Three Kings, One Girl, One Decision


Alex's P.O.V.

"So this is the portal?" I ask.

"Yes, it should take you straight to Mephisto's home," says Satan.

We nod in understanding at him, "we" being me, Kage, Amaimon, and Egyn. The portal in front of us is basically what anyone would think a portal looks like. It's all swirly and basically looks like a never-ending hole. Shades of pink and purple swirl around in the portal, apparently Mephisto's favorite colors.

"Well, let's go," I say and walk toward the portal until a hand on my shoulder stops me. I turn around to see that it's Satan.

"You need to realize what you're getting yourself into right now," he says. "Mephisto is my eldest and most powerful son. He can easily create a portal to take you far away from him and Cecilia. You may have a chance considering there are four of you and that you, Alex, have a great amount of energy in being a new demon."

"We understand what might happen, father," says Egyn, "but if we don't go now, we may be too late."

"Too late..." I trail off. My eyes widen in realization and in a rush I pull from Satan's grasp and jump through the portal.

It feels like I'm flying as I go through the portal, pink and purple swirling around me. In a matter of seconds I feel my feet hit solid ground, opening eyes I hadn't even realized I'd shut.

This isn't a house.

I hear three more pairs of feet hit the ground behind me and turn around, seeing Egyn, Kage, and Amaimon. They look around in question just as I had.

"What the hell?" exclaims Kage, looking around at the many trees surrounding us. A forest. "This isn't Mephisto's place!"

"Brother must have known we would've tried to use the portal and enchanted it to go someplace else," says Amaimon with no emotion.

"Damn him. Now what are we going to do?" wonders Egyn.

"Well, we should probably find out where we are first," I say. "Amaimon, you're the Earth King. Can't you figure out where we are?"

He nods and jumps up the many trees until he's out of our sights. As we wait for him to come back, I hear something move in the foliage. I look to Egyn and Kage, judging by their looks they heard it too.

"What was-"

Before I can finish my sentence, something pounces onto me. It claws at my chest, cutting me over and over. I scream out in pain and push with all my might. The "thing" is pushed off of me and goes flying through the air, landing quite a ways away. I stand up slowly and look at my chest. To my amazement, the cuts are already healing, fading to almost nothing.

"What the hell was that?!" I yell.

"A demon," says Kage, "and that's not the only one."

I look around to see all types of demons surrounding us. The one that attacked me is slowly getting up and it looks to me with a snarl before it pounces again. Not knowing what to do, I dodge, leaving the demon to crash into a tree behind me.

"How do we kill them?" I shout to the boys.

"Use your demonic abilities," says Egyn simply and gets to fighting.

"Right," I whisper to myself. Wait... "But I don't have a weapon!"

"Use your claws idiot!" yells Kage as he fights a demon.

I look at my hands and for the first time notice that my nails have grown out and curve down. I have claws. Now to use them...

"Demon abilities," I whisper.


I see the demon in front of me stand and turn to me again. It doesn't pounce this time, but turns invisible.


I shut my eyes and listen closely for the demon. At first I can only hear the battle cries of Kage, Egyn, and the demons they are fighting. I tune them out and listen hard. I hear only silence for awhile. Then I hear it. Breathing, to my left.


As it pounces I dodge and jump into a nearby tree. It becomes visible again and looks around for me in confusion.


I jump down and kick the demon to the ground. Then I claw at it violently until it disappears. Egyn says that's what happens when a demon dies in the human world. It disappears and returns to Gehenna.

I look around and see the many other demons. Well, guess I better get to it.

Amaimon's P.O.V. (while the boys are fighting)

I jump up the trees and make it to the top within seconds. From the tree I'm in I can see pretty far into the surrounding area. I look all around and see a large city in the distance.

True Cross.

"So he made us come all this way instead of letting us go straight to his house," I say out loud to myself.

When I'm about to go back down to my brothers and Alex, I see a familiar blue flame and hear a very familiar yell of frustration close by. I smirk and jump from tree to tree until I can see the boy clearly beneath me.

Rin Okumura.

"Why can't I control these damn flames?!" he yells in frustration at someone. I look around the area and see the red-haired swordsman lady. "Shura?! Are you even listening?!" Oh, so her name is Shura.

"Huh? Yeah, whatever kid. You just aren't trying hard enough," she says with a bored expression as she plays a handheld video game.

"Not trying hard enough?! I've burnt, like, two million candles!" he yells in aggravation. "And why are we out here?"

"Because I said so," she says simply. He growls and then sets out three candles. He stares at the candles in concentration before all three burst into flames and melt. That's interesting...

I climb the tree until I'm on the ground, leaning against the trunk. They don't seem to notice me yet, so I watch as Rin tries the candle thing, failing again.

"What are you doing?" I speak up.

They both look at me in surprise and stand up, getting into fighting stances. I wave them off simply, "I'm not here to fight you. I have a more important priority at the moment."

"Huh? Then why are you here?" asks Rin, not getting out of his fighting stance.

"I heard you while I was scanning the area and was curious," I say blandly. "So, what are you doing with those candles?"

They seem to believe what I say and put their guard down. Shura goes back to her video game and Rin sits back down, setting out three more candles.

"I'm trying to control these damn flames," grumbles Rin. I walk over and sit on the other side of the candles and watch as he tries, and fails, yet again. He groans and hits his head on the ground.

"What's the objective?" I ask.

"Huh? Oh, to light the two outer candles and leave the middle one unlit," he says. "I can't do it though."

I think about this for a moment and then decide to help him out. He is my little brother after all.

"How are you imagining the candles?"

"Um, as candles?" he replies.

"That's not right," I say as I shake my head. "If you just look at them as candles, you won't get anything done."

"Then, how am I supposed to look at them?"

"Well, you could imagine the two outer ones as demons that you want to attack with your flames," I say. "And then you imagine the middle one as one of your dumb friends that you don't want to attack."

He looks at me in question and then nods in understanding. "That's actually pretty smart," he says. "But, why are you helping me?"

I shrug at him and stand up, "Why not?"

"Why not? Well maybe because I'll be using these flames to fight you one day," he says.

"And when that day comes, I'll beat you," I say with a smirk and then jump up into a tree, hopping from tree to tree. As I make my way back I hear Rin say something.

"Woah! I did it! That broccoli actually helped me out!"

I smile in amusement and then continue on my way back.

Alex's P.O.V.

"Where...have you...been?" I pant as Amaimon jumps down from a tree.

He shrugs, "Around. What happened to you guys?"

"Well while you were 'around', we were fighting demons," says Kage with a glare at Amaimon.

"Forget it," says Egyn, "we need to go. Amaimon, did you see anything up there?"

He nods and points in one direction, "True Cross is that way."

"Okay, let's go," says Egyn as he takes the lead.

We run as fast as we possibly can. As we run I see some kid with candles that are lit with blue flames. I wonder what that was about.

We're at the city within minutes. When we get there Amaimon takes the lead, "Mephisto's house is this way."

We follow him and are soon there. He opens the door and we follow him inside silently.

"Where's his room?" I ask.

"This way," answers Amaimon and we follow him quickly but quietly down many halls. Down one hall, we come to a plain brown door. Amaimon reaches for the handle and pushes the door open quickly, making it swing back and hit the wall. We look inside and I want to die on the spot.

We're too late...

The End.

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