Splendorman's Daughter (A CreepyPasta FanFiction)

Chapter 4

Irene’s P.O.V

I sat down taking in a breath, as my stomach and my leg healed up significantly. I noticed that the group that was supposed to be protecting me was standing there. They were probably terrified or they were just shocked that I had green tentacles. The green tentacles all of a sudden sheathed back into my back. While a medium sized puddle of blood was in the grass and that my t-shirt had a medium sized hole of blood on it. It was my blood of course, I looked down at the ground, and looked over towards Liu his eyes were widened.

Liu’s P.O.V

I stared at Irene, I was shocked of course, I saw the green tentacles out of her back, and the tentacles all of a sudden sheathed back into her back. There was a medium sized puddle of blood in the grass and her t-shirt had a medium sized hole of blood on it. She was looking down at the ground and her gaze looked over towards me. She had very vibrant green eyes instead of her usual blue it did not scare me one bit.

“Irene are you alright?” I asked her.

“I will be fine!” she snarled at me.

“Alright, I was just making sure you were alright.” I said to her.

“As I said earlier I will be fine.” she said to me.

“Gosh we are terrible people we were supposed to watch you.” Ticci Toby says.

“I dealt with them already they will not come back for quite a while.” she said.

“Let’s just hope they do not come back for quite a while then. That is like the second time this week something like this has happened.” Alex says.

“If both of them come back I will kill them!” she growled.

“.......” nobody really had a comment, everyone was seeing Irene’s aggressive side.

I really did not say or do anything seeing as the girl I loved was calming down. I know I should wait until she does calm all the way down. When she does I walk up towards, her wrapping my arm around her waist, bringing her back inside, and she tells me to get out of her room while she changes into pajamas. Then it hit me she has tentacles now, we should not tell the other’s just yet. Seeing how both Slenderman and Splendorman tend to go on many vacations as in killing sprees or bringing joy to children. I wonder will Irene become that way, a vicious murderer like us I did not want that to happen to my sweet cherry blossom. I preferred her the way she, was I was so lost in thought she flung the door open pulling me in kissing my lips.

“Sooo babe, what were you thinking about?~” She asked looking at me.

“Nothing really honeysuckle~” I said dazed.

“Honeysuckle eh? You think I am that sweet!~” She said, smiling a big smirk across her face.

“No, No I did not uh um~” I said towards her blushing.

“You do think of me as a honeysuckle how sweet!” She giggled.

“Anyways shouldn’t we be going to bed it is late.” I said, gesturing towards the clock that now reads 8:00 P.m.

“Yeah, we are going to the carnival tomorrow babe~” She said hopping into bed patting a spot next to her wanting me to be there I just slid in the bed.

Irene’s P.O.V

I was in my dreamland, but it did not look like mine it was the run down carnival with its monochrome colors again Laughing Jack was there.

“Irene I am not the bad guy here you know that right?” Laughing Jack said.

“Then who is Laughing Jack?” I asked curiously.

“Your half uncle Sexual Offenderman wants you dead.” Laughing Jack says.

“So then, it really is not your fault is it then?” I said.

“No but he wanted me to kill you earlier, but you see Jeff boy is jealous of what you have with Liu. To be honest I have never seen Jeff look so emotionally hurt in his life.” Laughing Jack says.

“He lied to me and you both tried to kill me!” I cringed saying these words out of my mouth.

“Well yeah, we were originally going to kill you but I have found some interest in you as a Friend.” Laughing Jack says.

“Well good to know, but here is one thing I am happy with Liu and will not ever date Jeff trust me I can already tell that I chose the right guy to be with.” I said.

“Well be warned they do not like each other and would try to gut each other if they had the chance.” Laughing Jack says.

“How amusing if so but honestly I would stop them before they even tried to kill each other.” I said.

The alarm clock goes off Liu gets pissed off slamming his fist down onto the dismiss button. I woke up at from the alarm, he just grunted as he looked over at me. He pulled me in close near him as I pecked his lips, he blushed like a child who received a kiss on the cheek on the playground in kindergarten. I go towards my dresser there was a note on it from Laughing Jack had he been in my room while we were sleeping? Apparently yes it stated that he did not mean to cause me no physical pain my ass, he pierced his hand through my stomach and leg yesterday! I just grabbed my bra, underwear, put them on while getting my diamond printed muscle t-shirt with my checkered diamond printed pants, and I ran over grabbing my knee-high converse with my green goggles I put those on also. I heard a moan of pain as I forgot about Liu’s psychopathic side all of a sudden.

