yes there has been a murder, it most likely happened last night during the storm we had. There was blood everywhere apparently and written on the walls was Go To Sleep the police believe it was Jeff the Killer. Seeing as he always does this to his victims, and it's a sad day for the Opaline family on the loss of their son." Tim says as it swaps back to the lady named Aphrodite sitting behind the desk.

"Now to Carl on the report of the kids at the orphanage missing." Aphrodite says as the camera switches to Carl.

"One of the Nuns said she came in and all the children were missing. She called the cops terrified about the missing children. It seems as if the crime would have been the crime of a mysterious person. Police do not know if they were kidnapped or murdered." Carl said as the camera switched to Aphrodite at the desk again.

"Now for Melody on the weather forecast and Traffic Report." Aphrodite says as the camera switches to Melody.

"The weather forecast for this week is alright, we are in the high sixties this week with a slight drop in temperature probably Thursday and Friday with a bit of rain showers. Now for the Traffic Report, there over to the left lane a car has been broken down which is now being cleaned up." Melody says, as the camera switches to Aphrodite.

"Anyways If you want to get out this week the carnival is in town this Sunday until next Saturday. Ending this Summer with a blast, as people will be heading back to work and school. That is all for the News today tune in tomorrow around eight o'clock in the morning until five o'clock at night." Aphrodite says as the news ends.

I started making lunch for when the Minter's came over around twelve. I decided to make home made pizzas, I made about four of them three for the people staying with me. Along with one for my guests and myself to eat. By the time I was done, the group had the first two pizzas gone. So I gave them the third pizza to eat for lunch as well. They all went into hiding as Liu went to my room, it was a minute before twelve, I put the pizza in the center of the table, and set up lunch for the three of us. I hear the doorbell ring, my guests are here, I went to the door, and I opened the door letting them in.

"Hey Irenebell!" Mrs.Minter says as she enters and heads towards the dining room.

"Hey ." I said.

"Hey Irene!" Mr.Minter says, heading towards the dining room I shut the door.

"So how is it going with you Irenebell?" Mrs.Minter questions.

"I am starting my last year of high school next week and going to the carnival tomorrow." I said.

"That is good to hear how has everything else been?" Mrs.Minter asks.

"The usual bummed out about the death of my brother." I said.

"I know how it is to lose a family member close to you." Mrs.Minter said.

"Same here." Mr.Minter says.

"Anyways I made homemade pepperoni pizza dig in." I said.

"Thanks Irenebell, the pizza looks good." Mrs.Minter says cutting a slice, putting her pizza onto her plate, and she takes a bite.

"Yea I have been cooking a lot more lately." I said.

"That is a good way to improve your cooking Irene." Mrs.Minter said.

After spending two hours with them they decided to leave to go home. Everyone came out of hiding, there was still some pizza left, and both of my guests ate two slices. while I ate three slices of pizza leaving a couple of leftover slices. Liu grabbed another piece of pizza the same went with Hoodie, Masky, Ticci Toby, and Alex. The pizza was gone now, so I cleaned all the dishes washing them and putting them in the dishwasher to be rewashed. I put the dishwasher fluid in the dish liquid holder spot, closing the lid, and closing the dishwasher door as the dishwasher starts up. The group starts playing Clue, Mouse Trap, and Twister. This was my f***** up family and me, I loved them to death they were the best thing that has happened to me these last couple of days. If nobody approved of them I would bury them alive. Even if the group was not my blood relatives, I still loved them, nobody and no one will change them. I went to take a nap in my bed so I can go to the carnival with Liu tomorrow. He was downstairs playing Twister, I heard a pebble hit my window I opened the window looking down. It was the supposed Jeff the Killer Liu's brother!

"What are you doing here?" I snarl.

"I um, just wanted to chat." Jeff said.

"Why should I trust you?" I snapped at him.

"I promise I won't hurt you." Jeff said.

"Alright, I guess I trust you." I said going out the window, easily sitting on the roofing while he is down there still.

"So, what do you want to talk about?" I snarl again.

"Well um, I do not know for sure." Jeff scratches the back of his head.

"Then what was the point of coming on my property?" I snarled.

"I just wanted to chat with you down here." Jeff said.

"Fine, I guess!" I snarled coming down.

"So?" Jeff said.

"What?!" I snarled.

A hand pierces through my leg, as I bite back the pain noticing Laughing Jack there I fell into a trap! I get furious at Jeff, I feel as if I wanted to kill him.

"YOU LIED TO ME!" I yell, as I try to lunge at him, but I get pierced through the stomach with another hand.

"I promised to not hurt you but he did not" Jeff smirks.

"YOU F******* ASS!" I said enraged as something comes out of my back grabbing, Laughing Jack into a choke hold, causing him to yank his hands from my leg and stomach. I hear him beginning to choke loudly. Jeff's eyes widen as he turns to run, but something green shoot out at him and grabs him by the leg with a hardened grip.

They both scream, the green things torments them as I bring them towards my face, but not to close they were green tentacles! I finally got my tentacles! I tormented them more like a cat playing with his or her freshly caught mouse. A grin appears onto my face, my teeth turning into spikes only the front two teeth, and this causes them to scream out loud more. The other pastas stop playing games to come outside to the source of screaming. Their eyes widen as they saw me with green tentacles, I slam the one supposedly called Jeff into the ground multiple times. Before he runs off screaming, Laughing Jack still in my tentacles as I flip him upside down. I said something to the supposedly one called Laughing Jack.

"YOU COME IN CONTACT WITH ME OR ALICE IN ANYWAY AND I WILL FUCKING KILL YOU LIKE A PINATA FULL OF CANDY!" I said pounding him into the ground multiple times worse than Jeff. I fling him at Jeff who was running as he falls with Jack landing on him.

To be continued...

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