Splendorman's Daughter (A CreepyPasta FanFiction)

Chapter 5

Irene’s P.O.V

It was the first day of school the alarm went off at five a.m. I heard someone’s fist pound on the alarm. Odd I swore I slept by myself last night with no one in my bed with me. I opened my eyes, looked over to the source of someone else’s fist, and it was Liu’s fist pounding on my alarm. I kicked him out of my room last night from the accident yesterday if I remember correctly? I got up, took my casual green striped t-shirt, black jeans, my knee-high converse, my bra, underwear, my socks, and my goggles. I walked in the bathroom got undressed, took my shower, turned off the water, and got out of the shower. I yanked the towel off the towel rack, dried myself off, and blow dried my hair. I put on my clothes, put on my shoes, I grabbed my makeup out of my mirror cabinet, I put on my green eyeliner, and I put my green eyeliner back closing the mirror cabinet. I brought all my dirty clothes into my bedroom, Liu was still asleep snug like a bug in a rug. I put my clothes in the dirty hamper, unplugged my phone, and unplugged my phone charger bringing it downstairs to put in my backpack. I went to the kitchen counter since apparently I left my headphones down here. My headphones glow in the dark, the brand is skull candy headphones. Anyways I looked over at the time it was still a bit too early to go outside for school. I wrapped my headphones around my neck, grabbed my Soul Eater hoodie, and put my hoodie on I was going to ride the school bus to see if the ride would go at least alright. I grabbed the keys to the house, went outside locking the door I bet some of them were watching me anyways, and Alex appeared next to me that was not spooky at all.

“So what are you doing outside Irene?” Alex asks curiously.

“Going to school if that is why you asked.” I replied.

“Ah I hated fucking school, it was ridiculous was bullied all the…” Alex’s voice trailed off. “So anyways.” Alex said.

“What was that again you were bullied all the time?” I asked him.

“Yeah I was by three guys, one was a junior and two senior years.” Alex said mumbling.

“What happened after the Junior left?” I asked.

“He did not…” Alex whispered.

“Oh, oh sorry, I-I did not mean to ask what about the seniors?” I asked.

“They did not either..” Alex mumbled.

“Ummm, I do not want to know why or how then.” I said, checked the time it was six o’clock and ten minutes in the morning.

“So, when does the bus come?” Alex says.

“In like five more minutes it will no take long.” I said.

“See you around Irene take care in that shit hole.” Alex said, running off.

Five minutes pass by the driver stops the bus at my stop I get onto the bus and am greeted by a smiling bus driver.

“Hello Irene, how are you?” Mrs.Kin said.

“Hello and I am doing fine.” I said to Mrs.Kin before sitting down.

After the next twenty minutes my bus driver picks up half the route till my enemy gets on her name happens to be Balthild she is one of the popular rich kids as usual they’re snobby, spoiled, snappy, and some to me are sluts. She has blonde hair with green eyes she has long hair past her waist she happened to be wearing a pink t-shirt with pink jeans and pink UGGS. All you could see on her face was a shit ton of eyeliner, eye shadow, Mascara, Lipstick, and Blush I hate makeup. Well except for eyeliner, that was the only exception, she walked past me good she did not do anything. A couple minutes pass by and she comes up spilling her drink on me.

“Whoops sorry I did not know the lid was open.” Balthild giggled.

I ignored her, she put the drink in the trash, and walking on the way back she kicked me in the leg repeatedly. She grabbed me by the arm her nails digging into my skin. Yes I know it is not possible you are wearing a hoodie well no the bitch punctured a hole in my Soul Eater hoodie.

“Bitch you should not ignore me.” She complained.

“Maybe you should leave me alone.” I said politely.

“Maybe I do not want to.” She said to me, getting in a fighting stance.

“I do not think you should do that.” I said before she swung a fist at me, I dodged her fist with great speed.

“I think I want to.” She said trying to throw another swing at me, I grabbed her arm a bit harshly with no hesitation whatsoever.

“You should not have done that.” I said pulling her arm back, I kicked her knees out from under her.