“I must kill!” Liu snarled, darting at me with his crowbar as I dodged.

“Liu, Liu it is me Irene!” I screamed at him panicking, I flipped him over onto his stomach against the floor.

I hear footsteps coming up the stairs really fast as Liu is about to flip me over to pin me. Hoodie along with Masky come in to my room restraining him to the ground. I tremble backwards in fear as he is just the monster now, I sobbed coughing as Alex ran up the stairs to comfort me.

“If Liu comes through tell him to meet me up at the carnival.” I said to Alex, after calming down, and they still had him restrained.

“I think that will be a couple of hours but I will.” Alex said.

I walked towards the coat rack picking up my favorite Blue Exorcist hoodie. As I put the hoodie on heading out towards the door, I grab not my bike this time but my skateboard. I skateboard like eight miles into town to arrive at the carnival. I saw a figure with black long hair, and a cone shaped nose that was white with black swirls. He just pops a piece of candy into his mouth I did not even bother to enter. Seeing corpses around with their intestines, eyes, and tongues ripped out I nearly gagged from the smell of blood. He comes over towards me, he smiles picking me up with his long arms, beginning cradling me, and he smirks as he moves a strand of my red hair from my face.

“You have such beautiful hair, it reminds me of mine or what used to be mine.” Laughing Jack said.

“LAUGHING JACK GET YOUR HANDS OFF OF HER!” Jeff storms in noticing the corpses, but does not give a shit he is furious.

“HOW ABOUT YOU BOTH GET AWAY FROM MY GIRLFRIEND!” Liu snarled, he came for me when I needed him.

Jack set me down unleashing his claws, while Jeff pulls out the signature kitchen knife he has, and Liu has brought his crowbar. His eyes along with Jeff’s go complete black the thirst of wanting bloodshed. When the first strike was blown I ran in attempting to break up the fight bad idea I just got flung out of it which made me really angry. If with wanting to I unleashed my green tentacles wrapping it around the three’s necks. My eyes pitch dark green, I was so furious this time I caused them all to get slight paranoia. All three of them begin to scream, not being able to control myself I shake them furiously, but this time I could not control my tentacles the tentacles were controlling me instead. Soon enough I restrain fighting back the tentacles as I win this battle. All three grasped for air laying on the ground, as my eyes change back to their normal blue color I run over to all three of them.

“Oh my god, I am so sorry! I was not controlling myself I-I did not mean to!” I said, Liu just picked me up he ran off with me I heard Jeff screaming.

“BRING HER BACK HERE!!! BRING HER BACK SHE IS MINE! MINE ONLY!” I heard Jeff scream, he started crying.

“No rotten brother of mine is stealing my precious cherry blossom!” He says kissing me over and over.

“DO NOT TOUCH HER!!!” Jeff squealed, while screaming choking back sobs.

Liu eventually got me home, he climbed up to my window with me in his arms he was growling like mad. He got really over possessive kissing my neck over and over as I let out moans.

“L-Liu please s-stop mm~” I moaned, he smirked.

“So, my cherry blossom enjoys neck kissing.” He says winking.

“Yes I do want it, but no I have to graduate high school. Afterwards I avenge my brother.” I said towards him.

“That is understandable.” He says humming, opening the window, picking me back up as he set his feet down on my bedroom floor, and carrying me over to my bed plopping me down.

I went to bed a horrified dream waved upon me, I was in bed, I had apparently woke up, Liu was over sitting curled up in a corner whispering things, and I did not understand what he was saying. I got up concerned about him and I started walking towards him.

“I MUST KILL!” He said rushing towards me with the crowbar.

“Liu it is me Irene!” I screamed.

“I must kill, I must kill! NO I NEED TO KILL!” He said swinging the crowbar, as I dodge kicking him in his private part. He just falls to the ground grabbing down there in pain groaning on the floor.

“I am so sorry Liu.” I said.

With that saying I am sorry he swept his leg towards me, his leg colliding with mine sending me falling onto the ground he got on top of me.

“GET OFF OF ME!” I screamed, I hoped the group would come upstairs, but no one was there I was in fear.

