Interlude - Mike

The memory of his inky black eyes shuddering with twisted reality hovers at the back of Mike's mind. He's so far away but it feels like Josh is pressed on the other side of Mike's cell wall... in the room... in his skull.

Last time they had interacted, after Jessica had huffed off, Josh had shot him a wide eyed, wonky smile.

"I know," he had grinned, tilting his head unnaturally to the side.

"Know what?" Mike had barked back, impatience bubbling.

Josh had simply narrowed his eyes knowingly, his smirk widening, stretching his skin. "I knoooooowwww." And then he had smacked his lips together, the sound popping. "I hear things, Mikey."

"I don't have time for this," Mike had sighed, threatened by the insanity clanging on the cell bars of Josh's eyes. He had swivelled on his heels just as a nearby guard had tugged at his elbow. He shook the the guard's hand away, glaring a 'I can walk by myself' look at him.

And just as he'd began to follow the other prisoners back to the detainment cells, he had heard Josh's incessant popping - even as the boy was being taken to his solitary confinement - which slowly graduated to a soft muttering of "bang, bang."

Mike slams his palm against his cell wall, his fingers shuddering, shoving Josh's face out of his head. He can't start getting distracted, not when they were going to collect him for the trial soon.

He lets out a shaky breath - the trial had crept up on him, hiding in the shadows before it had pounced on him, digging its claws in his back.

He closes his eyes, Emily's gaping mouth haunting underneath his eyelids, her eye socket hollowing out as the bullet shot through it-

Mike flinches just as his cell door heaves open, his eyes flashing open.

"You have a visitor," the guard announces, Mike turning to face him. Was it visitor hours already? Had Jessica come back to apologise, had Chris come to tell him about Wolfie?

Mike nods his head, groggily following the guard out the door and through the dark, metallic corridors of the prison towards the visitor room.

Had his lawyer come to debrief him one more time?

All thoughts are shattered as Mike is lead to his seat only to be met with the vengeful, obsidian eyes of Matt behind the glass.

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