Three Kings, One Girl, One Decision

Meeting Satan

Alex's P.O.V.

"Alex? Alex, wake up," I hear someone say. "I know you're our of it right now, but we need to go if we're going to save Cici."


I bolt upright and yelp out in pain. Probably not the best idea to move so fast after what happened...

"Come on."

I look up to see Egyn holding out a hand. I take it and he pulls me up with ease. I nod to him in thanks and look to the city.

"Well, let's go then," I say and then begin to walk. I walk for a bit and then look back to see the boys not moving. "You coming?"

"Of course," says Kage, "but there a few things we need to discuss first."


"Your new abilities. Such as enhanced sight, speed, strength, and agility," says Egyn. I walk back to the boys and they begin to explain everything. I listen intently to every word, taking in the information.

"You got all that?" asks Amaimon.

"I think so," I say uncertainly.

"Well come on then," says Kage and we finally begin the walk to the city.

Feeling a bit daring I start running toward the city. At first I go my normal human speed, but I gradually get faster. Soon, I'm going so fast to the point where I shouldn't be able to see my surroundings, just blurs. But, due to my new sight, I'm able to see every detail around me. I laugh in excitement. I never thought I would enjoy being a demon.

"Enjoying yourself?" asks Amaimon, running up next to me.

"Actually, yeah," I say with a smile.

"Well just remember our first priority here," says Egyn, also catching up and keeping pace with us. "We need to save Cici."

"Right," I say with a nod, my smile replaced with a look of determination. We run for a bit more before we stop at the entrance of the city.

"Here we are," says Kage.

The city stands huge in front of us, tall buildings looming over us. The buildings all seem to be made of some kind of black rock, standing as if protruding from the ground. The path is the same cracked earth as the desert they had been in. Demons wander around the streets of the city, all seemingly minding their own business. Not all of them are ugly monsters, but some of them look just as human as Amaimon, Kage, Egyn, and myself.

"Let's go," says Egyn, taking the lead. We walk through the twisted paths of the city, making our way to the large castle in the center of the city. The castle is taller than all the other buildings and is made of a sort of reddish stone. Torches of blue flame line the large walls of the castle. Soon, we are at the gate of the castle. There are two guards stationed outside of the gate. They spot us and bow their heads at the demon kings.

"Welcome home young kings," the guards say in unison.

"Thank you," says Egyn. "Please open the gate to let us inside."

"Of course," says one guard. He looks to a guard that is at the top of the wall and hollers, "Open the gate! The young kings have arrived!"

The gate in front of us slowly opens, leaving a large opening for us to go through. Amaimon, Kage, and Egyn walk through the opening and I follow behind. I am stopped though by one of the guards.

"Where do you think you're going?" he growls.

"Inside," I say plainly, "with them."

"You aren't going anywhere smart-ass. Low-class demons aren't allowed inside the demons."

"But, I'm with them," I say, pointing at the kings that are walking away.

"Yeah sure," he says. "Get outta here!"

"Is there a problem here?"

I look up to see Egyn and I sigh in relief.

"Yeah, this guy won't let me in," I say.

"Oh, I see," he says and turns to the guard. "He's with us."

The guard quickly lets go of me and bows. "My apologies, sir. I wasn't aware."

"But I even told you!"

"Many people try to sneak in with us, claiming they are with us," says Egyn calmly. "This man was merely doing his job."

"Fine," I murmur and follow Egyn through the gate and into the castle where Amaimon and Kage are waiting.

"Now that we're inside, we just have to get to Mephisto's chambers and the portal," says Kage.

"Well, what do we have here?" says a chilled voice.

We all look in the direction the voice came from and see a man with snow white hair. He stands tall and confident, white hair reaching to his shoulders.

"Father," says all three boys next to me.

"Father?" I ask, looking at the man. "So, this is...?"

"Satan," says the man, Satan, with a smirk.

My eyes widen and his smirk does the same, turning into a sadistic grin.

"And, who are you?" he asks.

"Um, I'm, uh, Alex," I say hesitantly.

"Alex? I've never seen you here before."

"He's a new demon," says Egyn quickly.

"Oh? What is a lower-class demon doing in my castle?"

"Well, he's our friend," says Kage.

"Friend?" asks Satan with curiosity.

"Yes. We met him recently and befriended him. He's entertaining enough," says Amaimon, emotionless as always.

"And what's so interesting about him?"

"He used to be human," says Egyn.

"Is that so?" he asks, an evil smile gracing his face. "And how was he turned?"

"We turned him. He was interesting and we wanted him to be strong enough to not be broken easily," says Amaimon.

"I see," says Satan. "So what is this about finding Mephisto's chambers and portal?"

We all pale at his question. Seeing this his smile gets even wider.

"This wouldn't have to do with that girl? Cici, was it?" he asks.

We nod slowly, hesitant to see his reaction. He laughs.

"What is so special about this girl? She can't be all that," he laughs.

That's when I snap. "Cici is all that and more!" I yell, silencing his laughter. He narrows his eyes at me.

"Oh really?"

"She's special..." I trail off.

"How so?"

"Well, she's nice. She looks out for people, always putting them before herself. She never forgets her friends either. The last time I saw her was ten years ago and she still remembered me," I say, growing quiet. "She's a great artist too, she finds inspiration in everything. And she's strong. She was taken to a mental institution and still never gave up. She's independent. After I left she had nobody, and she still stood strong all by herself." I'm almost whispering to myself now. "She's beautiful and caring, brave and responsible. She is her, and I can only fully describe her in one way. With her name, Cecilia Clarabelle Evans."

When I finish I look up to see Satan staring at me in wonder. The other boys are looking at me as well, shock evident on their faces.

"What?" I ask quietly.

"Clarabelle," whispers Satan.

"Yes, that's her middle name. I guess it's named after her grandmother," I say.

"And, you think all these things of her?" asks Egyn.

"Even after not seeing her for ten years?" continues Kage.

"With no contact with her whatsoever?" finishes Amaimon.

"Of course. I love Cici, with all my heart. I would do anything for her, even change into a demon," I whisper.

"Clarabelle was my mate a long time ago," says Satan suddenly. "She died in childbirth when she gave birth to our only daughter, Lillith. When Lillith got older, she fell in love with a human and married him. She gave birth to two children, a boy and a girl, my grandchildren."

"Clarabelle? That's strange..." I say.

"When Lillith left, she changed her name. I was informed later that she changed it to Denise Evans after she married the man," says Satan.

I pale at this sudden realization.

"That's Cici's mother," I whisper.

"Wait, so," begins Egyn.

"That Cici," continues Amaimon.

"Is really," says Kage.

"Our niece?!" they finish together.

"Yes, and so is Mephisto. It seems he is trying to get revenge on Lillith," says Satan seriously.


"When Lillith left, Mephisto was angry beyond belief. He and Lillith had been so close, so when she left..."

"It was like a piece of him left with her," I finish, knowing the feeling all too well.

He nods at me in agreement. "We need to stop him. Although I don't like what Lillith did, I'm not going to punish her daughter for what she did."

We all nod at him in understanding. To make explanations short, we need to get to Cici.


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