Three Kings, One Girl, One Decision


I wake up with a yawn, stretching my arms over my head and then letting them fall back onto the bed. I look to my right to check on Cici, but find that she isn't there. I lift my head up and look around the room, but she isn't in here. The bathroom door is open, giving me a clear view to the inside. She isn't in there either.

"Cici?" I call out for her.

No answer.

I get off of the bed and leave her room, making my way to the kitchen. Maybe she went to eat breakfast, I think. But when I get to the kitchen, she isn't there either.

Now I'm a little worried.

I leave the kitchen and wander around the house, hoping to find her somewhere. When I don't find her I go to Gabe's room and knock on his door. Maybe he knows where she is.

"Come in," I hear Gabe say sleepily. I open the door and see that Gabe is still in bed. His hair is messy and his eyes are shut.

"Hey Gabe, sorry for waking you up," I say apologetically.

"Oh, hey Alex. It's alright, I gotta get up for work soon anyway," he mumbles, eyes now open and looking at me.

"Okay then. So, have you seen Cici?"

"Huh? Dude, I just woke up."

"Oh, right. Sorry."

"But, I did get a text earlier. Maybe it's from her," he says as he reaches for his phone. He looks at the phone and nods. "Yep, it's from her. She said she's going out today and won't be home till late."

"Oh." Why didn't she tell me?

"Uh huh. You shouldn't worry so much, Alex. Cici can handle herself," Gabe says with a smile.

"Yeah, I guess you're right," I say and smile back. "Well, I'm gonna go eat breakfast I guess. See ya."


I leave the room and shut the door behind me, heading back to the kitchen.

I'm sure Cici is fine.

Cici's P.O.V.

I continue to sit in the darkness, thinking about what Mephisto had said. He's been gone awhile now but his words are still running through my head.

"They'll come looking for me," I say.

"No they won't, because in the morning your brother will receive a text from you, telling him that you're going out for the day," he purrs.

My eyes widen at his words. "How did you get my phone?"

"I simply took it after I took you. Taking things is easy for a demon like myself."

Tears begin to run down my face and I curse myself for looking so weak in front of this maniac. But I can't help it. How would they even find me if they looked? I don't even know where I am.

"Where am I?" I choke out.

"You're in a different dimension. I use this place as storage for things that are...valuable to me. I'm the only one that can open a portal to this place, by the way. So even if they did look for you, they wouldn't be able to find you," he says.

The tears fall faster at his statement. A different dimension that only he can get to. There's no escape.

"Don't cry, my dear," he says with a purr.

"Why shouldn't I? You've taken me away from everyone I love..."

"But do they love you?" he asks.


"How do you know they love you? How do you know they don't just see you as a freak with hallucinations?"


"You don't, do you? That's what I thought."


"I must leave you now, I have business to attend to. So long, my dear," he says and his voice fades out, signaling his leave.

So now I'm just sitting here, thinking of what he said. What if he's right? What if they just see me as a freak?

"I see you're still thinking about what I said," I hear the familiar voice say.

"Why do you want me?" I sigh.

"I already told you, you're special."

"No, I'm really not."

"Oh, but you are, Cici," he purrs.

"What's so special about me?" I ask.

"Would you like to hear a story?"


"Once upon a time there was a demon princess. Her name, was Lillith," he begins, his voice echoing through the darkness. I begin to complain but he continues overtop of me, silencing me. "Lillith was the only daughter and child of Satan and his mate Clarabelle, this is because Clarabelle died during childbirth. Lillith was also the protector of nature. Lillith was known as the most beautiful demon in existence, which resulted in young male demons always chasing after her. Each time one of the demons asked to mate her, she refused and sent them away. Nobody understand why this was, for many of the young demons were very handsome. Lillith would never admit it, but the real reason was because she was in love. When she told her dear brother of her love, he asked her who it was that she loved. Lillith and her brother were very close, so she decided to tell him. She told him that she was in love with a human boy. Her brother was shocked at the news and told her of the consequences. She replied back, saying she was going to go into hiding in Assiah so that she could be with the boy. And so she left to mate with the boy she was so dearly in love with, leaving her father beyond angry. Satan vowed he would punish her for what she did one day, but Lillith continued to live her life happily in Assiah. She was able to conceive two children with her love, and they lived as a family happily. The end."

I think about the story and aggravation. "What does this have to do with me?"

"Well, when Lillith went to the human world, she changed her name. Can you guess what she changed it to?" he asks.


"She changed her name to Denise, and when she married the boy, it became Denise Evans."

I freeze. "My mother?"

"Yes Cici, your mother."

"So that means..."

"Cecilia Evans, daughter of Lillith. Half-demon."

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