“NOT SORRY, NOT SO SORRY! KILL, KILL, KILL HOW IT IS A GLORIOUS DAY TO KILL!” He said bringing the crowbar down pushing it straight into my chest.

“GAAAK! MMPH.” I said in pain as something green shot from behind my back pinning him against the wall.

It was my tentacles they pierced right through his arms right before the wrist, he screamed in pain, and his eyes were not blue they were this darker color.

“I am sorry but you swung at me first.” I said crowbar still in chest.

He tried grabbing for the crowbar, another tentacle piercing his hand, and another followed after the first tentacle. This time I could tell it was me, the reason my tentacles came out was because I was being threatened a sense of danger. Threatened by the man I loved Liu, my one and only lover. WAIT DID I JUST THINK??? DID I JUST THINK HE WAS MY LOVER?!?! OH SHIT I AM IN LOVE WITH A PSYCHOTIC SERIAL KILLER. I darted up from my sleep sweat beaded on my forehead like pearls I was gripping the blankets I looked over to see Liu in the corner on my bed on it!

“I must kill! Kill! Kill! Kill! It’s such a wonderful day to kill.” Liu’s voice deepened it was not his no more.

I screamed as I jumped out of the bed, running towards the bedroom door. Liu was already standing in front of the bedroom door, I screamed louder the crowbar was in his hand! I backed up trembling in fear he started swinging the crowbar! He darted at me instinct kicking in I dodged kicking him in his private part as he grabbed down there falling to the ground.

“I am so sorry.” I said, with that he swept me down to the floor getting on top of me talk about déjà vu.

“GET OFF OF ME!!” I yelled, not noticing since I cannot look into a mirror my eyes went dark green.

“SORRY, NOT SO SORRY! KILL, KILL, KILL HOW IT IS A GLORIOUS DAY TO KILL!” He said stabbing me in the stomach, he about to stab me in the heart, and I see my green tentacles dart as I felt a burning sensation in my back.

All of my tentacles shot out of my back pinning him up against the wall, they pierced right below his wrists, like in my nightmare, and so I knew I was being threatened. My eyes turned really dark green and I caused him to get slight paranoia. I heard something under the bed, Liu was looking down at it, but I could not see what it was that was under my bed. I pushed him into my closet locking it with my tentacles, I bent down to look under my bed it was the worst mistake ever. The Rake was under my bed, all of my tentacles shot out at him wrapping around his legs as I dragged him out he was clawing at the floor, I picked up my enemy by his feet, and he made hissing noises.

“You will get out of my fucking house and leave my boyfriend alone!” I barked.

“Maybe I do not want to.” He said.

“Maybe I will fucking make you!” My voice boomed with lots more anger, my grip tightened on his body and I started causing him paranoia worse than the one he caused children.

“Let me go you bitch let me go!” He screamed, terrified trying to dig at my legs.

Everyone barreled into my bedroom hearing screams, they were shocked when they saw I had the Rake in my grasp. I got agitated with him and flung him out the window a couple of miles. All I heard was a thud suggesting he hit a tree or something outdoors. I heard Liu screaming in the closet to let him out and Masky went over unlocking the closet door. I grabbed at my stomach it was bleeding, damn two stomach wounds within two weeks if I kept this up I would lose to much blood resulting in a trip to the Emergency Room. Let’s just hope I do not end up in the ICU (Intensive Care Unit). Liu ran over towards me as I dodged, feeling unsafe as the hairs on my back went up.

“What is wrong babe?” Liu asks curiously, he notices blood coated on his crowbar.


“Did not mean to what oh my go-“ Masky says, noticing my stomach pouring out blood.

“Stop looking at it!” I snapped.

“I cannot believe that..” Hoodie says, noticing that it was healing already.

“God damn, the way she had the Rake in her grasp though.” Ticci Toby says.

“I wonder whose powers she is getting the most of though.” Hatsune asks.

“I will be fine the stomach wound will heal just be grateful he did not stab me in the heart.” I said pointing to Liu.

“I did not mean to though.” He said.

“It is alright, I will need some time alone without you being around..” My voice trailed off.

Liu ran out of the room down the steps, I knew my words hurt him but he was going to kill me if he did not stay away from me. NO HE ALMOST KILLED ME TWICE IN A WEEK. I knew he could not control himself along with his actions. Today was the last day of summer vacation before heading to my last year of high school now this was going to be a pain in the ass.

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