The students seemed fascinated not once in my life have I fought back, but this time something told me to fight her maybe I will get expelled off the bus if I do so. Never once have I fought somebody, I have let her beat me up my whole life, and my eyes went very dark green students gasped in excitement.

“Do it, do it, do it, do it!” They chanted happily.

I started losing my concentration, my vision blurred, I heard a loud crunching noise, and I heard screams loud sharp horrified screams as I heard glass shattering. I was moving somewhere, I could not tell where, my memory cleared, my vision came back to me, I was at home, and I went upstairs to my room. I changed my pants, the pastas went somewhere apparently there was no noise throughout the whole house. I went to go get my Tron bike, I drove the bike to school with my Tron helmet, men gasped in excitement, especially jocks from the football team, and yesterday I bought a VIP parking spot to use the student parking lot. I parked in my assigned spot, chained my bike to a heavy item that no one could lift but me. I walked into the school, to home room, apparently I arrived earlier than my bus, and I took a seat in the back. My home room teacher Mr.Huntington was writing on the board, something for his students for his first block class. The school bell went off, everyone filed into class except for the bitch Balthild. She did not appear in her seat for home room, they did the announcements, and after the announcements were over the bell rang for first block. I got up, went to my English class with Miss.Elmore, and she was humming happily until I heard a ding sound on her computer about one of the students.

“Oh my god, I hope he is okay!!!” Miss.Elmore said.

“What happened?” One said.

“Nicholas’ bus got broken down.” Miss.Elmore said.

“Oh that is what happened.” Another said.

I took Nicholas’ work and did it for him I knew it would be hours before they got a bus to pick them up. Wait it was my bus he rode on, oh my god it was my bus he rode on, I felt sorry, but I did not know what I did when I got angry. Soon enough it was third block gossip got around about the bus accident earlier.

“Didn’t she break Balthild’s arm?” One said.

“Yeah she did, she had texted me about it.” Another said.

“I heard she got angry and popped the tires.” The other one said.

I walked into my German class, yes I was taking German again the fourth and my final year. Finally Nicholas walked in, he seemed paralyzed with fear, he was wearing his casual clothing a black t-shirt, black jeans black shoes, with a military style haircut, I handed him his work, he thanked me, and I started learning my last bit of German. Gosh everyone seemed so on edge today, what did people know, and what did they find out. All of a sudden my phone got a notification from YouTube it is titled “Girls Fight.” I am sure it was normal, afterwards we were allowed to get on our devices. I curious I clicked on the link to the video, and YouTube opened up it was Balthild along with me fighting each other. The video explained everything my tentacles were out, I shattered the cameras except for the kid’s phone same with the windows, and I had popped the tires to the bus. It had over a million views on it some peoples comments were.


Holy shit the supernatural is real.


Oh my god she reminds me of the Slenderman family.


Her eyes are scary, they are really green, and they don’t even look real.

Gamzee Makara

HoLy MoThErFuCk *Fangirls*.

Well, looks like I have to hack into the Internet to save my ass later on before shit escalates worse. Lunch finally came around, I saw my best friend, her name was Sakura. She was born with silver hair, she had that emo styled hair cut that used to be trendy amongst many people, she had a wonderful set of green eyes. She was wearing her favorite My Chemical Romance t-shirt, with star jeans, and black converse I then pounced on her.

“Holy shit Irene, get off me get off me!” Sakura squealed.

“Sorry Sakura but I missed you so much~” I said getting off of her.

“Thanks Irene, by the way I saw that video on YouTube is it real that you have green tentacles?” Sakura whispered.

“You are welcome and maybe they are real maybe they are not honestly I am forbidden to tell anyone.” I said to her.

We got our lunch, Nicholas sat by us, and he is one of my friends I think still I hope so. He still looked terrified of me when I spoke he flinched.

“So how’s your day going Sakura?” I asked.

“It was fine, that video enlightened me very much.” Sakura said, I thought how could a video like that enlighten someone.

“How can I? How can fighting someone, enlighten someone else’s mood like that?, and honestly in my opinion that is just sick not to mention vile.” I said.

