Three Kings, One Girl, One Decision


A half-demon.

I close my eyes and shake my head in denial, tears beginning to escape my eyes. "No. There's no way I'm a demon."

"Half-demon," corrects Mephisto.

"I don't care! My mother is not a demon and I am not a half-demon," I yell and then whisper, "There's no way..."

"But it's true, love. You are a half-demon and your mother is the demon Lillith. I of all people would know," he says.

"How would you know?" I ask curiously.

"Well I was there, of course. Who do you think she admitted her love to? That's right, her 'darling brother'."


"Your mother and I were very close at one time. She told me all of her little secrets."

"If you're her brother, wouldn't that make me your...niece?"

"Well yes, technically."

"So, you knew that I'm your niece and you're still trying to MATE WITH ME?!" I yell in disgust.

"Do you think I care if we're related? I'm a demon, love. I've done it with my brother and don't regret it either," he says. I can hear the smirk in his voice.


"It's quite normal among demons."

"Ew. Just, ew."

"Anyway, I came here to make a proposition," he begins, gaining my interest. "Do you want to stay in here?"

"Of course not!"

"That's what I thought. Now, if you agree to behave, I'll let you out."

"Out? You'll let me go home?!"

"That's not what I said. I said I'll let you 'out'. You will stay in my home~" he purrs.

"I don't think-"

"Too late, I've already made the decision for you. You're coming home with me. I can't stand to stay away from you any longer."

Before I can protest and call him a total perv, a portal opens in front of me, sucking me inside. I give out a small yelp and shut my eyes as it takes me away from the dark dimension, actually a tiny bit relieved to be away from that place. Suddenly, my butt hits solid groan and I give out a groan of pain. I open my eyes to find Mephisto, much too close for comfort.

"Hello, my dear~" he says with a smirk.

"Get away from me you clown," I growl.

He merely smirks and gets closer. "That's not a very nice way to greet your future mate."

"I'm not going to be your mate."

"Oh, but you are. Now," he says, straightening up, "let me show you where you'll be living from now on~"

I stand up and glare at him as he leads me down several hallways. He stops a plain wooden door in one hallway. I watch as he takes out a key and unlocks the door, opening it.

"Here is our room," he says.

I walk inside and look around. It's anything but plain like its door. The walls are pink and have white polka-dots on them while the carpet is a lavender purple. Pushed against one wall is a king-size bed with pink and purple bedding. There is a large flat-screen T.V. on the opposite wall, multiple game consoles lined up underneath it. There are two other doors in the room that I'm guessing lead to a bathroom and closet.

"It's not exactly my style...wait, did you just say our room?"

"I did. We are going to be mates after all, so we may as well get used to sleeping with each other," he says, a hungry look in his eye.

"No way, I'd rather sleep on the floor than sleep in the same bed as you," I growl.

"I'm afraid that won't be the case~"


But before I can say anything more he picks me up and throws me onto the bed.

Someone help me. Please.

Normal P.O.V.

"Don't you guys think we should talk to her?" asks Amaimon. "It's been a week now. She's probably getting worried."

"I'm sure she's too preoccupied with Alex to worry about us," growls Kage.

"No, Amaimon is right. We need to talk to her," Egyn says as he stands up. The two brothers watch as he picks up his phone and dials Cici's number. Egyn waits for her to answer, but his call goes to voicemail.

"Cici, we need to talk. I apologize for our behavior on Monday, but we are very possessive due to our demonic nature. Please call back. Goodbye."

"Seriously? She didn't answer?" says Kage, seemingly annoyed.

"Maybe she's busy," Amaimon says bluntly.

"No, I have a bad feeling," Egyn mutters.

"I wonder if she talked with big brother yet," Amaimon mumbles to himself.

"Wait, what did you say?"

"Huh? Oh, I was just wondering if she talked with big brother yet."

"Brother? What brother?" asks Kage.

"Big brother Mephisto. I sensed his presence in the area a couple days ago, Monday actually," says Amaimon bluntly. "I went to see him and he said he was here to talk with Cici. He said he had a message from father to give her."

"Why would father send a message for Cici?" asks Kage.

"We need to go see him. Now," Egyn says quickly. The others nod and stand, reaching their arms out and each one cutting themselves. Their blood drips down to the floor and make a shape, one that looks like a door. In moments the Gehenna Gate is before them.

"Let's go."

Alex's P.O.V.

She hasn't contacted me all day.

I pace around the room in worry, thinking of where she might be. I've texted and called, but none have been answered. I know she told Gabe she was going out, but she would still have her phone with her. And turned on at that. But each call had been sent straight to voicemail, showing that either she was ignoring the calls or that her phone was off. Most likely the latter.

"I need to do something," I say out loud. "I have a bad feeling she's in tr-"

Ding dong!

I run to the front door and swing it open quickly, surprised by the sight before me.

"Cici's in trouble."

I nod and go outside, following the three demon kings before me.

Hang on Cici. We're coming.

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