Interlude 3 - Mike

Josh, the loon. What the hell had he done now?

The atmosphere in the prison had thickened by the time Mike had been escorted back. It was worse than the court room – worse than hearing the cracking of Ashley's fragile heart when he'd said her name on that stand. Worse than the anger and hurt bubbling behind Chris' eyes when he'd forced his way in to confront Mike. He could feel the cold stares of the guards watching his every inching move, as if he'd join his so-called friend out of the prison.

But it did have it's positives; Mike no longer had to deal with Josh's incessant babbling. If he had, Mike was sure he'd be having two murder trials on his hands.

No one had explicitly said it – of course not, Mike (as a prisoner), was no longer classed as a human being – but Mike had chiselled his hearing skills, listening through doors and round corners. There was talk of a prisoner from the solitary wing escaping... and it hadn't taken Mike long to guess who would have the guts to do something so ridiculously ludicrous.

But it wasn't so ludicrous if he'd managed to escape, now, was it?

Mike had studied his prison cell every day he had been in this place; every corner, every inch, every speck of dust on the grey, concrete walls. Fleeing couldn't have been a split second decision, a spark of intuition after a sharp awakening from sleep. It was impossible to orchestrate something so looming so quickly.

Josh must have planned months on this very thing – longer than Mike had ever been locked up.

Now he wasn't such a loon after all.

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