“Well you taught the bitch a lesson, that enlightened me except for the tentacle part…” Nicholas said.

“Well it was an accident I promise it will not happen aga-“I was cut off.

“Irene Fujimoto to the principal’s office please.” The voice off the intercom spoke.

“She’s coming!” Said the Vice Principal Mr.Emmerich.

I got up taking my stuff and went up to the Principal’s Office of course Mrs.Leroy was sitting there. She did not look happy at all, she had short red hair with brown eyes, she stood at about five feet tall and four inches in height, weighing average weight, she was in a pantsuit, and the pantsuit was a god awful pastel pink the same with her shoes I was going to puke. She pointed towards the seat, so I assumed she wanted me to sit down, I set my stuff down, and took a seat.

“The bus driver said you were expelled from her route for the rest of this year.” Mrs.Leroy said.

“I do not care about that, I have my own vehicle now.” I said.

“Also you have to pay the damage to the tires, windows, and cameras.” Mrs.Leroy said.

“I do not have to pay crap and you all can rot in hell for letting her get away with beating me up.” I said.

“Well fine then you will make it up with detention for two weeks.” Mrs.Leroy said.

“I honestly do not care.” I said.

“Alright, now please leave my office I have important things to do.” Mrs.Leroy said.

“Bye.” I said getting up picking my stuff up exiting.

I walked through the office, right before the exit was Mr.Emmerich’s office, his office looked neat, he had photos of his wife, and kids hanging up on the walls.

“Hey Irene, can I see you for a moment?” Mr.Emmerich said.

“Yeah, sure.” I said.

“Come into my office.” Mr.Emmerich said.

“Alright.” I said walking in, taking a seat.

“I know she probably told you that you were expelled off of the bus. I remember when I was in this high school as a student I got expelled off the bus too. Heck I even almost got expelled from the school in general.” Mr.Emmerich said. “Anyways you are the best student here so far so do not let anyone tell you otherwise you have had a 5.0 GPA since your freshman year here.” Mr.Emmerich said.

“I thank you very much for your wise advice and your confidence in me.” I said.

“You are very welcome, you are allowed to be in my office whenever you want or need some alone time.” Mr.Emmerich said.

“I am very honored Mr.Emmerich.” I said.

Mr.Emmerich was not your average everyday badass principal, but he was okay in a good way. He had brown hair with red highlights on the tips of his buzz cut and he had a decent pair of brown eyes. A short well groomed beard, he was about five foot and seven inches height. He looked a little underweight, he was wearing a red dress shirt with a tie that had music notes on it, and he wore black pants which commented the red. He wore black dress shoes, he also wore a class ring that had his graduation year on it, I could not tell the year of his class ring, because I was not really paying any attention to the tiny object on his finger. The bell rang for fourth block, I picked up my stuff, slung it over my shoulder, and said goodbye to Mr.Emmerich for the day. Soon after fourth block, the school bell for the end of the day had rang. I picked up my stuff, slung my stuff over my shoulder, and ran outside note everyone was leaving to the bus ramp. I thought I saw a tall figure with a white hoodie with red spots on it. The person looked to have black chard hair, oh my god Jeff was on my school property, holy shit I looked past Jeff , and saw another figure not to far from behind him. This figure wore a dark blue hoodie, he wore a dark blue mask with no eye sockets just black occupied the area, and black stuff gushed out of the black area. I assumed he was Eyeless Jack, I ran towards my bike got on it, and started my bike taking off at the proper school limit. When I was near my area I sped up like sixty miles per hour, shit if they got a hold of me they would kill me. I literally arrived on my property to see Hoodie and Masky frolicking in the grass of the front yard. I parked my bike in the garage with the truck then ran to the front yard towards them.

“Oh my fucking god, I saw them I literally saw them!” I said panicking.

“Saw who?” Masky had asked.

“Jeff the Killer along with Eyeless Jack on school property they are after me at school too now!” I said.

“Dude Irene chill out, we will get a team assembled to protect you at school.” Hoodie said.

“Now I have to delete that damned video off of the internet of me releasing my anger and my tentacles coming out.” I complained walking inside.

