Interlude 7 - Emily, Matt, Wolfie


The trigger clicks. Black gun, black bullet. Black heart.

Cutting through the air. Towards her. To kill her.

Seconds. Only seconds left.

One last breath.

One last-

The image flickers. Crackles like a TV screen. Cuts out.


One more breath.

Two more.

It's gone. The gun. The bullet. The memory.


Replaced with darkness. Relief. Heavy relief.

Is it over?

A pinprick of light cuts open the darkness. Unlocked. A tunnel. Towards the light.

Move, Emily. Move towards it.

Push through the darkness. The thick darkness.

Move move move.

Quick quick quick.


Ashley and Chris have been gone for over ten minutes. Matt's head crumbles in his hands. Confusion is eating away at him. Frustration. A trial? What has been happening while Matt's mind has been sleeping?

He hates himself. He hates not being able to remember. He wants to knock on his head, crack it open with his fist. Pour out the secrets. The truth.

"Are you finished with your drinks?" The meek voice of a waitress asks beside him. He glances up at her indistinct face, her hands clasped politely in front of her apron. He shakes his head.

She nods with a small smile, retreating back to the kitchen.

He collapses his head on the cafe table. His coffee mug clinks, his elbow nudging it, the liquid sloshing. The lacy tablecloth is rough on his forehead, on his bruise. He flinches but doesn't move.

His pocket buzzes. His phone.

With a heavy skull, he pushes his head off the table just enough to pull out his cellphone and look at the screen. Unknown.

It's that number again. He recognises the digits. At least he can remember something.

"Hello?" He croaks as he presses the phone to his cheek.

"Ah, Matthew," the man says on the other end of the phone. "It's Dr. Hill."

Matt sighs, leaning the side of his face against his arm, cringing as his bruise pulses.

"I believe we had set up an arrangement? Were you not able to make your appointment?"

Matt shakes his head with a heavy sigh. "I'm... a little busy right now," he sighs.

"Ah," Dr. Hill says politely through the receiver. "Understandable. Well, tell Christopher and Ashley I say hello."


Matt stares at the phone for a minute. Dr. Hill knows Matt is with Chris and Ashley?

"There's been someone following us. Taking photographs of all of us. Including you."

So... that's why Chris and Ashley took him away.

He thinks.

He doesn't know if he can trust anything he thinks anymore.



Woof woof woof.

Bark bark!

Swish swish. Wags tail.

"Good boy."

Scratch scratch. Pat pat. Reward.

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