Liu apparently was not here some of the others were, I just walked up the stairs to my bedroom opening the door, I plopped down on the bed, and pulled my computer out from under my bed. I pulled up the lid to the computer pressing the turn on button. My computer was expensive it was an Alien computer one of those one thousand dollar computers. I logged in on my profile and I clicked Google Chrome the website loaded. I typed in YouTube as the browser finished loading, I typed in the name of the video bringing it up, I opened my computer’s hacking system as I just typed in a bunch of numbers, and codes onto YouTube it was easy to hack YouTube these days in the future probably not. Finally the video was gone, I checked everywhere of course leaving no stone unturned. I started deleting it off of other social media like Twitter, Twitch, and other things soon enough the video was gone. I also crashed the PlayStation network to make sure the video was not on there either same with the Xbox live network. I made sure it would crash them for a week so it would take them a while to get their networks back up. I went back in, crashed the internet in general for a week, and also now no one will be able to do anything for a week except for watch television. I turned on the news, to my surprise guess what the morons noticed the internet was crashed and the networks with it. They also found out PlayStation network and Xbox live network was also crashed this will make people insane. Also they said there has been a bunch more murders in the area. I was assuming the pastas on the bad side were looking for me. I am sure everything will be fine as long as I know what I am doing. I turned off my computer, my television, and my cable box for the day. I am going to go out to that so called haunted park down the street. The word haunted makes it seem amusing. I grabbed out two pieces of paper then wrote one on the bed and put one on the door.

The Notes said:

Hey everyone, gone out for a walk to that haunted park down the street. I have brought a pocket knife with me just in case something happens. Since I know they are after me. I will be back home in two hours do not worry about me I am eligible to take care of myself bye~

I walked downstairs nobody was here Hoodie and Masky were not frolicking in the yard no more. Odd no one would leave me alone or home alone I grabbed my Attack On Titan hoodie and put it on. I grabbed my earbuds and my phone putting them in my pocket with the pocket knife in the pocket next to the pocket knife. I grabbed my house keys, went outside locking the door to the house, everything is normally locked, I grabbed my skateboard, and skated down towards the haunted park right outside of my neighborhood. No one was here when I arrived at the haunted park. I picked up my skateboard and sat down on a swing. I swung back along with forth on the swingset when I began to hear voices. I saw auras everywhere ghosts of children, teenagers, and young adults alike were around the area.

“Hello there.” A little ghost girl said.

“Hello.” I replied. “How did you die?” I asked.

“I was out here at the park, I was nine years old when I died. It was a man who killed me he wore a dark blue hoodie, with no eyes, he wore a mask that dripped out black stuff, and he wore converse shoes.” The little ghost girl replied.

“Eyeless Jack… he murdered you did he murder anyone else here?” I asked.

“Yes many of us about forty percent of us ghosts were murdered by him. Another person also killed another forty percent of us his name is Jeff the Killer the other twenty percent were just unfortunate people murdered by other people.” The little ghost girl said.

“This is not good when do they come around this area?” I asked.

“Around somewhere between six at night and twelve in the morning.” The little ghost girl said.

I looked at my phone it was 3:30 good they will not come after me at all for now. I put my phone away, the ghost girl took a seat on the swing next to me. Her aura was a bright vibrant color, she was smiling of course a big wide smile, and she had long hair past her waist. She wore a nice dress for someone who was nine years old and the dress was quite revealing of her chest.

“Jeff has visited the park a lot more lately talking about a girl named Irene. I have heard him say how she was so pretty that he wanted to kill his brother to have her.” The little ghost girl said.

“Well my name happens to be Irene I am not going to lie to a nine year old.” I said.

“That is cool! I knew I would have met you some time I mean I am so excited!” The little ghost girl exclaimed.

“Well I knew you would meet someone, I am happy for you it was nice to get out for once.” I said.

“Hmm that is odd, the air just shifted something is not right you must leave they are coming.” The little ghost girl said.

“Alright, bye nice seeing you I promise I will come back when I can.” I said grabbing my stuff, I hopped on my skateboard, and skateboarded off towards the house at a fast pace.

As I skateboarded onto the sidewalk of my property the air was really bad. I did not feel so well, my stomach got queasy, I grabbed the key to my house, I ran to the doorstep panicking, and all while I was trying to get the key into the keyhole. All of a sudden a sharp knife went past my head right into my door the hair on the back of my skin rose.

“Hey there sweet thing, what is wrong?” It was Jeff the Killer’s voice.

“…..It is none of your business about what is wrong.” I said.

“Well you are not going anywhere now.” He said grabbing his knife.

All of a sudden I was being lifted up, I screamed grabbing out my pocket knife stabbing him multiple times, but no wince or painful reaction came. I kicked, screamed, and tried sheathing my tentacles but nothing worked.

“LIU, LIUm LIU!!” I screamed for Liu, but he did not come to my rescue.

“They are not here I already checked the house.” Jeff said.

“Let me go!!!” I yelled.

“You put her down now!” A voice boomed and smoke appeared Slenderman was here.

“Uncle help me!” I said.

“Oh this is gonna be fun Slender.” Jeff said putting me down as I ran towards my Uncle I was scared, I was helpless, and I was acting like a child.

Jeff ran towards Slenderman with his knife pulled out as Slenderman’s tentacles darted towards Jeff. His tentacles wrapped around Jeff’s legs along with his arms. Jeff of course cut a couple of Slenderman’s tentacles off. I heard rustling in the bushes as I saw Jane come out I thought Alex had killed her he did! My tentacles forcefully came out automatically and my eyes turned completely green as I fought her. I heard multiple snapping noises, I was snapped back to reality as my eyes went back to normal, and my tentacles went back into my back. Jane’s head was detached from her body blood all over my hands, my shirt, my jacket, my pants, and my shoes I kicked her head at Jeff as he screamed. Slenderman puts Jeff down, Jeff runs to pick up Jane’s head and body all at once he leaves.

“Hmm excellent job, I think you properly killed her this time.” Slenderman said, using his telepathy his mouth was of course shut again.

“Yeah, do not mention this to anyone.” I said in my head using telepathy. “Anyways where is everyone?” I said in my head using telepathy again.

“I will not mention it to anyone and some of them are recovering from the attack earlier here. They’re at the cliché Mansion that everyone likes to always talk about. I have to accommodate all of you somehow not in a rinky dinky home. Plus I am a very tall being that has very special needs and those needs if not properly taken care of lead to bad situations.” Slenderman said using telepathy.

“Can we teleport to your Mansion then?” I said using telepathy.

“Sure.” Slenderman said using telepathy as he picked me up, we teleported to the Mansion with a lot of ease.

We looked to be in an office with a spinning chair, stuff was scattered everywhere. Slenderman used one of his tentacles to push me out of the room and another tentacle pulled the door shut. I sighed,, walking down the stairs I saw a figure on the couch with brown hair. I walked up to make sure it was Liu and not Masky or Eyeless Jack. It was Liu, I lifted him up because he was in a deep sleep, I sat down, and lightly set him down on my lap as I watched him sleep. So adorable when asleep but a pain in the ass while awake. Hoodie along with Masky were probably recovering in their room. Hatsune was probably healing in an extra room, and Ticci Toby was probably in his room as of the rest too. Maybe I should have packed some clothes seeing as I cannot stay home. All of a sudden a loud noise happened in Slenderman’s office. Liu pushed his face into my breasts and nuzzled them causing me to blush a tomato red. He looks to be asleep, he gets away with this one. I sighed in my head and I begin to use my abilities to check on the oldman.

“Yo, Uncle Slender you okay?” I used telepathy up to his Office.

“I am fine a certain vision I did not like happened and wow your powers are very strong.” He replies with telepathy from his office.

Slenderman’s Vision:

Sexual Offenderman stands over his niece, her head decapitated from her body, Slenderman is mad at his brother, he uses one of his sharp fingers piercing it to form a mouth, and he screams aggressively as he runs at his brother in a attacking stance.

Vision Ends

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